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Found 19 results

  1. I offered to switch out the battery on my friends quartz watch since it had died (the seconds hand was ticking in place) I replaced the battery and still nothing. So i thought I'd take out the movement to get a closer look. so I tug on it a little and it pops out, and the watch face stays in place. Now I have loose hands stuck between glass and the face with no way to get the dial off. after 2 hours of internet searching I found only 1 post with the same problem. And their solution doesn't help. https://www.instructables.com/community/How-to-remove-watch-facedial/ This isn't my watch but It's the exact same problem. There is some sort of retaining ring holding the face from coming out of the back. I cannot pry it out, I've tried. Do I have to remove the crystal? heat? I've got basic repair tools for my Seiko 5, but don't have a crystal press. Is this cheap Chinese watch toast? I can give pics of my exact watch if you'd like.
  2. I am just wondering what kind of watch would be good for me starting out as a complete beginner and not knowing very much about watches. I having been looking on eBay but not knowing what I'm looking for. Help would be much appreciated
  3. I honestly just wanted to know how much it would cost me to fix my meylan stopwatch no. 214 if I were to send it to meylan to fix. I feel i should because on the inside the bezel case said to. And if I choose to send it to meylan then do i just send it or can I set up something online because on meylan's website I can't find anything about repairs or my stopwatch in particular. If you can help with some answers I would greatly appreciate it.
  4. Good evening everyone. I am new to this forum and i can see we have some outstanding experts on the site. brand new to watch repair and looking to get some advice. I purchased an Omega seamaster quarts 1342 watch (not currently working and not tested) as it was a bargain and understand that 329 is the equivalent of the original mercury battery used when the watch was manufactured? I am hoping the battery change will mean it is functional but in the event it does not work, how easy/costly is it to repair. (I’ve heard parts can turn this bargain into a money pit) would anyone in this community willing to have a go at fixing it after i try battery change? paid service of course. any help advice would be much appreciated thank you
  5. Got quite a peculiar one at the moment, and it's something that I've never personally encountered before. The clients watch is an Armani AR5905; he thought he needed a new battery and so here I am, Upon taking the case-back off and placing a new battery in, I heard the circuit do the all so familiar whirring noise like it was springing back to life, however when I flipped it over it wasn't ticking. So I pulled the battery out and again put it back in, but what I noticed was that the whirring noise was only happening when the battery was halfway seated and thus not making full contact, and as soon as the battery was fully seated everything ceased. This time I put the battery in halfway and then flipped over the watch to see it working, and to my surprise the seconds sub-dial at the 6 position was spinning around wildly. However again stopped when the battery was fully inserted. Anybody have any ideas as to what is going on? I could upload a video if that would help.
  6. Looking for a balance staff for my Waltham, I thing it is an 0s? The serial number online indicates that it is a no.161. I am looking for that staff, but if anyone hasn’t the entire balance assembly from this watch, that would be fantastic. I included a picture of the sizing, and one of the actual staff. http://imgur.com/f7aO7Ul http://imgur.com/Z1OesS1 Thanks, Luca M
  7. Looking for a crystal for this, I believe 16s Waltham. Not too familiar with crystals, but I included a picture of the diameter of the space for it to go. If you needn’t anymore pictures for reference, give me a heads up. http://imgur.com/tPmpPw5 thanks, Luca M
  8. Hello, I have been in the process of repairing a Gallet Flight Officer from 1941. The watch is in stupendous quality and condition, it was never serviced and barely used. There is one part missing, however, the reset pusher, it is the bottom pusher under the crown. I am stuck trying to figure out how to get hold of one. I have not tried much, but it would be of great appreciation to help find some options on how to get either a new one, or to even have it fabricated. Thanks, luca M
  9. Hi All, I recently replaced the movement for my Tissot PR50, which was a standard ETA F06.111. I now need to replace the crown as the old stem was broken into the crown and could not be re-used. Could someone point me in the right direction in finding a proper replacement crown? I don't know the size or how/where to measure to find a proper crown. Thank you!
