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  1. Hi, so love to be here. I recently got into watch repair. To be honest been few months of watching videos and I been interested in watches but never tried before. Now I decided to take the leap. Bought some basic tools and made my own watch. first time putting one together. Since then I been disassemble and assemble some older watches and love it. Love every process of it. For some reason love the challenge on making one work or cleaning it. It’s wow. I don’t know how to explain other than time flys by and I don’t notice. I can spend hours with these little guys. I drop one of the hands by mistake and kinda bend the seconds hand a bit. I just reorder the replacement lmfao. But I should get it this week. I didn’t even bother to order one before because well I got busy and watch works perfectly. . But as soon as the new gold hands set arrives I will change it because I like gold color and will go better with my dragon logo
  2. I'm looking for any instructions for this watch to reset everything after a battery change. It's some complex series of presses on the 3 pushers and 1 crown but I can't remember the sequence and I've lost the instruction sheet that I had. Any help would be appreciated
  3. So I went to a place to get my battery replaced and the person ended up knocking one of the pointers out of its place, now I image to get this fixed I would have to remove the crown in order to access the front part, I however am not sure how to do this in this particular watch as there is no release as far as I can see, but yea in the first picture the sub dial has fallen into the area where the other sub dial is, and I am trying to get that back in place and the second picture I have removed the plastic bit and trying to figure out how to remove the crown but the things I have tried did not work, and I do not wish to damage the watch. Any help would be appreciated thank you!
  4. Hello to all, Can anyone help me to identify the pocket watch in the attached photos. Many thanks in advance Regards William
  5. Let's make February 2nd every year Lumaween were you show your lume monsters off and your lume jobs. What do you reckon?. VID_20210202_191526.mp4
  6. Hi, so I recently got a seiko 5 snk809 and it was working fine, I then decided to regulate it as it was losing about 1 minute a day. After I regulated it it was working fine then stopped so I shook it to wind it up and then it started working. After 5 minutes it stopped again so I wound it up and it would work but then stop after a couple of minutes. I checked to see if the watch was being winded and it was, so the watch had power but just wouldn't move, I dont know why this is, the watch has power but will only run for a minute or two when I shake it, this hasn't happened before to this watch, so if anyone could help that would be great. Thanks
  7. I am after a clasp for an old digital junghans watch, I wasn't sure if this forum permits these requests? I did check the forum rules and it makes no mention of it only about selling. Can one of the more seasoned members help before I post the request? Thanks
  8. hi everyone, today I was working on a watch (the movement was eb8810) and after I was happy with the result I put the movement under a. glass, come back to it 2-3 hours later, still ticking so I put it back in the watch case and after about 15 seconds it stoped ticking as I started to move it around I don't know where to go from here wether or not it needs re-oiling or a new part in the balance operation, this is not the first watch I have experienced this in and didn't end up doing anything with the other watch. thanks in advance, Ali p.s I am looking for an eb8800 movement in working condition so message me if you have one
  9. I am considering selling leather watch straps, but I have a question before I blindly go ahead and produce a bunch of them. I am wondering if anybody who has worked in the industry for a while can tell me what the most common sizes are of strap pins or lug widths? I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Anthony
  10. Hello All, I am new to this forum and relatively new to repairing watches (so please don't bite!). I have repaired a couple of cheap watches before and both have worked out fine so decided to try my hand on Benrus I have had for a couple of year and am quite fond of. All was going well and then I had a pet related incident whilst opening up the mainspring barrel. By the time I had found the barrel (cap, arbour and mainspring conveniently ended up in my lap) it had been damaged and some of the teeth destroyed. I have tried to identify the movement in order to figure out what part to try and find (picture attached, apologies for the poor quality) but really struggling as it doesn't look like any other Benrus movement I have seen anywhere online. The watch has 1974 on the back (looks like a "length of service" gift awarded to someone by the inscription). I bought it from ebay and the seller doesn't know anything more about it. If more picture of any more of the parts would be useful please let me know. I'm just hoping that someone will be able to help. Thank you in advance. G
