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  1. Hello everyone am new to this thanks for the great forum , i have an IWC watch with 630/1 movement after removing the stem from the movement the watch quit working I tried to change the battery but didn’t help so please guys if anyone knows what’s going on with it help me out please . thanks in advance.
  2. Good day, I have several watches with broken or missing stems, do any of the users here know if there is somewhere (other than a pot luck google search) where I could find drawings of stems? If the watch comes with a broken stem I can reverse engineer the stem and make one (when I get good enough that is), but if it is completely missing does anyone know where I can get a drawing. Failing this, does anyone know the best method to go about making a stem from scratch without an example or drawing to start from? Maybe people could share their drawings with the group as they make them to build up a little repository - even rough hand sketches etc?
  3. Greetings all, I have a question about a ladies Seiko I am working on (Cal. 11A), it has a horrible plastic stem seal that badly needs replaced. Does anyone know where I would get such a thing? Here is an image of the type of seal I am talking about: PS I know the picture is of a 1104A, this is from eBay and shows the seal better than the picture of my 11A I took, also the 11A, 1104A, 1120A, 1140A and 1144A share a lot of common parts
  4. Hi all, If anybody could help me with pointing me to the right site where I could download a Technical repair guide for the Seiko quartz 6N52, I would very appreciate it. I need to find a stem for this type of watch, but unfortunatelly when I bought it on Cousins UK, as it stated under the description, it is for this type, it didn’t fit as it was to small and it didn’t do the job. All parts have their own number, which I think the only option is through looking at a Technical guide I suppose? Thank you!
  5. I've this lovely Wyler watch. It runs fine. I sent it out to be cleaned, -it was completely disassembled, oiled, polished etc. My issue is the stem and crown bind. I understand it's split-stemmed. It takes a great deal of force to wind it, and with the crown pulled out, setting is also very stiff. It was like this before I sent it out and it is still like this. Is this normal for split-stem watches? Or is this even an issue reflecting the split-stem? Thanks
  6. Good day all, I'm a recent 30 year retiree and elected to start cleaning some of my older watches that ended up in a box wrapped in a towel. One in particular, a gift from my grandfather, began working with a new battery but the crystal appears foggy. I would appreciate specific instructions for removing the stem/ crown and cleaning the crystal from an 1980 Seiko with the 6030A movement. Thank you in advance. Regards, Rick
  7. Hello all. I have a Krieger Gigantium Automatic Watch, but the stem of the crown is broken, I am not sure about the movement, I think it is Self-Winding Automatic Swiss Made 25 Jewels ETA, anyone of you know? Do you know who or where I can contact or buy the correct stem? Thanks Ivan
  8. Looking for advice. Daughter (7) bought me a pocket watch from a second hand store. The hunter case crown is missing a cap to open the front. It appears to be threaded. Essinger seems to have the right replacement part. I can't figure out how to get the stem and crown out. I think this is an old Belle Suisse 8810. Help? Also I know it is posted to wrong forum but this was the only non grayed out option.
  9. I have managed to snap my winding stem whilst cleaning, I cannot seem to identify the correct stem, could anyone please help?
  10. Hi. Aftet many hours trying to fit a seagull st36 to a hamilton kahki case I think I'm done. First recieved movement and put all parts together with a pleasef smile on my face. Then the second hand stopped.... Aftet advice i took parts apart fiddled with second hand and rebuilt parts. This time the stem just doesn't engage properly and slips in and out easily. Movement is fine it seems but stem just doesn't want to play. It did when first assembled. So i am figuring i just want it working and want to send it off to someine far more experienced than I....any sugestions?
  11. Hello Everyone. I need some help with repairing my Emporio Armani ar-1922. I've watched some videos on YouTube but none of them resemble the movement of this particular watch. My first problem is removing the stem/crown. I cannot see anything which looks like it will release the stem and I don't want to poke around inside it any more for fear of creating any damage. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hello, I have a j810 movement that needs a stem and crown. Can’t find part numbers. Citizen eco-drive j810-s088232.
