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Found 8 results

  1. So ive been wanting to build my own watch for a while after having worked on my own watches for quite some time. The only apprehension i have is how does one size a dial to fit a case. Lets say i have a miyota 8215 a 41 mm cade that fits that movement would a 31 mm dial fit that case? I guess my question is how does one tell if a dial will fit a case. I understand all cases are different
  2. Hello I had a chance to acquire to two watch movement+dial sets which are from JLC and AP However, I am having trouble finding cases to fit these. Could anyone help me find cases that would fit these movements? Non genuine cases are OK.
  3. Hi, Can anyone help? I have a watch case that will exactly fit an ETA7751 movement but I cannot source or afford the movement. So I am on the lookout for an equivalent movement but am new to this. Can anyone advise which I should go for? Thanks.
  4. Got me this Omega DeVille quartz on a fleamarket. I think it has a cal 1365. I was wondering how to get the movement out of the caseback....
  5. Hello all! I got my hands on a 15j Unitas 6497, and I would like to case it: Could you provide any sources of 41mm or less cases? I found something on Ofrei (http://www.ofrei.com/page1494.html), but I was wondering if there wouldn't be any smaller cases that would fit a 6497? Thank you, Bogdan
  6. Yesterday I realized that probably, while mounting the new crystal to my GMT I may have unflattened the case back as in the picture. I used this kind of screw press to do the job and now the case back looks like this, a little pressed inside. The rotor is not affected and is moving freely, my idea is to remove the back and use the same press to try get the thning more flat. What do you think? I wasn't aware this stainless steel back could be so easily deformed.
  7. Had a broken case lug on this vintage watch today. I soldered it back together and thought I would make a video of my method.
  8. I received a vintage watch attached for a service. The movement is sitting loosely inside the case. I am looking for advice on how to fix the movement in the case so that it doesn't move around. Thanks guys, Ferdinand
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