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  1. Hi everyone! Since im starting my apprenticeship in a few weeks I wanted to get myself a good set of screwdrivers for my workbench at home! For the last two years I have been woking on my projects and watches with only four sizes of the ergonomic Bergeon 6899 line! While I did enjoy the lighweight and rubber feature of these screwdrivers, I have heard that the elastomer grip comes loose over the years and I must say that I miss the weight of the tool in my hand! That is why I am looking for a set of full metal screwdrivers which will hopefully.. last me many many years! Now these are the Brand and Models that interest me the most: Horotec : Now in terms of Horotec I am really only interested in one set, which is the horotec msa01.218E. This is a 12 size set with 21 replacement blades on a rotating stand. Price wise it is also the maximum which I would want to spend! I really like the knurling however I am not sure about the size of the bearing loaded screwhead, it seems to be a bit smaller/slimmer that what I am used to untill now! Plus points however for the addition of a cheap driver drum for extra handling! Bergeon: Now I was surprised to find how cheap some bergeon sets can be, but to be honest, im also inclined to buy something else, just because of the hype of the brand and because I would just want to try out a new screwdriver producer! Here I was eyeing at entry set of the 30081 or the higher end sets of the newer 7965 , which replicate Horotecs knurling. VOH: There was very little review of feedback about this brand online and I only by chance stumbled upon them. Apperently they are the best of the best? I would love to hear any experiences or opinions on the brand and the quality/durability of their screwdrivers! However I must say the image of this underdog brand does appeal to me! I would also be interested in the sets that you use professionally, at home or whatever! Please share your opinions or recomendations about any information which you find relevant! And if someone maybe has a spare set lying around which they are willing to sell, I would also be happy about a PM! Thanks alot!
  2. Hi all, Can you help me identify this movement? I think I know what it is (cheap chinese) but just wanted to pitch for confirmation... (so won't say what I think it is) I have measured it as: (I think...) Diameter 26.0mm Height 4.9mm Height with hand pinion 7.3mm I am a complete newbie at even taken a case back off despite being a bit of a collector. This movement is broken and crunches when I wind it. So I want to replace it. The watch itself was a gift (and undoubtedly a fake/replica) but I want to get it working again by replacing the movement. Ideally, I want to keep the current hands (hr, min, sec) and crown/stem. It just has a date complication at 3 o'clock. Just a like for like swap seems the simplest thing to do? But open to any suggestions. I'm not bothered if it's a cheap chinese movement, I just want to get it working so I can wear it now and again. Any advice or help would be most appreciated. Many Thanks, Dan.
  3. Hello everyone I’ve just got into the hobby of watchmaking and I’ve been struggling all day trying to open this watch it’s seriously been a task and yet with no success it’s a Orient KY PFAJ-C0 CS it’s a somewhat vintage diver watch (50m) automatic It’s really annoying me I’ve tried using a case back removal tool no luck it broke pieces off the tool I’ve tried carefully with a Swiss knife no luck stopped because I didn’t want to cause scratches that weren’t already on there. So here I am trying to know if you guys have got something I could try or improve on thank. Down below I’ve added the watch and the tool I used
  4. So I went to a place to get my battery replaced and the person ended up knocking one of the pointers out of its place, now I image to get this fixed I would have to remove the crown in order to access the front part, I however am not sure how to do this in this particular watch as there is no release as far as I can see, but yea in the first picture the sub dial has fallen into the area where the other sub dial is, and I am trying to get that back in place and the second picture I have removed the plastic bit and trying to figure out how to remove the crown but the things I have tried did not work, and I do not wish to damage the watch. Any help would be appreciated thank you!
  5. I decided to build my own ETA 2824 automatic watch recently. I spent time picking out all the parts I wanted, received them and put them all together with minimal trouble. After sizing the stem and fitting it to the crown I cannot get the stem to go back. After struggling for a minute or two I noticed that even when the stem was removed the movement continued to tick. I did make sure that the watch was in a time setting position before removing the stem. But now I’m one step from completing my watch build and have no idea what to do to fix it. This is the only watch experience I have yet had so I really hope it’s not a difficult fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi everyone! I have recently serviced a vintage Tudor with Cal.59, but unfortunately it has a problem with the Hair Spring (deformed), would anyone be able to show me where I can find a complete balance wheel or does someone have one to sell? I'm going crazy finding parts for cal.59 and there's nothing around, I have also seen that it is similar to the FHF 30. Thanks to those who will help me!