  11. Hello Everyone. I need some help with repairing my Emporio Armani ar-1922. I've watched some videos on YouTube but none of them resemble the movement of this particular watch. My first problem is removing the stem/crown. I cannot see anything which looks like it will release the stem and I don't want to poke around inside it any more for fear of creating any damage. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hello and good afternoon to all. OK, here is another little horological teaser for you to get your heads around. I have this great OASIS lady's (?) B270 watch that I got in a set to be repaired. It actually only needed a battery and works great. However, the strap DEFINITELY needs replacing! AND here is my problem. I just CANNOT figure out HOW to get the spring bar out. Actually, I am not sure it IS a spring bar. I have tried hard with all manner of tools (spring bar removers, screwdrivers, sharp knives etc.) to get the spring to release, but no joy. I took the strap off by hand, so you can see the photos to see what I have. I really HOPE it IS a spring bar, but if so, HOW to get it out?? And if it is NOT, then HOW to fit a new strap on other than by glue? Also, as an aside to all this, does ANYONE know how to set the date on this watch? But first things first eh! As far as I can tell, there are NOT two positions that you can pull out the crown to. But I could well be wrong.
  13. Hello there watch fix fans. Here's (I hope) an interesting one for you. I have this beautiful small ladies 'Fero Feldmann' Swiss-made watch - it came in a bag of "used and to be repaired" watches. From what I can see, the mechanism seems in very good working order. Just a slight shake and it goes and goes. There is no strap, but that is not the issue here. The problem is the stem and/or crown. As you can see, there is definitely no crown. But I am wondering about the stem. The watch does have its case and edoes have, as you can see, a hole where the stem and/or crown will/should fit in. There is something which appears to be some kind of part-stem at the 3 o'clock position. Using tweezers I can pull it out and push it back in quite freely. A very small screw on top holds this "stem" in place. I think you can see, in ths second photo, how this "stem" attaches to the rest of the movement. Clearly I need to attach a crown. BUT what about a stem? A stem extension? Or one of those crowns which has an extended stem-like attachment which should fix onto this current "stem" in this watch? Yes, the watch face is somewhat scratched, and the minute hand is a little bent at the top. You may say it is not worth my while trying to get this fixed. But I just SO MUCH like this little watch and would LOVE to give it life again! It clearly IS still "alive" - though I'm not sure if it is a mechanical wind-up or an automatic. The latter of these seems to be the case - as I said earlier, a little shake and the mechanism goes and goes. PErhaps with a little oil (and lots of encouragement) it can be made good. So my main question - what kind of stem/crown to attach and how to do it?
  14. Hi there watch repair experts and fans! My first time here so please be gentle with me It concerns the ladies watch you see in the pics and, in particular, its rather unusual metal bracelet strap. I want to make the strap a few links shorter. Normally with metal bracelets it is, of course, all about pushing out the pins, taking out the bits of the bracelet you don't need and then putting it all back together. But THIS one has a weird-looking two-section bracelet which, as far as I can see, is held together by very small screws (?) from each side and no pins involved. Obviously I am wondering what to do to get the pins/screws out. Another thing of course i that I will have to take one link from either side of the bracelet. Anyone seen a bracelet like this before. HOW to do this adjustment?? I hope you can see what you need to in these photos.
  15. Hi! I posted this question in another forum but I think it's more suited in this discussion! So I just bought a Timex Watch and need to remove the movement for reasons. I snapped of the back and discovered that this is not the way to remove it. So I'm wondering if I have to remove the glass and pull it all out from the front and if so - how do I go by doing this? I'm still very new to all this but I want to learn!
  16. I agree with what you are saying completely. I plan to only keep the case and back and replace everything else. I would have loved to put a mechanical movement in the watch but I think it’s too small (33.9mm x 7.1mm). My plan is to have the case and back replated and have the back blanked of its manufacturers engraving so as I can have a blank canvas to have something engraved on it myself. I was hoping to get advice on what movements could be used and buy the parts ready for a watchmaker to assemble as like you said, I don’t want to ruin the watch. I’ve already started sourcing/ordering parts which was a little silly without any advice so I’ll post what I have ordered below (if rules permit me to do so?).