  13. Hey, so I have a question. I've got an Invicta dive watch with a NH35A movement here that whenever I unthread the stem and crown as it is unthreading the date starts changing. Once its unthreaded I can change it to the 1, 2 and 3 positions and set and wind it accordingly. How can I fix this and what is causing this? Yours truly, Josh
  14. Good afternoon everyone. I have finally taken apart my wife's grandfathers Timex watch, which has a 24 movement. I have several questions: 1. The stem is really sloppy, what can cause that? 2. What is the best way to clean this movement. I do not have a machine so it will be done manually. 3. Where can I get a crystal? Is there a place to buy them if I measure it? Thank you for all of your help.
  15. Is there a proper way to remove a stem from a DG3804B so as not to booger the keyless works?. I have removed movements before, replaced crystals and replaced hands and never had an issue with stems until now. I was building my first GMT and was not able to get stem back in! I had to rebuild the keyless works a real pain. I'm hesitant to try to remove stem again. I think it should be in the 'hand setting' position and perhaps ever so gently press on the release until it just lets go. I'm guessing to much pressure allows the winding pinion to slide out of place. Any advise perhaps Mark can do a video on this issue? My current plan to to leave stem in, trim it, then use extended so as not to even remove the stem (not best solution) just a real pain to fix the keyless works. Thanks Adam
  16. Hello I'm starting to service a vintage zenith with 2572PC movement in it. First problem is I can't seem to find a way to release the winder. This apperas to be the simplest type of relese system as a push down bolt is easily spotted. The point is it just doesn't release and this is where doubts come in... Am I missing something? In the attached image I'm trying to show what is unexpected to my unexperienced eyes. TIA Giuseppe
  17. hi guys I have the 8f56-0090 watch and it has broken crown from stem, so I need a stem, a crown and a battery. Also I need advise how to make dial stable on movement because its moving apart from the movement. Or if it cant be fixed suggest me another mechanism with dial and all staff to fit into this caliber. thank u
  18. Hello there watch fix fans. Here's (I hope) an interesting one for you. I have this beautiful small ladies 'Fero Feldmann' Swiss-made watch - it came in a bag of "used and to be repaired" watches. From what I can see, the mechanism seems in very good working order. Just a slight shake and it goes and goes. There is no strap, but that is not the issue here. The problem is the stem and/or crown. As you can see, there is definitely no crown. But I am wondering about the stem. The watch does have its case and edoes have, as you can see, a hole where the stem and/or crown will/should fit in. There is something which appears to be some kind of part-stem at the 3 o'clock position. Using tweezers I can pull it out and push it back in quite freely. A very small screw on top holds this "stem" in place. I think you can see, in ths second photo, how this "stem" attaches to the rest of the movement. Clearly I need to attach a crown. BUT what about a stem? A stem extension? Or one of those crowns which has an extended stem-like attachment which should fix onto this current "stem" in this watch? Yes, the watch face is somewhat scratched, and the minute hand is a little bent at the top. You may say it is not worth my while trying to get this fixed. But I just SO MUCH like this little watch and would LOVE to give it life again! It clearly IS still "alive" - though I'm not sure if it is a mechanical wind-up or an automatic. The latter of these seems to be the case - as I said earlier, a little shake and the mechanism goes and goes. PErhaps with a little oil (and lots of encouragement) it can be made good. So my main question - what kind of stem/crown to attach and how to do it?
