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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Sirs and Madams, I am delighted to start this journey, this is my first time opening a mechanical watch and actually unscrewing a screw =D This is a Soviet Slava wrist watch that my uncle gifted in the distant past... initially 20 years ago I though I over wound the spring and broke it because the crown almost turned in neutral and would not hold sprint tension... ISSUE: The crown spins almost freely and the watch will not hold the wind, the crown unwinds back. Here is what I have done - took the back plate off, observed the mechanism and a youtube video to fin
  2. Hi guys.. Sharing a few pics a Slava I got off the 'bay. Sellers pic was a bit blur but it had a movement I liked and was advertised as running. The crystal was pretty scratched up but it was running. A Russian 2 piece case back. Quickset date by pushing this ..well..pusher! As you can see , the crystal has a very high 'rise' and this contributes to the overall thickness. And this is the reason I bid for this watch..it has a Slava 2414 (or maybe a different number as it has day and date) with twin barrels. It looks pretty clean and the
  3. Hello dear watchmakers! I am now working on a SU movement, Slava 2427. It is a manual-wind movement with day-date complication I am trying to assemble the watch back together after service but I am stuck on the day disc. The day disc is fitted OK in my view, teeth underneath the disc interacts with the click and the disc advances naturally as other motion works move clockwise. However, the problem is that the days written on the disc are not in the right position and do not fit inside the day window of the dial. What could I have done wrong?? Thank you!
  4. Hello forum im new here and i wanted to ask for some advice I have a SLAVA watch which hasn't been used in a long time Had it serviced and the first and the second day it started to stop at 11:10 pm and the second day stopped at 10:55 pm. After that it works fine What could it be ? Should i send it back in to get it checked again or wait another day ?
  5. Hello all! I am doing this because I couldn't find any detailed information on this caliber, except some general photos. So I sort of explored it. Yes, I was an explorer, so please forgive the clumsiness! This is going to be more of a parts list presentation then a proper tutorial. I don't know what the parts are named, but I will try to explain what most of them do, from my understanding. Also this is the first time I opened a chronograph-like mechanism. It is a 24 ligne (55mm!!) russian rattrapante timer Slava 5498. Everything in it is huge comapared to any decent watch. It has 360
  6. Hello! I measured the old spring in the Slava stopwatch that I opened here: The numbers are: 480-520mm/2.74mm/0.39mm, give or take a couple of microns I couldn't find this combination on Cousins. Does anyone know where I could find one? The ends are like this: Thank you, Bogdan
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