  10. Just bought my first staking set! It is a k and d one, I got it for $160 with all the tools. My question is what tools are in the set that I got, and what are some of their uses? The reason I bought it was to learn some new techniques and to reposition the fourth wheel recorder on an old chronograph. thanks for the help, luca M Here are the photos, http://imgur.com/QeQy43l http://imgur.com/KR4noL4
  11. Hello All, I need help getting this watches screen repaired or replaced. Preferably I would have it repaired.It was my fathers. If that is absolutely not possible across any resources anyone familiar with this can see, then I would ask for a similar screen replacement. My father committed suicide when I was a infant. He was wearing this watch at the time. I grew up in foster care. I didn't have a conventional child hood. I grew up in foster care. It was alright, there is some good people out there. I was in the U.S. Active Duty Army as a Combat Engineer; MOS 12B. I'm a veteran of the Iraq war. I served in Kirkuk and Baghdad 2009 & 2011, respectively. I'm not trying to tap that for sympathy, honestly. I'm tapping it in hopes brothers will take interest. This is one of the few family heirlooms from my father that family has. I would like to keep it in the family so my son has some heritage one day. Even if we took out the old outer display and just used the metal housing I would be happy. I have $200 negotiable amount to spend on having it repaired or tastefully adapted. I'm looking for honest help. Please advise. Thank you for your time, Reggie
  12. Here is my puzzle. I have a watch that I am working on. A Hamilton 987. It has been cleaned and oiled and demagnetized. When I run it on the timing machine the horizontal rates and the pendant down rate are all close and about +/- 4s/day. When I move it to pendant left things get weird. It has the same amplitude but the daily rate goes way off the chart -98s/day or something, also the beat error goes from 0.5ms to 0.0ms. The hairspring is running unobstructed, and he regulator fingers are adjusted correctly. How can this happen? How can a wheel spinning at the same amplitude produce such a wildly different rate? And how does the beat error change with the position change like that? Thoughts? Thanks Rob
  13. Hi everyone, I have a Bifora vintage wind up watch, German made. I don't know how to assemble it and no horologist or watchmaker or jeweler that I contacted wants to help. I would really appreciate it if someone could direct me to the proper website, magazine, book, anything so I can fix it and get it working again. I have all of the pieces, my only problem is figuring out how to assemble it. These pics are references, My watch looks just like the one in the picture. I really want to fix it but lack the expertise. Thanks a lot
  14. Hello, I need some help sourcing the correct glass for this Omega Seamaster DeVille. Sadly the original piece fell off but, some pieces of the original glass (plastic) are still stuck in the bezel. how do I remove them and where can I find a fitting replacement? http://imgur.com/a/jzX2C
  15. Does anyone know how to adjust this type of bracelet? I've tried everything I can think of.
  16. I'm trying to find the correct mainspring for a watch I have. Here is the caliber it has: http://boley.de/en/caliber/watch-movements/as/480 . I've been looking and I cant find the right kind with the information provided. Any help and references will be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi there, I need a brass hairspring regulating pin for this Samuel Edgcumbe pocket watch. I've no idea how pin sizes work, nor where to get them from. What I do know, though, is that the answers to those two problems will be resolved on here. Also, from the pictures, can anyone tell me anything about this watch? Inside, ther's a number? (22260) I'm guessing that it is possibly a model number. Thanks. Len.
  18. Hi there, all! I have an old Josmar wrist watch (CAL.2003 and the word 'BROC 454' both stamped on it) and I need to find a top balance wheel jewel cap. It's not a shockproof movement and the cap would be held in place by a brass looking three pronged holder. (Which is present) I took pictues of this watch before stripping it and the cap doesn't appear to be there! The watch works fine, face down, but immediately stops with a jolt when turned over. Turning it back to face down, it starts to work again. Yes, there is lots of verticle 'end shake' and therein remains the problem. So if anyone can come up with any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Thanks. Len.
  19. Hello Everybody, Just a new member but stuck with this problem. Does anyone know how to remove the dial from this watch? The movement is out of the case. The hands are off, but I cannot find a way of removing the dial. Can't find anything securing the dial feet. Wrist watches, mostly OK, pocket watches ???? new to me. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. George
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