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  1. I found it out!!!!! I had put the holder for the pallet fork on the drive side, the wrong way, so the jewel nearly fell out. So be sure to check that folks.... See photo
  2. Hello and very good evening to you all fine people!! I have just serviced an put together an Omega cal.562 And it goes like on the first photo with dial side up. And like this on the second photo with dial side down. Somebody that have had same experience with this caliber before?? Cheers Armand
  3. Very good!! Thanks for all help...., I will check out the miyota 1L02 movemet ...
  4. We dont know, The owner have bought like this, and want to replace the movment, so I just try to find out how a proceed doing so... Just measure diamter on the movment, height, oand maybe diameter on date ring? More ????
  5. Cheers mates! Arkobugg are doing things he haven’t done before… This movement are dead, and I need a new one, how do I do this?? Where can I find one that fit??
  6. Hello Nicksilver!! Tanks a lot, found out, thanks to you guiding...
  7. Hello mates!! Working on a French Ebauche FE Cal. 4611, and cant figure out how to put the click and click spring, it had movede all around when I took out the ratchet wheel. Pls help!!
  8. Does stay pretty good, I used Humbrol Enamel, used for model airplanes, can get them in all colors..
  9. Of Course!, why did I nor think of that, I was probebly gone blind, beacuse somebody I found was takling about pushing and draging the crown, okidok, thanks a lot
  10. Hello to you all folks, thought I should share this story with you ,,,, Then I finally completed my big project "Doxa Searambler 300T from 1968" which I have been working on from March 11 to June 27 this year, for about 14 weeks. And I have to say very happy, although I have not yet managed to find a good solution on the BoR link. Have been in contact with the Doxa factory via an acquaintance who is AD in Sweden, so let's see what gets there. But anyway, here's the story: Bought this on March 11 in miserable condition, see photo 1. It was pretty messed up after been worn after 50 years of use as a professional dive watch, so all of the marks were gone on the bezel ring, the glass was scratched, really needed a service, see photo 2 and 3. Some had also tried to change the casetube and crown without knowing how to do this. And should rather been doing things they fully master insted. The casetube was inserted with an wrong angel into the case, so the result was that the crown did not enter the movment right. See photo 4. To fix this, the old casetube had to be drilled out / pulled out. This one was not fastend good enought, so I could just pulled it out. If this is done right, they is stuck like hell. .. See photo 4. you can see the red line that shows the correct angle into the case, while the casetube that was mounted befor was incorrectly angeled into the case, see the blue line. A incorrect crown was also inserted, the original crown is 6.92 mm in diameter and 4.60 mm high, stem thread is 0.9 mm. The one sitting here was far too small and is completely wrong compared to the original. The dial was very spotty and had lots of marks after many dives. And that the lume had got the greyish color. See photo 5. So full dismantling was needed, stripping everything, movment out, glass out, bezel ring dismantled from the case, cleaning of all parts. So when everything was cleaned up, the build-up could begin. First the old case tube had to be drilled and pulled out, so it was dismantled, and the new casetube was inserted with a crown. See photo 6. Found a crown that is quite similar in appearance and about the same size. Doxa is known to have very little parts to these olde watch available unfortunately. So finding original casetube with crown seems like a pretty impossible task. See photo 6. Did service work on the movment, ETA 2783, no parts had to be replaced, just a little tightening of canon pinion, because it was a little loose in motion. Painted bezel ring by original colors. See photo 7. When it comes to the dial, I wanted a crisp and fresh dial, so I chose to use an friend of mine who is an specialist in restoring dials, and who is the real magician when it comes to repaint of dials. See for yourself....See photo 8. Lumes on the hands and indexes was put on by me, had to mix ut a certain light cream color lume to match ut the right patina. Also managed to source a glass made according to original spec. which was fitted. Then after about 3 months, all parts were mounted in place, the work was installed, the test round was done with brilliant results. And I could finally take this piece of jewelry on my arm ... See photo 9. Beautiful!!! Go...Go....Switzerland !!!
  11. Hello lads!! Im working on a Longines 503, but how do a set the day and date??
  12. I have only oiled the gear work. I had to straighten out some of the teeth in the calender wheel, but they are very worn out. And place the quick set mech right. I will remove the day/date discs and leave the gearwork intact and see what the result is if it still does the same..
  13. Cheers mates!! Im working on a Seiko 7123A, im ususally not doing quartz, they are so unpredictable I think... Or is it I dont know them good enoght.... anyway. I have oiled all bearings, cleaned, og had to fix a little on the quick set on the date and day. And now the quick set work, the date and day skifts when I turn th hands 24 hours. The movment runs fine, and keeps time. But when is shall shift date and day during the night, the movment stops around 01.30, but the second hand works. It seems like the movment cant drag the calender work through the shift. Can somebody pls help me with what the cause is??
  14. As usual, great help from you all!! Thanks a lot everybody...... :-)
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