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Found 18 results

  1. Hello I have 2007 Bulova watch with a damaged movement that I want to replace. Not a particularly valuable watch, but it was a gift from my wife and has sentimental value. There are no visible numbers on the movement (except in the battery well, 280-34). My best guess is that I have a Miyota movement, but I don't know if any of the items currently shown at the Miyota site are appropriate replacements. The watch repair service I contacted for an estimate wants me to specify which movement I need (I was hoping they could do that for me). I have been searching the web for an answer, but no luck. The Miyota site provides spec sheets and engineering drawings with measurements, but I don't have the tools or expertise to measure my watch to the required level of precision in order to determine fit. Can any of you nice folks offer advice on how to determine the movement model that was originally installed in my watch? I am hoping there is an information base somewhere that I have not yet been able to discover. Thank you.
  2. So I've just finished servicing a Bulova 23 jewel self winding watch from 1961. I'm trying to find a replacement crystal but it doesn't seem that I can use a conventional round hi dome crystal. I tried fitting a 30mm hi dome crystal in which seemed to fit nicely but won't hold the bezel in place. There is a mirrored ring inside the case to hold the movement in place. Is this what a reflector ring is? I found this (see photos) in the GS catalog and THINK it's the correct crystal (PA 462-17) but since it's expensive and I've never dealt with a crystal like this before I was hoping to get some advice/correction if needed. Thank you anyone who can help! (I included pics of the old crystal for reference)
  3. My latest repair/restorations — running super strong. I’ve done like 2 dozen of these repair/resto this year alone and generally put them back on eBay to try to recoup costs. I like these so much I might just keep them for myself.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem in casing a Bulova 11 ANACD movement. I attach some pictures of the parts. Since it was an eBay find, there's some possibility that something was really messed up. When cased, the movement (with its ring), slips down toward the crystal. It's tilted in a way that makes difficult to operate the crown. Movement, movement ring, dial seems a perfect match but they fall down with no support from dial side... I have: the white movement ring (seems to be a perfect fit for the movement, maybe not for the case?) Acrylic glass, diam. 31.6 with an inner chromed ring. The ring is totally loose in respect to the glass, meaning that you can remove the ring by simply flipping the crystal and it slips out. It has outer diam. about 29,7 mm, inner about 28mm. I think it's not the original one! Case, diam. 38 mm, opening about 29,3mm. about 31,44mm for the crystal recess. Inner back says model 7313. Dial diam. 28,5mm I've found an original crystal for case model 7313-4, maybe in the original Bulova the dial rest on the crystal ring? Is this the correct casing for that kind of Bulova's? Can the problem be solved by using the correct crystal with tension ring? If so, which Sternkreuz model should I buy: standard ring, wide ring, recessed ring? Thank you very much, Regards.
  5. The acrylic fell out. I've seen videos of how to refit round ones, but not rectangular ones. This has a small flange on its base. Any suggestions gratefully received. The flange at the base of the acrylic is too large to fit back into the watch. I think this will involve dressing the flange off, and gluing the acrylic in. This is annoying, my mobile lets me know that there was a reply via email. I can read the replyb on the email, but nothing is showing on the forum. sigh. Now on my laptop, and it's the same problem.
  6. When I first started being interested in watches, mom passed on her dad's Accutron to me. He died back in 2004 and was a huge part of my life growing up, so this is a treasure to me. So I put it in a drawer and didn't touch it until I felt ready. I bought several other 218 movements to practice on, as well as the Accu-cell 1.35v battery. I've got the Model 700 test kit, the service manual, and watched all of Henry Frystack's videos, so I feel like I'm ready to dive in. Today I thought maybe start with putting a fresh battery in--looks like an old mercury cell is still in there--and see what happens. Then I put it under the microscope and found clouds of gunk on the index wheel and pawls and decided against it. Guess it's time for a cleaning!
  7. I bought a vintage bulova sea king automatic at a antique mall for 80 dollars and I discovered the reason for its lower cost. It appears that it was someone's project watch that they sold. It has a 11 Anacd movement and the rotor is stuck. It can move but it grinds against the metal underneath it. The middle portion of the rotor(with the engraving) is loose and moves independently of the rest of the rotor. I have no clue how to remove the rotor as there are no screws on it. Is this a deeper problem than just the rotor or can I fix/ replace the rotor?
