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Found 17 results

  1. If this is inappropriate, please delete the post. I have an acquaintance who is closing his shop due to health after 43 years. He has a large quantity of parts, stems, crowns, crystals and all the paraphernalia one would accumulate after a long period in the business. He needs to liquidate his shop. This isn't a "Hey do you have a __ for a __." kind of post. We're talking serious stuff here. Mass quantities. If you need parts, equipment, etc. for your practice, please let me know. I will pass along his email contact to you. Obviously, this is useful primarily only to those in the U.S. due to shipping costs. But he has a huge amount of useful goods and is 100 miles South of Atlanta. PM me if you need something. Thanks, RMD
  2. Hello. I am now working on a vintage "trench watch" movement from 1910s that I mentioned before with a question regarding identification of the movement. (I still haven't got the exact ref. of the movement.) As I was disassembling the movement, my screwdriver slipped and broke one of the parts that function as a spring for the click. I tried looking for replacement but I am not sure what I should look for. Also, one of the jewels on the wheel bridge is broken so I need a jewel as well. Could anyone advice me on how to find the correct part for click spring and the jewel for the wheel bridge?? **Could the click spring be put back together?? Thanks. You are always of great help.
  3. Is it possible to purchase parts for a Citizen 8228A (Miyota) movement. I have a rather beat up old example, which is missing the tip of one of the winder gears. I suspect the answer is going to be, no, you would need to find the parts from another damaged example. I did look on Cousins, but the part I need is not listed. Initially I suspected the only issue with it was the balance, and spent a little time tickling the hairspring back into shape, only to then figure out that while the winder made the right noises, it wasn't actually driving the mainspring, due to the missing pinion tip.
  4. Hi, Recently the pusher for my Seagull 1963 decided to fall off, without me knowing about it. I have done a little searching but since this is a personal watch I don't want to spend unneeded money on several pushers in case my initial choice does not work. So, I included some measurements and i hope somebody could be able to help. I don't know too much about pushers, but from looking at the remaining one I can see that the protruding part of the pusher screws into the head. PS: the outer diameter of the actual pusher is 3.95-4mm. Any help is appreciated, thanks! https://imgur.com/a/9Oq1Qyj
  5. I have a Pulsar VX42-X216 divers style watch (50M). The crown fell off and I'm not sure what kind of replacement crown to purchase. I understand sizing in terms of tap size, width, tube size, etc. How do you know if the crown should be flush, short post, long post, etc.? The stem appears ok, but it is flush with the end of the case tube. Any help to this newbie is appreciated. Ponch
  6. I used to play chess but haven't in a while. I just finished replacing a battery on an old Dodger's digital watch as I'm trying to learn watch repair. My interests in clocks came to being as I was reading about a clock repairman who banks used to call for him to service their bank time locks. My career is as a locksmith and I have changed safe combinations and I'm interested in all things mechanical. So after replacing the battery on my watch, the chess clock popped into my head. So has anyone here ever worked on repairing chess clocks? CLH!
  7. i have a brac 37 movt which i need a few parts for,to identify and work on to gain experience.any ideas where to find them? PS. i have the balance which seems ok!
  8. Here is a parts cleaning machine I put together for $10. The oatmeal carton and coffee cup keep the parts away from the magnet so that no parts get magnetized. Gangster rap is great for super filthy vintage watches, or AC/DC. For finer modern movements in need of a just a routine service, you may get by with 30 or 40 minutes of Scissor Sisters. IMG_0417.MOV
  9. Hi gurus, I received my Amscope microscope yesterday, thus Christmas came early this year! I am however a bit uncertain how to focus it properly while still having enough workspace underneath. As it is now, I only have about 8 cm underneath to work with, thus not really enough to use screwdrivers and such. There are two identical parts that I don't know how to use, that I suspect will help with this. But the manual is very vague on this. Can someone tell me how to use this one? Thanks in advance! Stian
  10. Following a string of missteps that costed the integrity of an antique watch, as documented in our forum, and after taking some time to re-consider my future as a horologist, I decided to go back to the 'workshop' with a clear intention to right my wrongs. The subject that lies on my table is an 1890s Swiss ébauche which cannot run its full length and stops after a few hours from winding. Fig. 1. Dial view. Fig. 2. Rear view. The setting was not smooth to start with as the hands were missing some turns of the stem. So I removed the dial to inspect the minute and hour wheels. Fig. 3. Front view with hour and minute wheels visible. With the hour wheel removed, I could notice the action between the minute wheel and the cannon pinion was failing to happen. Fig. 4. Minute wheel-cannon pinion defective action. The culprit has been caught. Fig. 5. Minute wheel with worn teeth. Without the minute wheel, it turns out the watch can run like a century ago. This wheel will have to replaced to re-establish the normal watch operation. I hope you liked this post. Now, my appeal to you, fellow watch enthusiasts. Iif you have a minute wheel 11.2 mm in diameter (diameter for pinion is 3.7 mm) please do get in touch, as that wheel is for this watch.
