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Found 8 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm stuck and I hope the community can help. Picked up an old Tissot 7 auto from eBay with a cracked crystal, thinking it should be no problem to get a replacement. After disassembly I saw the crystal is if a weird shape I can't find on Cousins or any other catalog. It's a barrel but with a rectangular flange. Any ideas?
  2. I'm working on a quartz watch marked only as "Swiss Army". It has a glass crystal that was broken, and I was able to push it out from the back of the case, but now there are many small glass fragments stuck to the case with whatever adhesive was used to hold the crystal. I'd like some advice on how to clean the case before installing the new crystal. Walt
  3. Hello everyone, I've bought on eBay a nice cortebert watch that works but has space all around the dial between it and the case, just under the crystal. See attached photo. Is it a Frankenwatch or I can save it using a crystal with tension ring? If this is the case, which Sternkreuz model should I buy: standard ring, wide ring, recessed ring? If it's the case, which additional measures should I take on the watch, other than crystal diameter, to make the right choice? Thank you very much. Regards!
  4. Hi! I have been working on this beautiful Sandoz Submariner ref: 3933-D-77-2 in really nice condition. While servicing it however, I realised that the crystal was cracked and it broke shortly after. I have been searching for an Identical replacement but I simply cannot find one to save my life. It has this pretty big tension ring as well. I have found some generic rolex replacements which share the same outer diameter measurements but none come with a tension ring of course. I will be listing some crystals I have found and some measurements of the original crystal and ring. Is there anyone that can tell me whether I can fit the tension ring in these rolex replacements and use one of those. Or even better, where I can find an original replacement for the Sandoz. Sandoz original glass measurements: width - 30,3 mm, height - 6,1 mm. Tension ring width - 1,5 mm, tension ring height - 1,5 mm. Some replacements I found: https://www.ebay.com/itm/123793378821 https://www.ebay.com/itm/123300572660 https://www.ebay.com/itm/310348420078 http://www.classicwatchrepair.com/english/shop/rolex-1680-submariner-replacement-domed-plexi-crystal Any help would be extremely appreciated. I really would like to get this watch looking and working nicely. Best regards(:
  5. Here is project #2. I scrounged this watch from my Aunt and apart from the cracked crystal it appears in excellent condition and runs well I don't own a timegrapher yet but If I rest the watch over the letter Q on my laptop and use tg-timer it says it is running about +14s a day I have searched online stores and found similar watches from the same producer in the $30 - $50 price area - but then I also found this https://kibblewatches.co.uk/products/1960s-lusina-geneve-manually-wound-linen-dial-on-strap . I know it isn't exactly the same as the movement doesn't look like a ETA 2391 Not sure if I am ready for this watch but I have already popped the crystal out, measured it and put it back in again using a fairly cheap press that says for mineral glass... When I go to order a crystal (or 3) I am swamped with options! I have looked at cousinsuk and there are different brands, different dome heights steps and no steps etc. Using a set of digital calipers I measured the diameter of the old crystal to be 30.20mm (3 readings between 30.23 and 30.28). I also measured the height to be approx 3.50mm Am I right in thinking I should not buy the low domed crystal (N Sternkreuz) which according to the spec sheet has a glass thickness of 1.2mm and an internal height of 1.9mm because the sum of these 2 is less than the 3.5mm I measured? The high domed without step (Sternkreuz Hw) doesn't specify a glass thickness but has an internal height of 2.7mm - I don't think I want this as the one of the features I like most about this watch is how thin it is.... Then there is a high domed with step (Sternkreuz Hws) which looks to be even taller with an internal height of 3.0 and glass thickness of 1.4 There is a domed slightly (Sternkreuz M) which appears to be less flat across the top than the others (at least in the profile pic) and much less like the original crystal, where the watch hardly rocks at all when placed face down on a flat surface. Also is it possible to upgrade this watch by putting in a mineral crystal?
  6. Hello I’m new here i have no prior watch tinkering experience and I have just purchased an Ernest Borel Cocktail watch online I can ably assume from the photos that the crystal is either not fitted correctly or has been replaced with a slightly higher dome than usual would any one of you brilliant experts be able to advise on this and possibly tell me what the exact replacement crystal i would need to restore it true to factory speck
  7. All, Hope everyone is staying safe and well. I have two new "project" watches that have a common issue. I suppose very simple and straight forward, but that's if you have the experience. The two watches have square/rectangular crystals that need to be replaced or affixed. The first is the easiest. So, I'll start with that. It's a vintage ladies Girard-Perregaux tank. With a square crystal. The crystal is in good condition, but loose. The crystal is acrylic - and I believe the proper way for this to be fixed to the case is using something like GS crystal cement. But would like to ask here to see if this is correct. The second watch is a vintage men's LeCoultre tank. The crystal isn't acrylic - so, I guess it must be mineral crystal (it's certainly not sapphire). It's rectangular and I presume this should also be glued in. The original isn't loose in this watch, but it's badly scratched (and not being acrylic, I have no way to buff it out - and would probably rather replace anyway). So, wondering about the best way to remove this one (in addition to replacing). I'll include a few pics of the LeCoultre. It's going to be a bit of work. But I will enjoy it that much more if I am able to give this one a new lease on life. Many thanks for any input posted. -Paul
  8. Looking on E bay and low and behold stumbled upon this ad for this material.( ians-polishing -kit). I am curious to find out if anybody have used this product and if you did what kind of results did you get? It also is suppose to be good on stainless steel cases and bracelets as well as the crystal. Web site:: www.ians-polishingkits.com. www.ians-polishing-kits.com How to polish scratches from an acrylic watch crystal
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