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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Everyone! I have been practicing watch servicing these past months. So far I have successfully serviced a ST36 (ETA6497 clone), thanks to Mark's watch repair course which is awesome! I have also tried to service a NH25A, and messed up the hairpsring (replacement on the way), and a Miyota 8215. Everything was going well with the 8215 until I reassembled the train bridge and noticed that the escape wheel wobbles when I turn the wheels. My guess is that I accidentally broke off the upper pivot during cleaning. I was looking for a replacement escape wheel and found it at Cousin's, but they are out of stock. Anyone know any other place I could get one? Thanks. PS: Trying to keep a positive attitude after messing up two movements, but practice makes perfect. :)
  2. Hello All. I'm a fellow watch enthusiast from the North-East of England. I hope everyone is keeping well. I recently bought myself a cheap watch repair kit, dusted off the old watch storage box and started to giving my watches the attention they required, it's been going quite well so far but do need some guidance with the correct steps of putting the workings and the case back on for my Accurist GMT Grand Complication, hopefully I will do a separate post on this with pics. Anyway hope everyone is having a decent Friday night.
  3. Hello watchmakers! I am about to work on a vintage citizen watch. I removed the movement from the case but I am stuck on removing the automatic rotor.. It seems that my screwdrivers won't do the job.. Any advice would be helpful thank you.
  4. Hello, I started new project - Citizen 67-9119. It's seventies chronograph based on 8110A movement. Watch came to me as "fully working in great condition" As you can see there isn't crystal. The one which was here had chip and wasn't set properly in bezel so when i turned the watch it fall on the floor and broke. As you can see dial is in quite good condition, only it needs to be relumed. Hands needs to be repainted and relumed too. Movement works well but it is too speedy ( +3 min/24h). Chrono buttons work properly, only the hour counter stops at "3h" position so I must to take a look here. I striped down the watch and disassembled movement. There was some much oil everywhere so the cleaning is required.
  5. Hello, I have a j810 movement that needs a stem and crown. Can’t find part numbers. Citizen eco-drive j810-s088232.
  6. Hello everybody,I open this thread to archive works on Citizen 8110A Bullhead. I purchased this watch in poor condition as You can see on the photos. Cause I have serviced few chronographs in the past I decide to try restore this watch. Maybe is not ractional from the economical aspect but we do this because we love it So let's open it. Hands are in good condition (required repaint and relume) but the dial has broken legs and tachy scale is faded :/ I think it's really hard to find orginal and there is no gold aftermarket replacement - sad. Look at the movement. Gosh, what a dirty place It needs good cleaning and oiling. But the biggest problems are this. Broken post on main spring bridge and missing rocking bar core and screw in gear train. I need to find replacement.While I'll be working on movement the case and pushers are send to renew - putting new gold plated coat Stay tuned
  7. Is it possible to purchase parts for a Citizen 8228A (Miyota) movement. I have a rather beat up old example, which is missing the tip of one of the winder gears. I suspect the answer is going to be, no, you would need to find the parts from another damaged example. I did look on Cousins, but the part I need is not listed. Initially I suspected the only issue with it was the balance, and spent a little time tickling the hairspring back into shape, only to then figure out that while the winder made the right noises, it wasn't actually driving the mainspring, due to the missing pinion tip.
  8. Hey guys anybody out there know how to get into these big companies,what qualities should one poses or what course should we do?
  9. Hey guys need some advice and a talk about my watch, actually it is my dad's and want to repair and gift him on his birthday,as I am falling a little short on money I hope I could fix this myself!
  10. Hello! By any chance, does anyone have the service manual / troubleshooting for the Citizen U600 movement? Thank you, Bogdan
  11. Greetings all, i have a ladies eco drive which was non functional. Tried to charge the battery to no avail. Watch is probably from around 2010. Purchased a new factory power cell and installed it. After a few hours under light, I checked the cell to see if it was charging and it was. Put the watch on the “analyzer” that is part of the battery tester and it indicated power moving through the movement. Hands move 2-4 minutes and then stop. If I uninstall battery and reinstall they move 2-4 minutes then stop. So, any idea as to what else the problem may be. A visual inspection of the movement shows no signs of oxidation or water intrusion. Crown is functional to set time without issue. Crystal is clear and unobstructed. Thanks
  12. Hello, I've been drafted to try to replace my brothers crystal with a sapphire one and also replace the battery/capacitor. I believe I have all the tools from my last project and I've watched some videos, etc. I was wondering if there is anything I should know before I go to ordering the parts. Please and Thanks in advance
  13. I feel like I have painted myself in a corner with this one... Ok, I will try to make this story short. I bought a CA4148 Citizen Eco Drive a short time ago in a bargain store (sometimes there actually are bargains in bargain stores), I really wanted a solar watch. This one to be more specific: http://webdev.citizenwatch.com/en-ca/watches/watch-detail/?model=CA4148-00L It came without a box, papers etc... no worries, it has a Eco-Drive B620 movement, I know the type and where to get a capacitor. So far the watch is great, no issues. The only concern I have is the watch band, it is super comfortable but as with all leather watch bands, they go. I checked online and I did find a replacement watch band but then I would be getting the same durability. So I was looking for a black metal band, a 26mm band wherein the problem... There's a 16mm notch for the spring bar...sigh... I was thinking of getting one of these bands and taking out the top links which would leave the middle link exposed which would fit in the 16 mm area as in the pic below. Anyone ever try this type of surgery ?
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