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Found 9 results

  1. Need some info on the balance staff for an E. Howard pocket watch movement, Series 7, Model 1912, 12s, 17j. I have one for which the staff is missing. Either want to purchase one or get the dimensions so I can make one. Are there any other staffs which are interchangeable with it? Thanks, Doug!
  2. Whilst trying to resolve a balance staff issue I came across this download in Cousins. It is by Ronda and after the movement info it goes on to list details of balance staffs and stems based on their stock lists. These give good info on balance staff and stem dimensions etc for many makes and calibers. It goes back to 1965 so useful for that old watch you may be working on. Once you get the hand of the way it all works it is easy to cross reference for a replacement item if an original is not available. Hope it can help. https://www.cousinsuk.com/document/search?SearchString=ronda
  3. Hello, Which balance staff do I need for this Hanhart Anker 11 Stop watch please? I can't seem to find which calibre this is. Thanks
  4. I think I have the kit to do this but how do I go about finding the right size staff to replace the broken one?
  5. I'm a total newbie when it comes to repairs. I've been collecting and carrying pocket watches for decades, but am now getting to the point that I have to do my own servicing in order to afford the hobby. I have an 18s Elgin grade 73, model 5 that needs a balance staff. I tried to look up what I needed, but there are so many variations on the balance staff that I have no idea what I actually need. How do I figure out which balance staff I need?
  6. Hello Everyone What exactly is the difference between a friction fit and a riveted type balance staff? What are replacing steps in each one? Is there something you shouldn't/should do with either of them? Thank you very much.
  7. Dear readers, This is my first post. I hope we will get know one another and with your co-operation we will trade the pleasure of learning for the satisfaction of sharing one's knowledge. To illustrate my story I have added some pictures below. You can see some basic tools, a partly disassembled antique 19 lignes (42.8 diameter) lever movement and the removed parts. I had never disassembled a movement before and this one seemed like the perfect candidate to experiment, but now that I have learnt to assemble/disassemble this movement, I want to fix it. After all, we are tal
  8. Hi guys, I've had a rummage around the forum and found some useful info' on balance staffs in general but wanted to know how I can establish what staff I need in the absence of any markings on the movement? I can measure the length/wide approximately but after that how do I know the correct type of staff? The watch in question is a ladies pocket watch cylinder movement without any markings circa 1880 I'd guess and the balance is snapped. Unusually well above the lower pivot. In essence it's practically broken in half. I'm guessing the replacements for these aren't readily available but
  9. Just uploaded a new video. This one is one of my favourites, an Omega Military watch from the mid to late 40s. It had a broken balance staff, impulse jewel and the pivot on the centre wheel had a groove worn into it. I didn't film the lathe work but managed to get quite a bit under the camera. I hope it's useful to someone. Some pics:
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