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  1. Hi I get this mouvement for repair but it seems that 1 piece is missing red mark on photo unfortunately I don't have any reference I think it's related to date. Is there someone that have the part list for this movement ? Thanks
  2. I'm surprised that before 80 years a lot of company have produced tools like these well engineered not expensive. Today almost nothing sad
  3. Yes I saw these but are they ok for wristwatch I thought only for clock. Do you know if these are ok ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/373549560649?hash=item56f949f349:g:G04AAOSwHYdgf0pZ
  4. Hi At this point my main problem to service a mouvement is the mainspring. The options excluding service by hand of course are: Difficult to buy a new mainspring on ebay and waiting to receive it (weeks) Very expensive Bergeon set like the 5356 => 1050 pounds (ouch!!) So I bought a Chinese set like you know for ETA the main problem for me it's that I don't have a lot of ETA mouvement so at this moment the issue most of the time is that the arbors provided are really to small so they don't catch the spring => useless. My idea is to buy just a bergeon by size lik
  5. Thanks Jerryvs worked with tweezer I move the spring and the arbor enter then counter clockwise it catch the pin. Thanks the doc it'll me a lot as I forgot to take picture when I disassemble the movement Great tip
  6. I can't because the spring end is not centered and if I place the wheel with the arbor I cannot access the spring anymore
  7. Hi I'm trying to figure out how to reassemble this mainspring the mouvement is Felsa 4017N . I join photo As you can see the arbor seems to be sealed on the wheel I tried to free him but there are some dents that prevent this. It seems to be one piece. I've replaced replace the spring into the barrel but can't place the arbor in place ??? Thanks for your suggestions
  8. Hi I've buy one set like this but it's doesn't fit most all the mainspring I'm trying to wind as the largest size is still to small to catch the mainspring. May be I'm doing wrong So I don't know what to do with these one
  9. Me too not in this category at all but It seems the easier piece to fabric. I just need to find a thin sheet of brass Where to find this is another question. If I succeed I 'll send you what I've tried of course
  10. However, good luck finding a suitably sized dial washer Hi Thanks for all answer here I managed to find a hour wheel in old stock I join a picture but I'm not sure it's work at all it's just the right size but don't know if the height will be enough. For the washer is it not just a disk of zinc or aluminium I think we can make one what do you think ?
  11. Hi I've made the watchmaker course using the ST3600 and now I would like to make a watch. So I just figured out that the seller doesn't supply the hour wheel and the dial washer. Asked him to send me but I do not have a lot of hope. Do you know how can replace these elements ? Thanks
  12. Thanks It help me a lot the main spring is broken So I'm going to look for another one. But in case I can't find the exact one is it possible to replace with another main spring ? Best R.
  13. Hi Another question regarding this movement I cannot find anything. The watch brand is buler I found a site https://www.buler.ch/ but it seems not related I post anything relevant I can find as mark Thanks
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