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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I've bought on eBay a nice cortebert watch that works but has space all around the dial between it and the case, just under the crystal. See attached photo. Is it a Frankenwatch or I can save it using a crystal with tension ring? If this is the case, which Sternkreuz model should I buy: standard ring, wide ring, recessed ring? If it's the case, which additional measures should I take on the watch, other than crystal diameter, to make the right choice? Thank you very much. Regards!
  2. What type of crystal is this? The case pushes through the back and the crystal essentially hugs the outside of a lip at the top of the caseback. I've come across there before but have always been lucky enough to just polish the existing one and have never replaced one. The one on this watch has some bizarre crazing going on and it definitely needs to be replaced, but I'm not sure how to find one. This particular crystal measures 29.4mm in diameter. I tried taking the ring out of a tension ring crystal as a kind of work around but the smooth space where the ring was isn't deep enough to hug the whole lip. Thanks for whatever advice you can give!
  3. This question isn't really one of repair but more a direct question as to what the markings are on the little stickers you find on old watch and pocket watch crystals. I understand the 1/16 measurements are lignes, the 1/4 measurements are lunettes(?), the three digit numbers are tenths of milimeters and the number typically from 1-5 is the height of a Geneva crystal, but what do the numbers measured in fractions of 1/8 signify? I did a calculation and the conversion from mystery unit to lignes is lignes = (1/2) x mystery + 10 Any ideas?
  4. All, Hope everyone is staying safe and well. I have two new "project" watches that have a common issue. I suppose very simple and straight forward, but that's if you have the experience. The two watches have square/rectangular crystals that need to be replaced or affixed. The first is the easiest. So, I'll start with that. It's a vintage ladies Girard-Perregaux tank. With a square crystal. The crystal is in good condition, but loose. The crystal is acrylic - and I believe the proper way for this to be fixed to the case is using something like GS crystal cement. But would like to ask here to see if this is correct. The second watch is a vintage men's LeCoultre tank. The crystal isn't acrylic - so, I guess it must be mineral crystal (it's certainly not sapphire). It's rectangular and I presume this should also be glued in. The original isn't loose in this watch, but it's badly scratched (and not being acrylic, I have no way to buff it out - and would probably rather replace anyway). So, wondering about the best way to remove this one (in addition to replacing). I'll include a few pics of the LeCoultre. It's going to be a bit of work. But I will enjoy it that much more if I am able to give this one a new lease on life. Many thanks for any input posted. -Paul
  5. Hello, I just finished this Lorenz chronograph with a 17 jewel ETA 7750 powering it. I had some rough patches when I lost the chronograph wheel friction setting and the hour lock. I ordered new ones and things went OK until I misplaced the hour counter wheel and had to go back in. After that I adjusted all the settings, which took removing the chrono wheel, hour counter, and minute counter hands twice to get them perfectly centered and resetting properly. Now I look at the crystal and my confidence wavers because I've never changed a glass crystal and this one is curved. I have all the tools needed, but would like not to break the crystal removing it in case a replacement turns out to be a challenge. Any input is appreciated. I'm not going to post all the pictures of the overhaul because @Lawson has done that to perfection already. Thanks to @Mark for his excellent video repairing the rusty Breitling whose owner was pushed into a pool. JC
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