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  1. Just a thought, do you not press the top pusher to start, pause, and restart and the bottom button to just reset to zero. I may be wrong,
  2. You can get these parts from Cousins UK https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/hairspring-collets-pins-studs-boots
  3. After mechanical cleaning, US cleaning will help to dislodge loose rust particles. The US process generates micro bubbles which will 'hydraulic off' any loose bits. The remaining rust needs to be passivated by converting the rust to something else. This is where cola can be useful as it contains phosphoric acid which converts rust to ferrous phosphate which is inert but tends to be dark coloured. Another way is to soak in warm/hot diesel engine lube oil, these have a high level of corrosion inhibitors (more than petrol engine oils). Need to soak for several hours to let the inhibitors to
  4. My take on positional accuracy is like the comments above re quality/brand etc and need for accuracy. However most of the stuff I work on does not need such accuracy, or it is never going to be achieved, although I still strive for the best I can do. I always ask the owner how they wear the watch and get the best in 3 positions for that use. Such considerations are left or right hand, desk based, etc. For example a hair dresser will probably have the hands up a lot, so more accuracy with the pendant up (for left wrist wearer), office/desk wearer will have lower arms on desk a lot , so dial
  5. Just a thought. Are you sure the battery has 100% full voltage. It looks a bit domed (it should be flat) which is an indication that it is at the end of life and may not be giving enough voltage output. Did you check voltage with a meter, it should be as near as possible to 1.5v, most new cells are about 1.56v. Below 1.4v and it needs changing. Even 'new' batteries may have degraded in storage, so ensure it is a fresh new battery not one from old stock.
  6. Duh!! Crossed wires in brain. Don't know why I went down 1.2v route, agrees would be worse.
  7. Hi Rogart. Did you find the link below re VartaMBU20 1.2v rechargeable cell. This cell seems to be available from several sources. Good luck in your search. http://www.newdwf.com/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=7164
  8. Done a few Seiko's and always used 8217 braking grease with no problems. As amplitude is ok (for Seiko). I would suspect that you have been over-generous with the grease. I would remove barrel/mainspring and thoroughly clean. Then apply only a very small dab of grease as mikepilk says at 120 deg around barrel wall and try and keep it off the bottom of the barrel. Refit the new spring dry and try it again. Do not lube the spring only the arbor bearing surfaces once the barrel is assembled. Too much grease will produce 'wedge of grease' which will allow the spring to slip too much. Maybe a ca
  9. Can't imagine that this screw is 'special', I would measure thread dia and length of old screw, and looks like countersunk head, then try and source generic screw or stock screw. Have you got a set of misc screws, you may find one among them. Also check out the parts list as the screw may also be used elsewhere in the movement, to give more options. Probably also used in other Selitta movements, and even ETA.
  10. Have you put the sliding pinion/clutch wheel in the correct way round.
  11. On occasions I use one of these from Cousins. Larger sizes are available and probably jewelry tool suppliers may also have them. Useful for other tasks such as balance jewel etc. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/jewel-picker-upper-with-silicone-tips
  12. I use my smart phone or tablet. Just find a white area and place the plate on it and use an eyeglass for closeup. You can see the pixels but this is not too much of a problem. I have also tried a daylight LED bulb with white paper over it but it was a bit too bright and didn't want my eyes damaged when using an eyeglass.
  13. A while back I was messing about with a cheap chinese watch which had a black case which was in poor condition. I tried several different paints but the only one that had any decent durability and chip resistance was an epoxy paint. This was only available in aerosol form (mainly black shades) for small quantities. Not sure how convenient this would be for a bezel but spraying some paint on a plate and using a brush would be feasible. Once painted, I did a couple of coats, I left to dry in the boiler cupboard for 24 hrs to fully harden.
  14. Water will settle out if left to stand in sealed container. Not sure about coffee filter paper re fibres. Could use as a hand rub, wiping fluid for Covid19 maybe.
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