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  1. Thanks to watchweasol For helping out...
  2. Not a bad idea at all, thanks again Nucejoe
  3. Cheers mates!! Working on a Eterna 520H, and can anyone tell me how I get the jevel out from the balance cock?
  4. Thanks everybody, I have got all the answers I need, then I go for an donor part...
  5. I think maybe my question is, og I can save this bridge, or I have to find a new?
  6. Cheers Mates!! Im working on a TISSOT VISODATE cal. 27B-621 1957 year And I see that the watch wont go the right way, when I test all the wheels. And I notice the hole in the main bridge is woren out, so that the tube for the third wheel have to mutch play, and then squeezes the next wheel. (See photo with red arrow) Can that be right here?? If that is correct, is it possibel to drill out a lager hole and put in an jevel? Get a nwe bridge? Or any other options? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UT0uL9e0uPk
  7. I found it out!!!!! I had put the holder for the pallet fork on the drive side, the wrong way, so the jewel nearly fell out. So be sure to check that folks.... See photo
  8. Hello and very good evening to you all fine people!! I have just serviced an put together an Omega cal.562 And it goes like on the first photo with dial side up. And like this on the second photo with dial side down. Somebody that have had same experience with this caliber before?? Cheers Armand
  9. Very good!! Thanks for all help...., I will check out the miyota 1L02 movemet ...
  10. We dont know, The owner have bought like this, and want to replace the movment, so I just try to find out how a proceed doing so... Just measure diamter on the movment, height, oand maybe diameter on date ring? More ????
  11. Cheers mates! Arkobugg are doing things he haven’t done before… This movement are dead, and I need a new one, how do I do this?? Where can I find one that fit??
  12. Hello Nicksilver!! Tanks a lot, found out, thanks to you guiding...
  13. Hello mates!! Working on a French Ebauche FE Cal. 4611, and cant figure out how to put the click and click spring, it had movede all around when I took out the ratchet wheel. Pls help!!
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