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Found 10 results


    hi.could anybody tell me the movement of a Cimier watch that a friend gave me to have a look is front loading and inside it says trice watch inc and one jewel and then SWISS.any info would be appreciated before i delve any further! thanks.The keeps reasonable time for its age.
  2. Hi, Can anyone help? I have a watch case that will exactly fit an ETA7751 movement but I cannot source or afford the movement. So I am on the lookout for an equivalent movement but am new to this. Can anyone advise which I should go for? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Can anyone point me in the right direction to where I can economically buy a Valjoux ETA 7751 movement, dial, hands, day/date and moon phase dials? I am based in the U.K.
  4. Miyota movement

    Hi all! After introducing myself I started out with demounting the AS1900 movement. I now came to a point to assemble a watch by my own. I bought the Miyota 8215 series movement (pictures in attachment). I really want to make a dress watch. Therefore i'm searching for a fitting case with dial and hands. My question is now, before I purchase all products, does the 8215 movement fit with the following case and dial? Movement is the image in the attachment: (already purchased) Case: Dial: Hands: If you have any other suggestions for buying the case/dial/hands for this specific movement, I really would love to hear about it. Have a nice weekend! Kind regards, Jorick
  5. I am looking for a stem/crown for a Miyota quartz movement (see attached). Why does Miyota seldom write the movement's part number on the movement? Can anyone help? It goes inside a cheap Nelsonic LAX 766 watch.
  6. Hi All! A friend has trusted me (ME!) with an old Bulla watch that is a non-runner. The main problem was quickly apparent, broken balance pivot, and I'm not yet sure if there's anything else wrong, but the train seems intact and spinning. My immediate difficulty with obtaining a replacement balance or balance staff is that I can find no identifying marks anywhere on the (not yet disassembled) movement. It looks like some AS movements that I've seen on Bid-Fun but I'm not sure. The only further assistance I can give is that the dial says that it is a 15 jewel movement. Here's the movement and a photo of the pivot. Can anyone identify it please? It might end up as my first full disassembly and (attempted) rebuild! Thanks!
  7. Sourcing Eta 2824

    I am looking to practice overhauling ETA2824. I am just wondering where could I source 2824 movement or its equivalent clone for practice? Thanks Ferdinand
  8. I received a vintage watch attached for a service. The movement is sitting loosely inside the case. I am looking for advice on how to fix the movement in the case so that it doesn't move around. Thanks guys, Ferdinand
  9. Hello. I need some help with repairing my Armani AR4633. I've watched some vids on YouTube but none of them resemble the movement of this particular watch. My first problem is removing the winder. I cannot see anything which looks like it will release the winder and I don't want to poke around inside it any more for fear of creating any damage. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I am struggling to find a way to remove the movement on this large Ingersoll watch from its case. Cannot seem to find any screws that pin the movement to the case. Tried to remove the steel spacer, it is un-movable even with pliers. Does it mean that that I have to come from the glass? If through the glass, do I pry on the small opening on the bezel (see the second picture attached)? Appreciate any helps. Thanks.