  19. Hello all, I have a watch I would like to fix my self. It's made by TAWATEC, who is no longer in business. It's very similar to a Luminox and used TGS for lume. I will provide information to the best of my ability. Here is a link to some information about it. Here are a few pictures of the watch. I have had the watch since May of 2011. I had the battery replaced in Feb 2015 by a local shop. Less than a year later, I noticed that after taking a shower there was condensation under the crystal. I pulled the crown and left it sit to air out. After about a week I pushed the crown back in and the watch no longer worked. I wondered what caused it to leak. I then remembered I had to change the date on the watch a few days before condensation had got inside the watch. When I was trying to set the date I noticed that it was difficult to pull the crown out and it was more difficult to turn than usual. My guess was that the gasket/O-ring that is on the stem/crown was messed up and had ripped and water had entered that way. I left the watch sit for a year and used another watch as my daily driver. I'm hoping to get this one up and running again. So I recently decided to see if I could fix the watch myself. Here is what I have done and have figured out so far... I was able to remove the case back by removing the 4 Phillips screws. Visually inspecting the O-ring that seals the case back, everything looks good. The movement is a Ronda 515. The plastic ring that holds the movement inside the case says Ronda 515 # 6. I was able to remove the crown and stem. Looking towards the inside of the crown there was remnants of the O-ring. After clearing the remnants and putting the crown back in, the crown moves freely. I also found remnants if rubber on the front of the dial. After inspecting the battery, it looks to have leaked its electrolyte What I would like to do first is replace the O-Ring that's on the crown and put a new battery in it. If I then determine that the movement is damaged, I can replace it later. What do I need to do to figure out what size of O-ring I need for the crown? I can take pictures of the crown/stem if needed. I also have analog calipers to use that are in inches. Thanks for your time!
  20. Whilst trying to resolve a balance staff issue I came across this download in Cousins. It is by Ronda and after the movement info it goes on to list details of balance staffs and stems based on their stock lists. These give good info on balance staff and stem dimensions etc for many makes and calibers. It goes back to 1965 so useful for that old watch you may be working on. Once you get the hand of the way it all works it is easy to cross reference for a replacement item if an original is not available. Hope it can help. https://www.cousinsuk.com/document/search?SearchString=ronda
  21. Dissambled my Pobeda/Raketa 2603 movement. Looks like someone blasted it with WD-40? Oil everywhere and on everything. I cleaned it, re-oiled (only gave it one shot of WD-40) just kidding. The stem is bent right at the crown (see pictures). The stem and crown are functional and I an reluctant to try to either straighten the stem or remove the crown. I don't know if the crown is pressed into the stem or screwed in--can't tell by looking. I know that Cousins UK lists a replacement stem but they have no picture of it. Does anyone know how the crown is removed? Can I try to straighten the stem--or will it just snap in half? Thanks,
  22. Hi everyone, I own a Victorinox which has a lose hand, it got deatached somehow, I think because of a small fall. Foyself a tool for opening the back of the case (I am really noob at this) but that is as far as I could go since I dont see any of the deataching levers shown in most of the tutorials on the internet. I attached images of the watch so you can point me which screw/lever/pin/whatever should be moved in order to remove the crown. If it is something very critical that could damage the clock I will take it to a specialized place, but I really would like to do it myself. Thanks, and greetings from Uruguay
  23. My engagement watch was a Briel, which turns out to have a 0S60 Miyota movement. I paid goldsmiths to replace the battery, boy what a mistake. When I collected it the crown came off in my hand. Goldsmith said they can't repair!!! They paid me £250. So this is when I did some research and took the back off the watch. I believe the stem is still in the watch. But I think I can repair by replacing the stem and crown. I still have the crown. Could some one advise what stem I need and how can I attach the crown, doesn't appear to have a thread but I think it should have. I can get more photos if needed. Many thanks
  24. I've just picked up an H801-6008 that is quite a cool and I'm trying to get it all going. The digital module seems to work fine (although the pushers seem to be full of DNA as does the rotating bezel). But the analogue section seems to be troubled as I couldn't get the hands to move after pulling the crown out to position 1. Dropped the movement out and the crown/stem joining seems to be broken. I can hold the stem still between my fingers and rotate the crown over and over in either direction. I can't seem to unscrew the crown from the stem either, and the crown appears to press down the stem a bit and bounce back as if spring mounted. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do next: Do I need to bin it and buy a replacement crown and stem? Or is there some technique I'm missing.Hope I've described it properly. Every day is a school day with me!
  25. Cheers mates!! Need to replace the stem on a ETA 2872 movment. Tried yesterday to screw the stem out of the crown, but it did not move a mm, dared not to take to hard on... Is this a usual thread screw in stem?? not links thread or somthing? Or just stuck after 40 years...? A good day to you all....
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