  7. Hi There. I recently bought an Elma Super Elite cleaning machine and need to replace the old metal holder with the new, blue plastic version. The problem is that the old are stuck to the metal rod. When I spin it, the holder turns freely, but when I try to pull it from the shaft it does not budge. I was therefore wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what to do.
  8. I have a watch movement that I have hunting for a case for a long time now. I bought the movement rather cheaply as I absolutely love the patina on the dial. The movement is an Wittnauer 11arg (as 1361). When the rotor turns the automatic assembly slips (or maybe the mainspring). The pictured gear slips when the rotor turns. I can still wind the movement by hand however the automatic assembly slipping I believe causes the mainspring to unwind. Does anyone know what is wrong/ what I can do to remedy it? Thanks for your help, Amateurwatchbreaker
  9. I have a Looking Thomas Earnshaw - Longitude - ES-0025-05 and as you can see from the photo below the hand on the month dial has come off. In order to put it back on I need to remove the movement / dial from the case but I cannot seem to remove the crown / stem in order to do so. Any ideas?
  10. My dream is to own a Franck Muller watch and I think and hope I’ve found the perfect one. It looks old and beat up, perfect for restoration but need help seeing if this is 100% real!
  11. I bought a vintage bulova sea king automatic at a antique mall for 80 dollars and I discovered the reason for its lower cost. It appears that it was someone's project watch that they sold. It has a 11 Anacd movement and the rotor is stuck. It can move but it grinds against the metal underneath it. The middle portion of the rotor(with the engraving) is loose and moves independently of the rest of the rotor. I have no clue how to remove the rotor as there are no screws on it. Is this a deeper problem than just the rotor or can I fix/ replace the rotor?
  12. I have been on the hunt for a vintage titoni airmaster for a while now and I have my eye on one but I am questioning whether or not it is a Franken watch. My main concerns are the spacing on the dial is too large-it appears that the movement may be loose in the case. Secondly, the caseback does not appear to be a Titoni caseback. Is this a "unknown" reference or is this a fake/franken watch? I need to know pretty soon a I am the current highest bidder and I may cancel my bid. eBay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/402565751132
  13. I have a beautiful Wittnauer 11arg movement that I bought off a jewler for 10 dollars. I figured that I could easily find a suitable case to fit the movement. To this date I have been unable to find a home for this movement. A year ago I ordered a case off of ebay that matched with my movement. When the package arrived at my house it was empty. The Wittnauer 11arg movement is based off an as 1361. Does anybody know where I can find obscure parts/ know where I can get a suitable case?
  14. I bought a 1973 bulova jetstar from a flea market today. It has a bulova 11BSACB movement. When the crown is pulled out, the day and day will not change and the time barely sets. They do flip over when setting the time. Stem is barely making contact in the movement. It was running when I bought it, but now I can't get it to run. The balance swings but does not tick (The pallet fork is broken). I would like to get a replacement movement for it but I can't seem to find a suitable one. Is this movement compatible with another bulova caliber or another movement? Thanks, Seth
  15. Hi there! I’m new here, and I’m introducing to you. I’m 20 and I want to be a watchmaker/repair. I’m a beginner, I’m watching some videos (a lot after all) and I want to learn. But the problem is: I live in France and in my region, I can’t find people who’s accepting me to learn the job with them, even for a week. Only few professionals answer me and told me to introduce my self to repair. But I’m lost. I don’t know what to buy or even what to do by myself to get introduce to watches. During my researches I find this website, and I find an opportunity to move forward with my project. So I’m asking, can you make me a simple tutorial to introduce me to your world. I’ve experience with computers and small repair tools. Sorry for my English, I’m trying my best. Best Regards, Swees
  16. I have a watch that I am fixing up for myself. After lots of research l, I concluded my watch is a 1960s Hamilton Stormking VII. As my watch needs a new crystal I ordered one from ebay that is for a Hamilton stormking VII. When I got it in I immediately realized that it doesn't fit. The replacement seems to me about 1mm larger than the original. (I dont have a caliper). Is this even a Hamilton Stormking VII? Or did I get the right crystal but I have to modify it before it fits?
