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  1. Could you be suspected of not being European ? LOL I can imagine that they don't market their products in the US (or even the UK for that matter) It is quite a well respected brandname here for lubricants, fine abrasives and general micro mechanical 'consumables'. Price-wise ..they are a bit cheaper, but not that much that it would make a difference in the long run. There are several other brands, I can think of a few German and Austrian ones that are very well respected in these parts and are used by professional watchmakers. It seems Moebius has conquered most of the market though, and indeed they make a very fine product, but it feels like we're all missing out a bit by believing there is nothing else around. Most of my modest supply is Moebius as well, but I am always on the look for other things too. Not because of dissatisfaction or price (they're all in the same ballpark anyway : I have never seen a cheap AND good lubricant). The one thing I have to give Moebius, is that their selection is complete to the extreme... they literally have a grease or oil for everything! (as far as watchmaking goes). Most other brands don't make this many distinctions... Which leads one to wonder...how much of that is true technology and how much is marketing. That all said, nobody has ever gone wrong BY using Moebius oils and following their recommendations ... Thanks for your reply man... 't is greatly appreciated ! Patrick '
  2. Oh this is gold ! I must have overlooked this somehow! Thanks you for this.... I am already printing it! Since you took the effort to answer my post... any thoughts on Augusta oils? Patrick
  3. Hello all! After delving through this part of the forums, I found the post on pocket watches and their lubrication and I managed to download the Moebius pdf. Quite useful info indeed. Is there a possibility that someone "in the know" would give his opinion on the same subject but specifically for wristwatches? I would also like some opinions of Augusta oils, as an alternative for Moebius. Thanks! Patrick
  4. Just saying 'hi' to ye'all... Rank amateur watch-butcher here... learned a few things taking 50 cents Russian movements apart, got a fair few to run again (to my own amazement) I like doing a bit of clock work too, restored several skeleton clocks. Apart from that.... a lot to learn... I hope this forum helps a bit with that ! Toodles! Paddy (patrick)
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