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  1. Please be aware that your dial is 34mm in diameter. Most of the Vostok dials I have are about 29mm. Most of the Vostok housings I own do take (measured) around 31mm dial max. Therefor I'm not so sure that "Pick whatever you like" applies here. As usual, please check the info given first before you take any action
  2. THAT would be a wonderful 2021 present for Denmark too, getting out of the ESSR ! Congrats with your new freedom !
  3. It seems to me that you are are well on your way to master the art Well done !
  4. I've done this "trick" many times. Started off with cooking water and let it cool down somewhat. I noticed that with the water cooled down to say 60-70 degrees C, the solution still works fine, perhaps the progress somewhat slower. Never experienced any deformation of an acrylic crystal. You could start off with a "low" temperature and see how it performs. Soda and aluminum foil comes cheap and you can easily make up another batch. You could also go the other way, start cold and with the item submerged in the solution, start heating it, keeping an eye on the cleaning progress. You can alw
  5. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Describing your "learning curve' is a very valuable lesson to all of us !
  6. The clock strikes Christmas 1975 and these two sister were each given a watch which they are, here on a picture, proudly showing off. Their last parent recently passed away and in the parents "jewellery-box" one of the thought long lost watches emerged again. Inside the back-lid was the name S.Kocher stamped, a Swiss company long gone, went begin 1980's during the "Quartz"-crisis under. The watch was in their line of the "Royce"-watches and had an undisturbed Swiss 21.600BHP, 17-jewels AS1726 cheased /non-running movement.
  7. and don't mix them up. Perhaps same taste, different outcome Happy X-mas to all
  8. If you really like to learn more (in-depth) about Russian watches (and the "fakeries") I would recommend to have a look on the WUS-forum: https://www.watchuseek.com/forums/russian-watches.10/ This is a good thread to start with or to read: https://www.watchuseek.com/threads/q-a-expertise-thread-is-this-watch-legit-or-a-franken-part-3.4977267/ Wish you Suc6 and perhaps see you there
  9. I've found some dimensional information on the net, but sadly no further additional info. Ever so more reasons to do a walk-through about this movement in the (near?) future
  10. Hello All; I just received a new watch with Seagull ST1612 (21,600bph) movement. The movement has positional errors, that's to say an amplitude from 210 up to 272 degrees, a beat error between 0.0 and 0.6ms and a daily rate varying between -18 s/d and +12 s/d in the different positions. The power-train seems to run smooth as the timegrapher-lines are in each position straight. While wearing, luck will have it that the watch gains 2 seconds in 24hrs ! Of course, it's a cheap movement and on average it seems to runs very decent indeed. I may leave it for a while to see if things i
  11. Thanks @VWatchie; some movements are what they are. Not all of them are high flyers but can still be very good & accurate runners. Looking at the pretty constant positional amplitude and corresponding daily rate, this is one of them! There aren't many watches which receive as much TLC as this one and therefor it will serve you well ..... that's an universal thing I commend you for your pursuant and dedication; Well Done !!
  12. With this superb walk-through you should be on top of the score board. Excellent job and this one is a treat for anyone ever to strip / service one of these movements ! Very well done and I'm sure your father will be happy & proud of his son !!
  13. This walk-through belongs among the best I've seen for a long time. Highly detailed with excellent pictures and a great end-result. A nice looking watch which you can wear with proud. Well done !!
  14. I think in this thread you had a fair amount of warnings on not to alter things unless you absolutely had to and you knew the reason(ing) for doing so. The good news is that it's a cheap movement and therefor the outcome doesn't really matter. It may become a big success or a small price to pay for all the info you get and the learning curve to be gained. I've other project to do so I'm wishing you lots of suc6
  15. Hence my posting, to "visually" support what you said and to give VW a hold-on-to "handle"
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