  17. Hello Everyone, I recently bought myself a cheap repair kit and I successfully changed the battery on this watch that was dormant in a drawer for about 4 years! However, the problem is I haven't done something right as the day sub dial is ticking away same as the second hand sub dial!, I'm sure it isn't meant to do that. I'm obviously putting it back together incorrectly and also the two little white plastic cogs you can see in the pics, I can't remember where they go?! If someone please can talk me through the process it would be massively appreciated or any pointers, advice would be great. Thank you
  18. I took my bezel off of my seiko 7548-700f to clean under it and poof! The click ball shot across the room. I am going to get a new spring/ball, but what is the best way to replace the ball? Should I just push it in with a screwdriver or what?
  19. Hello everyone, I would like to thank AndyHull, as well as, another member (at this moment I can't remember who it was) for graciously allowing others to rummage in what appears to be their own PDF libraries for the benefit of all and would encourage others to do the same. If there aren't any issues in developing a communal library/depository, I would also like to encourage this as well. If one does exist please direct us all to it. I have recently found a great program for managing PDFs, https://calibre-ebook.com, give it a try. Thanks for all the great information I've gleaned from here/you so far. Shane
  20. Hey, so I have a question. I've got an Invicta dive watch with a NH35A movement here that whenever I unthread the stem and crown as it is unthreading the date starts changing. Once its unthreaded I can change it to the 1, 2 and 3 positions and set and wind it accordingly. How can I fix this and what is causing this? Yours truly, Josh
  21. I offered to switch out the battery on my friends quartz watch since it had died (the seconds hand was ticking in place) I replaced the battery and still nothing. So i thought I'd take out the movement to get a closer look. so I tug on it a little and it pops out, and the watch face stays in place. Now I have loose hands stuck between glass and the face with no way to get the dial off. after 2 hours of internet searching I found only 1 post with the same problem. And their solution doesn't help. https://www.instructables.com/community/How-to-remove-watch-facedial/ This isn't my watch but It's the exact same problem. There is some sort of retaining ring holding the face from coming out of the back. I cannot pry it out, I've tried. Do I have to remove the crystal? heat? I've got basic repair tools for my Seiko 5, but don't have a crystal press. Is this cheap Chinese watch toast? I can give pics of my exact watch if you'd like.
  22. I am just wondering what kind of watch would be good for me starting out as a complete beginner and not knowing very much about watches. I having been looking on eBay but not knowing what I'm looking for. Help would be much appreciated
  23. I honestly just wanted to know how much it would cost me to fix my meylan stopwatch no. 214 if I were to send it to meylan to fix. I feel i should because on the inside the bezel case said to. And if I choose to send it to meylan then do i just send it or can I set up something online because on meylan's website I can't find anything about repairs or my stopwatch in particular. If you can help with some answers I would greatly appreciate it.
  24. Good evening everyone. I am new to this forum and i can see we have some outstanding experts on the site. brand new to watch repair and looking to get some advice. I purchased an Omega seamaster quarts 1342 watch (not currently working and not tested) as it was a bargain and understand that 329 is the equivalent of the original mercury battery used when the watch was manufactured? I am hoping the battery change will mean it is functional but in the event it does not work, how easy/costly is it to repair. (I’ve heard parts can turn this bargain into a money pit) would anyone in this community willing to have a go at fixing it after i try battery change? paid service of course. any help advice would be much appreciated thank you
  25. Got quite a peculiar one at the moment, and it's something that I've never personally encountered before. The clients watch is an Armani AR5905; he thought he needed a new battery and so here I am, Upon taking the case-back off and placing a new battery in, I heard the circuit do the all so familiar whirring noise like it was springing back to life, however when I flipped it over it wasn't ticking. So I pulled the battery out and again put it back in, but what I noticed was that the whirring noise was only happening when the battery was halfway seated and thus not making full contact, and as soon as the battery was fully seated everything ceased. This time I put the battery in halfway and then flipped over the watch to see it working, and to my surprise the seconds sub-dial at the 6 position was spinning around wildly. However again stopped when the battery was fully inserted. Anybody have any ideas as to what is going on? I could upload a video if that would help.
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