  11. I'm posting this just on the off chance anyone has a scrap one tucked away. please let me know if you have a hairspring for one of these in good order. many thanks Tim
  12. I received the attached ladies Longines watch, around 33mm. It has missing a caseback that needs replacing. I believe the model number is on the missing caseback. Anyone could offer some advice on how I could identify this in order to be able to get the right caseback replacement? Thanks
  13. Came across this whilst trawling for info. Seem to have a large selection of decent watch cases,movements etc. Not used but may be helpful to others searching for that obscure item. In Italian so you may need a translator app. http://gioielliboccacci.it/gioielli_boccacci_lista_ricambi_di_orologeria.htm
  14. Hi, been a long time since being on hear and now I found some time to myself and thought I would start sorting a few of my late fathers pocket watches......Being a compleat novice to the pocket watches (clock man myself) I have come across one which I need help to identfy the model etc The only markings on the movement is Swiss Made... 10 Jewels and a very small which looks like a (u) nothing on the dial......and also info on the winding parts. As you can see the parts I would like help with is ..... should there be some sort of return spring where the two pieces of metal at 90 deg. to the winder (seem very loose and not returning) also the small spring at the top looks like it does nothing, has it been put in wrong? Any help would be great. Dave
  15. Hi everyone, I am just getting into the world of amateur watchmaking and one of my projects is a Orient Mako XL I picked up for cheap on eBay. What's funny is I've already accomplished the hard part which was getting the movement working again. Now, I need to find a replacement crown as it is completely missing. The winding stem and plunger (not sure the appropriate term other than plunger, it's the piece that slides up and down the end of the stem that attaches to the screw down crown and fits snuggly inside the case tube) are all intact and in good condition. I can attach some photos in a bit... I've searched high and low on the interwebs to find a supplier of Orient parts and have come up dry. Has anyone had any luck contacting Orient directly to get specific parts? What would be great is if I could find a parts directory for Orient to be able to find the actually part number for ordering. Otherwise, I'm not dead set on it needing to be an original Orient crown. This being a screw down crown I'm not sure how hard it would be to find a generic screw down crown that would fit.
  16. www.***.com Sudarson Krishnamurthy is located in India. Very good to deal with. Email him for pricing. You'll find that his prices are very reasonable in comparison to most watch part suppliers, and his shipping via air mail is only $2.00 Be prepared to wait 3-4 weeks for delivery due to the source mail location.
  17. Hi all, This is my first post, so apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum. However, I am looking for advice and repair help, so this seemed like the place! I had this watch for about 2 years, brand new, never worn. I took it out today and as I was sitting on a chair, I tried to put the watch on, it slipped off my leg and hit the floor, cracking the crystal right down the middle! It looks to be intact, but obviously I want to fix the watch. It was keeping great time, and I wanted to start wearing it. It is still running, and there does 't appear to be any pieces of glass on the watch face, either floating around or caught under the various hands. I have attached a photo of the watch, and am also including a llink from the zodiac website for a listing of the specs. [ http://www.zodiacwatches.com/en_US/shop/air_planet-ZO8100P.html?searchTerm=ZO8100&imagePath= ] (exclude leading and trailing bracket and space when placing the url in your browser.) My questions: 1) this is supposed to be a dive watch, and it has a perfectly flat crystal. I watched a repair video on youtube that replaced a similar-looking crystal, but I have no way of knowing how similar it was, if at all, except for the shape and the flatness. Where can I find a replacement crystal for this exact watch? 2) is there any way to tell what this crystal is made of? I thought it was sapphire, but I didn't see any indication of that on the website or the watch itself, so perhaps you all might know. 3) is this something someone brand new to the hobby should and could tackle, or if it isn't, can anyone give be a ballpark of what I am looking at in terms of repair costs? I am hesitant to start taking this watch apart for my first repair, since I have very little idea of what to do... I have seen people use a small plastic disk and a mallet to remove a crystal, as well as a small press, which has also been used to insert the new crystal. I am thinking this would be a relatively inexpensive and quick repair for someone who knows what they are doing and who has access to the correct crystal. However, perhaps if I could find the correct crystal and folks here think this is a good, doable project for a beginner, I will consider tackling this one. Thanks for reading this. Also, could someone tell, just by my description of how this crystal broke, if it is a sapphire crystal? Or is what I described of how i broke a characteristic of some other type of hardened glass or plastic material? It seemed like incredibly dumb luck when it broke, but things happen. I don't want to compound the problem by turning an easy fix into a nightmare. Thanks all for your help and advice!
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