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  1. I don't see a way to edit the previous post anymore.... I had seen the option before and used it on a different post, but I'm no longer seeing it on either post.... I am new to the whole watchmaking art, so I may be completely off when it comes to what I posted above. Hopefully I was able to portray some of the issues I see with moving a crown to a 4h position as far as when the movement knows it's midnight and how that is reflected on the dial attached to the movement. I definitely don't know all the tricks of the trade. Edit: here is my edit for this post... I guess it is only active for a lil while. Makes sense
  2. jdm, Thanks for the reply. I understand what you are saying about a modified date ring. I think this watch is using a standard date ring since the numbers are still perpendicular to the hand shaft. I don't quite follow the movement part and how rotating that doesn't effect what is being showed on the dial. I am attaching 2 diagrams. It's a drawing of the 515 movement with date and stem at 3h position. The second is the same thing but rotating the crown to the 4h position. First 3h Second rotated to 4h
  3. I decided to check out Ronda's website for a listing of all their movements. Looking at the 515, all the stems are at the 3h position. Looking at my watch, the stem is at the 4h position. I'm starting to guess that they just used a 3h stem(it's the only option) but I'm not sure about the date placement. For a second I was thinking/making assumptions about 2 things that I now believe are incorrect. They can make the case however they want to and put the stem coming out of the case at the 4h position(instead of the 4h position). They can do that when making to dial correspond to the orientation in the case (making what would be the 12 position to the 11 position), but since there is a date in the movement, now the movement's 12 position and the dial's 12 position need to line up in order for the date to change at midnight. When they make the dial and cut the date window, they can also orient it any way they want. The problem is that the date windows position to the crown is lower then anything listed since all the stems are at the 3h position. I'm not sure what movement of the 515 they used..? The offsetting of the crown/stem really messes things up. I think that number 2 is more correct, so it's just a matter of finding a movement that has the stem at 4h.. How is that done on watches with the stems at the 4h or 9h position?
  4. Thanks everyone for their replies! I'm looking at this movement with the date window at the 4:30 mark. Just not sure about the height. I was told by a watch repair store I went to yesterday that where the date window is matters because it determines where the feet of the dial attach to the movement and if I had the wrong one, the dial would be misaligned.
  5. Hello all, I have a watch I would like to fix my self. It's made by TAWATEC, who is no longer in business. It's very similar to a Luminox and used TGS for lume. I will provide information to the best of my ability. Here is a link to some information about it. Here are a few pictures of the watch. I have had the watch since May of 2011. I had the battery replaced in Feb 2015 by a local shop. Less than a year later, I noticed that after taking a shower there was condensation under the crystal. I pulled the crown and left it sit to air out. After about a week I pushed the crown back in and the watch no longer worked. I wondered what caused it to leak. I then remembered I had to change the date on the watch a few days before condensation had got inside the watch. When I was trying to set the date I noticed that it was difficult to pull the crown out and it was more difficult to turn than usual. My guess was that the gasket/O-ring that is on the stem/crown was messed up and had ripped and water had entered that way. I left the watch sit for a year and used another watch as my daily driver. I'm hoping to get this one up and running again. So I recently decided to see if I could fix the watch myself. Here is what I have done and have figured out so far... I was able to remove the case back by removing the 4 Phillips screws. Visually inspecting the O-ring that seals the case back, everything looks good. The movement is a Ronda 515. The plastic ring that holds the movement inside the case says Ronda 515 # 6. I was able to remove the crown and stem. Looking towards the inside of the crown there was remnants of the O-ring. After clearing the remnants and putting the crown back in, the crown moves freely. I also found remnants if rubber on the front of the dial. After inspecting the battery, it looks to have leaked its electrolyte What I would like to do first is replace the O-Ring that's on the crown and put a new battery in it. If I then determine that the movement is damaged, I can replace it later. What do I need to do to figure out what size of O-ring I need for the crown? I can take pictures of the crown/stem if needed. I also have analog calipers to use that are in inches. Thanks for your time!
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