  8. I bought a 1973 bulova jetstar from a flea market today. It has a bulova 11BSACB movement. When the crown is pulled out, the day and day will not change and the time barely sets. They do flip over when setting the time. Stem is barely making contact in the movement. It was running when I bought it, but now I can't get it to run. The balance swings but does not tick (The pallet fork is broken). I would like to get a replacement movement for it but I can't seem to find a suitable one. Is this movement compatible with another bulova caliber or another movement? Thanks, Seth
  9. I picked the up the 1945 Bulova Cadet as a non-worker on eBay, then I received a parts lot that had a Westfield case and dial. Of course, I had to get a 1940 Westfield Trojan cousin movement for it. Unfortunately, I didn't notice til this morning that the replacement Westfield had a curved dial whereas my case had a flat dial and it doesn't fit. Oh well, guess I'll have to buy more watches.
  10. OK, I disassembled the Bulova 11ac movement and wonder if this wheel is supposed to stick there on the wheel bridge. Should I take the wheel apart from the bridge as well? If it is necessary, how can I take it apart?
  11. Hello. I am working on a vintage Bulova from 60s. I am trying to take apart the movement from the case but case is in somewhat strange structure. As I tried to remove the caseback, I instead took apart the upper part. Then I removed the crystal and the dial to find the movement. Here is a problem. I cannot find a way to remove the stem from the movement from the dial side. Please help.
  12. I have a 1982 Bulova that the Clasp broke in 83, I put the watch away and forgot about it for 33 years. I'm searching for the clasp, and not having any success. Thank you in advance .
  13. Hi all, I have a Bulova sine plate with integral rotary table. It doesn't have any locking features for the plate so I don't think it was used for machining. The rotary can be locked and it does accept a dovetail block that can be clamped in place. Has anyone seen another, know what they were used for or when it might have been made? Thanks, henryr
  14. Hello, Its been a while since I've posted, so I have decided to share this problem I am having with a bulova 11BKACB. I am not familiar with this specific caliber, but am very familiar with the cal. 11 family from Bulova. Good robust movements without too many idiosyncrasies. This watch I received with the day wheel not showing through the window, so there was already an issue with it. After cleaning and oiling, the day wheel begins to turn just after the date, but for some reason stops short of turning over and just clicks back to the previous day. I have tried opening up the day indicator detention spring (part 586) and putting a little grease on it, but its no-go. This would usually be an easy issue but the thing has given me a headache with the number of times I've had to remove the dial. The other issue is that the parts are mostly all exclusive to this particular. I'd like to replace the calendar driving wheel , the day wheel and that pesky part 506 is I could find it....any input appreciated. Watch runs strong other than that. Regards, J This last pic was pre cleaning!!! As you can see it looks filthy.
  15. I've not been buying watches recently, but couldn't resist this lovely US-made Bulova from 1944 - the year of my birth. It's in a 14k, rose gold-filled case, and has a very nice Grade 8-AH movement inside. It's the usual dimensions for a watch of this period: 41mm lug to lug, and 21mm wide. Small by today's standards, but that doesn't bother me - I wear any size. This was an eBay purchase. The seller has a beautiful collection of mainly vintage Bulova watches. If I had more money, I'd have bought one or two more. I won't give details publicly as the site policy is not to promote watch sales or sellers, but if anyone is really interested in looking at his vintage Bulova watches, PM me.
  16. Hi, I'm looking for some tips on how to best deal with removing battery corrosion from a plate. The plate below is from my father's Accutron 218. The battery failed and leaked at some point leaving a salt-like deposit that seems to be insoluble. I've tried an acid bath (vinegar), alkali bath (sodium bicarbonate), and good old fashioned elbow grease to no avail. At this point I'm thinking of just letting it be since it seems the plating is flaking off beneath and the corrosion shouldn't impact the function of the movement. If anyone knows about a magic bullet though I'd sure like to hear.
  17. I collect mostly Bulova's, here are a few in an old Timex Case from the 1940/50's.
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