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Found 4 results

  1. So I was just looking in another post about a recipe for making Lubeta V105, which uses 97% IPA and 3% moebius 9010. Using 9010 to make this seemed like an expensive proposition which is when I remembered I have a bottle of Dr. Tillwich 1-3. So I decided to compare the two to see if I could substitute the 9010 with Dr. T 1-3. Long story short it is difficult to compare the two using the published data and make a fair comparison. Only Dr T quotes lubricity data in the form of friction factor coefficients, hence one must use viscosity as an imperfect analogue for lubricity. So at the data show that over 3 different temperature ranges the two oils are very different: 9010 @ 0°C = 625 cSt 9010 @ 20°C = 150 cSt 9010 @ 40°C = 52 cSt T 1-3 @ 0°C = 340 cSt T 1-3 @ 20°C = 100 cSt T 1-3 @ 40°C = 40 cSt My curiosity peaked and I began to look at other oils. So here is Mobil 1 5W-20 (data only available for 40°C), which is 49.6 cSt. So we can see that Mobil engine oil is a closer match to 9010 than Dr. T 1-3, at least at 40°C. So assuming that I use a quality brand to ensure it is clean (debris and impurity free) and consistent formula, why should I not use a 5W-20 engine oil to make my V105 or even...shock horror... lubricate my watch movement. Note, for reference the cSt for water at 20°C is about 1, and 1 cSt = 1mm2/second.
  2. Hi, Just recently got on my Seiko 5 6309a project, just to find out Seiko techical guide says I should use Moebius A and Moebius V oils for lubricating parts. I found version A is 9010 or D5, but I’m not sure which lube is Moebius V? If anyone could help me with this, I would really appreciate it. I am a beginner. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I found a 50’s Longines automatic system repair manual. In this manual the recommend using Chronax oil grade H, HHH etc for oiling parts. Chronax oil and this grade don’t exist anymore, is there a chart giving corresponding modern oil grade ? Thank you, George
  4. Hello all! After delving through this part of the forums, I found the post on pocket watches and their lubrication and I managed to download the Moebius pdf. Quite useful info indeed. Is there a possibility that someone "in the know" would give his opinion on the same subject but specifically for wristwatches? I would also like some opinions of Augusta oils, as an alternative for Moebius. Thanks! Patrick
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