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  1. First time working with the 6497. Much easier than a 3804. A little concerned about the stem sizing and reinserting. Noticed after last night it had stopped running So far today after a wind its been fine. I do notice that it seems that during winding to give a hard stop! Also not to keen on the Panerai type locking device which isn't too tight when lowered might try a small shim on top of crown to lock it more securely. Shopping list from ebay for a ST36 Titanium Panerai Homage: Parnis 34.5mm green luminous black dial Fit for eta 6497 Seagull ST36 movement $15.00 22MM 24MM Genuine Vintage Assolutamente Calf Leather Band Strap For Panerai $18.99 Seagull ST 3600 Replace Eta 6497 Hand Winding Movement 17 Jewels Pocket W $45.00 Parnis green luminous black edge orange Hand for 44mm case Fit 6497 6498 movement $9.10 Titanium Sapphire glass 44mm parnis watch case Fit ETA 6497 6498 movement watch $96.00 Total: $184.09 heck of a lot better than 5k ...ok I still want a Panerai
  2. Well finished my first built. DG3804 GMT movt, 40mm case, sapphire crystal, 28.5 dial and carbon fiber strap. Ok so it cost me $120 but I got it all together myself! Plus learned how to fix keyless works priceless experience. Now looking a building something with a 6497.
  3. Weird. (this is not my movt) but when I put my keyless works in my dg3804b back together and inserted new stem it would wind and advance date perfect. However When in position 2 and I tried to set hands, the hands would start to move and then it was as if a gear slipped and no resistance. If I pushed stem back in and then out and tried again same result. I took it apart and noticed there seemed to be a lot of play in the gear in pointed to in the picture. It was as if it would ride up on its pin. By some chance I had an old movt from years ago so I took it apart (it seemed to be very much like the dg3804b) and I grab another ever so slightly larger/taller gear replaced the offending one and presto it all works perfect now! Not sure what the deal was with that but I'm pretty happy for now. Thanks! sliding pinion and gear
  4. Agree. My plan is to use an old one and just tear it all apart and play with it. resetting pinion is fairly simple now that I did it a few times..lol. The first time it was a bit tricky getting the order of reassembly correct. Cheers!
  5. is this in correct spot? Looks odd to me
  6. Hello been collecting watches for a few years, Also enjoy fixing them just for friends and family nothing to complicated just basic repairs, stems crystals, loose hands etc.. Cheers Adam
  7. Is there a proper way to remove a stem from a DG3804B so as not to booger the keyless works?. I have removed movements before, replaced crystals and replaced hands and never had an issue with stems until now. I was building my first GMT and was not able to get stem back in! I had to rebuild the keyless works a real pain. I'm hesitant to try to remove stem again. I think it should be in the 'hand setting' position and perhaps ever so gently press on the release until it just lets go. I'm guessing to much pressure allows the winding pinion to slide out of place. Any advise perhaps Mark can do a video on this issue? My current plan to to leave stem in, trim it, then use extended so as not to even remove the stem (not best solution) just a real pain to fix the keyless works. Thanks Adam
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