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  1. For the benefit of others in future, I thought I'll add this additional information now. I also found the attached image on eBay, it shows reference L5.131.3 (attached). Upon researching further, the L5.131.3 is the two-tone (gold and steel) model this "La Grande Classique de Longines" while the L5.131.3 is the gold model of this watch. I could see that CousinsUK sells some parts for this reference, but unfortunately for me, not the caseback. PS: I also noticed that I have accidentally described the watch as 33mm, I meant to say 23mm.
  2. Thanks guys. Let me see if I could find a replacement. Will share again if I do.
  3. I believe it is genuine, just old. Attached is the photo of the movement.
  4. I received the attached ladies Longines watch, around 33mm. It has missing a caseback that needs replacing. I believe the model number is on the missing caseback. Anyone could offer some advice on how I could identify this in order to be able to get the right caseback replacement? Thanks
  5. Hi @Bob, Hata is just a short form of Haratua :) Not ready to really put my name on the watch as yet. The dial is generic and I use a micro label from http://www.egologo.me The movements are Swiss, and yes I made four of them :)
  6. Sharing my pilot watch project, the movement is Unitas 6497.
  7. Thanks @WillFly Unfortunately Cousins is just not the right place to buy movements in bulk, they're selling them at premium price.
  8. Chinese and Japanese movements are definitely the obvious alternatives. However, most watch buyers would still like the Swiss-made movements on their watch. Hence I think Sellita has a very good future, despite their limited range for now. Would still love to know if there any Swiss-made movements alternative to Peseux and Unitas. Cheers @WillFly and @Blacklab
  9. I was thinking of that too. But, looking at the market today, there are still many non-Swatch owned watches that use ETA movements. I am wondering what are they going to do. I don't think most of them could afford or capable of switching to in-house movements. Having said that, what are the alternatives to ETA movements that are Swiss? I know Sellita, but they are mainly automatic movements. They don't seem to have manual-wound movements like Peseux and Unitas.
  10. Hi, I am wondering if any of you know if Peseux 7001 is still being manufactured. I read on the Internet that ETA stopped producing them. But I know that Stowa watches are still using the movement. So, I am still a bit confused. Now, second part to my question is, I am looking to source the movement in bulk for watch project. Wondering if any of you know if I could source this directly with ETA? Any leads will be much appreciated. Thanks Ferdinand
  11. If I am not mistaken, brass tweezers are softer, hence better for handling more delicate parts to avoid scratches or marks, is that accurate? If that's the case, why not just use brass tweezers all the time? What are your understanding about the usage of brass versus stainless steel tweezers? Thanks
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