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  1. Tracy

    Lucien Piccard Cal 37?

    I was able to remove the broken stem. I purchased (eBay) a complete LP37 movement (has stem and crown) for $14 including shipping. Now I have two movements to practice taking apart and hopefully putting back together again. Doesn't look too difficult. Does anyone know how to release the dial once the hands are removed?
  2. Tracy

    Lucien Piccard Cal 37?

    I meant the stem--snapped off where the crown attaches
  3. I have this movement but mine has a broken crown. This movement is on eBay. Is the movement number circled in green (LP37)? Also is the button circled in red pushed to release the stem/crown from the movement? Thanks
  4. No seller to contact. I bid on an online auction (Alex Cooper) and did not physically inspect the watch. Even if I had inspected the watch before bidding I don't think that the auction house would have let me try to remove the movement (take the crystal off etc.). I guess I could have tried to pull the crown off to see if it was a two-part stem/crown? If I could not have pulled the crown off I would have known that something was not right??
  5. I bid on two watches, this one and a Ernest Borel kaleidoscope cocktale watch with an automatic movement (This one really does have an automatic movement. I haven't removed the case back but it's supposed to have an ETA 55, 17 jewel movement.) I paid a total of $350 for both watches. If I can find a Loingines 505 calibre movement and fit it to my Longines would that make it original enough to sell as an unaltered Admiral?
  6. I recently purchased a Longines Admiral watch that I though was an automatic. There is the link to a similar one on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-LONGINES-WITTNAUER-ADMIRAL-GOLD-FILLED-GENTS-RETRO-AUTOMATIC-WRISTWATCH-/382004003649?hash=item58f1368341:g:qUcAAOSwA3dYgFXu As you can see the one I have is identical to the automatic one on eBay (see photos).To my dissappointment I have discovered that it is has a Ronda, 1 Jewel quartz movement (labeled "Swiss Parts" that is assembled in the Far East). There is no caliber number on the movement. Also I was expecting a two piece stem but the Ronda has a one piece that i had to force out to remove the movement from the case (only comes out the front).The inside of the one-piece case states: Longines WittnauerStar W.C. CO.10k Gold Filled2951-5056912972Does anyone know the Ronda movement was a replacement for the original Longines movement? OR did Longines sell this watch with the Ronda movement in the 1970s/1980s???Does the watch have any value if the movement is not the original?
  7. I am in need of a crystal lift. A quick search on Amazon or eBay shows many in the $10 to $15 range. These are probably not made in Germany, Switzerland or the U.S. Does anyone have experience with these "less expensive" crystal lifts? Do they work as intended or are they so poorly made that their operation is questionable? Thanks,
  8. OK, I turned the watch over and It ran for 20 hours, no stopping. I also stood it on the crown and flipped it 180 deg and still keeping time--no stopping. It seems to stop intermitently only when I wear it. It does not stop at the same time so I don't think the hands are hitting each other or the hour markers. I will remove it from the case and remove the balance cock and start from there. It should be pretty clean but I could have introduced dirt without knowing it when I reassembled???
  9. I have cleaned and oiled a Favre Leuba cal 253 movement and it stops and starts at random intervals. It start running if I tap it or shake it. If i leave the watch on my desk and do not touch it, it runs for over 30 hours--and keeps good time. I have worked on several of these movements with no problems. What should I look for when I take it apart that could be the cause of the intermittent start/stopping? I'm assuming that something is amiss with the balance cock assembly?? because when the watch is stationary it doesn't stop until the main spring winds down. Help!, Thanks
  10. Tracy

    Raketa 2603 Bent Stem

    When you mention "button" do you mean the crown?
  11. Dissambled my Pobeda/Raketa 2603 movement. Looks like someone blasted it with WD-40? Oil everywhere and on everything. I cleaned it, re-oiled (only gave it one shot of WD-40) just kidding. The stem is bent right at the crown (see pictures). The stem and crown are functional and I an reluctant to try to either straighten the stem or remove the crown. I don't know if the crown is pressed into the stem or screwed in--can't tell by looking. I know that Cousins UK lists a replacement stem but they have no picture of it. Does anyone know how the crown is removed? Can I try to straighten the stem--or will it just snap in half? Thanks,
  12. I've now ordered tow watches from this guy in India and all have worked. Hopefully the one on its way will be the same and I'll harvest the escape wheel from it. Thanks for the link to Cousins--with the cost of the escape wheel and shipping the one from India is less expensive ($17 including shipping) Now I have an entire movement for spare parts. I'm happy with two working movements/watches and one for a spare.
  13. Anilv, Yes I bought a spare movement and I will use the escape wheel from it to replace the one I screwed up. If I can't push the jewel back into place I will also use the spare movement's base plate. To answer you other question, yes the watch worked before I took it apart--with a full wind if ran for about 38 hours. When I used to be on motorcycle forums I was the guy that provided advice/answers to questions and I was always happy to help the FNGs. On this and other watch forums I'm the FNG and I do appreciate everyone's kindness. Thanks again to everyone who replied/helped me out.
  14. Thanks to all who replied. I have a spare movement on the way (from ebay/India $17 with free shipping), U will use the escape wheel from it. I will try to push the jewel back into position but if that doesn't work I'll use the base plate from the spare watch.
  15. I successfully managed to snap off the pinion on the escape wheel of the Favre Leuba Cal 253 movement I’m working on. I thought the pinion was in the jewel hole on the wheel bridge but it wasn’t and when I screwed down the bridge and bent/snapped the pinion off. Before I tightened the bridge mounting screws I looked to see if the pinions from the 3 wheels were visible in the jewel holes (used a 45x loop). I guess I didn’t see the escape wheel pinion—maybe the light reflected and it looked as if it were in the jewel hole. My questions is in pushing the escape wheel down when I broke the pinion could I have moved the plate jewel lower into the plate? The reason I ask is that when I take the wheel bridge off the lower gear on the escape wheel is too low to engage the center wheel. Without these two gears meshing there is no power transmitted from the main springs to the escape wheel. I made a “not-to-scale” drawing to illustrate the problem. Could the plate jewel be too far into it’s hole thus lowering the height of the escape wheel?