  17. So my Nana gave me my Gramps' Pocket Ben he's had as a work watch, but the chain loop on the top is missing. I took it to my local watch repair and they said that you can't replace that loop (I think it's called a bow?) on any watch because "it won't have enough tension". Is this true? Because I'm pretty sure I've seen replacement ones on eBay and Amazon, but I don't want to order any if I can't actually put it on.
  18. Hello I have a smiths 21 jewel watch believe to be for 1965 I’m finding it hard to get information about it my first question is how much is it worth my second question is is it worth getting refurbeshed
  19. Hello, I got this vintage medana pocket watch with MST 12 movement. When I opened them I saw broken hairspring. What should I do ? I´m very new to these watches, I need some help/advice.
  20. Hello! I have a couple of watches that have a strange extra sound that I don't know where it comes from. Could you share your opinions about that? I attach the mp3 file so you can hear it and also a wave print screen so you can see it. It is not knocking, hense I also attach a print screen from WOS. One scenario would be that the "run to the banking" happens later then the "locking" instead of the same time. Fixing it would mean closing the banking pins. (just thinking out loud). I am waiting for your thoughts. Thank you! Bogdan tic.mp3
  21. I have been given my grandfather's old Seiko watch. I like the watch and it has a lot of sentimental value to me but I know very little about watches. It has been sitting in a cupboard for the last 20 years and now it tells the time very badly. I set the watch and it often works for many hours perfectly fine and then will suddenly lose a lot of time. I took it to a watch repair shop and it was explained to me that over time the oil within the watch goes, "clumpy". That's how it was described t me. I was told that the entire watch would need to be taken apart and cleaned and re-lubricated. I was quoted 250 Euros mimimum for doing so and was told that it would be even more if parts needed replacing. That is way more than I can afford so I started watching videos about how watches are serviced. I am pretty good at doing fine delicate work and I am pretty confident I could manage it myself but I wanted input from people with more knowledge than me. Firstly, can anyone tell me anything about my watch? It is a good Seiko watch? Is there anything I need to know about it? How would it compare trying to service this watch over other watches? Should I get hold of a cheap watch and take that apart first? One other thing I need to know is about one of the tools. I watched a great video of someone disassembling a Seiko automatic watch, cleaning it and then re-lubricating it and putting it back together again. It all looked fairly straight forward apart from the main spring. He used a special tool for rewinding the spring before putting it back into the housing that holds the spring. Does anyone know what that tool is called and where I could get one from? I am in Germany. Below are pictures of my watch. Thanks in advance for any advice or help anyone gives. https://postimg.org/image/99y2k4459/ https://postimg.org/image/5g4maymt9/
  22. Hi guys, I have this lovely old Seiko, but the glass is broke. Round glasses, obviously are done by diameter. However, the sizes come with dimensions of, for example MBr 139x139.1 Sternkreuz. How do you figure out what size it is, and what you need?
  23. Good morning/afternoon! We are In-Time: a watch and jewellery repair company based across 50+ UK locations. We started back in 1981 and since then have repaired millions of watches and jewellery items. We're expanding to even more, popular UK locations with our latest installment being in Preston. We love everything about watches and jewellery so if you have any questions please get in touch. Thanks and looking forward to connecting with you soon! In-Time Watch & Jewellery Repairs.
  24. I'm trying to find the correct mainspring for a watch I have. Here is the caliber it has: http://boley.de/en/caliber/watch-movements/as/480 . I've been looking and I cant find the right kind with the information provided. Any help and references will be greatly appreciated.
  25. Hi, just wondering if there is any special technique to repairing the paint on my watch bezel. If managed to catch it a few times and the silver beneath has started to show. Thanks in advance.
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