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  1. So years ago my grandpa found this watch in a park while walking it during work (he worked as a cop in northern New Jersey) anyway he passed it onto my dad. Neither of them knew much about watches except they needed them to tell time. My dad gave it to me a few years ago when he saw i was getting into watch collecting. Any information would be great. I have been had it explained as art deco which im guessing is referring to the lugs. I haven't been able to find out much on it myself. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Hey so i just found my grandpas old watch. He was a big fan of square dress watches. This one was in his box in decent condition (still works and seems to keep good time) along with a Hamilton brockton watch with a 754 handwinding mechanical movement First 2 are the komet, second 2 are the hamilton
  3. Myiota 8200a it seems recently old not sure of an exact date
  4. I was more so asking both. I was able to get the spring bars out. I had no experience with that small of spring bars and one was bent so that was tricky to get out. Needless to say after some wrestling with it now im smarter. However I'd like to get a new bracelet for it but cant seem to find any like it
  5. Im a dumb ass and realized that. I was acting like it was a 7s26 thank you though
  6. Thank you. I actually am not afraid to tinker around ive been replacing some movements mostly for seiko 5 but those are relatively easy to find cases for. What happened was i had an old citizen with a light blue dial and i got a scratch on it and decided to try to buff it out. Forgot that it was plated bronze. Originally liked the patina on the bronze but im definitely a stainless guy. I will figure out the calibur and get back to yah
  7. Is there anywhere besides eBay or off a broken watch to get watch cases? I currently have a citizen automatic that i love the movement on but hate that the case is brass rather than stainless
  8. Hey so im curious how to change this bracelet if possible. Its one of the folding link old seiko bracelets.
  9. Thank you everyone for your help if i looked at it and fiddled for about 1 more minute i would have figured everything out but you all were very helpful. Turns out the 7009a movements you press the crown in position one to change the day rather than turn the crown in position 2 like normal
  10. Again. That works fine but the way that sets the date from the crown seems to be broken. And it is stuck in spanish because you cant use the wheel to set the day
  11. Haha yes thank you for your response. i understand this however this one seems to be broken to adjust manually however it changes when i advance the hands 24 hours and is stuck when i do so in Spanish
  12. Well now that i looked at it closer i was able to remedy that however ive noticed that i cant switch the day on the daydate without advancing 24 hours. Can set date fine just not day. Is there anybody that knows anything about this? Also is there anyway to set it to not spanish it was in english before i reattatched the rotor then i noticed its in spanish
  13. I will get back with pics tomorrow
  14. Hey i recently picked up an older seiko to use as donor parts/ dial when i want to try to build a watch of my own. I didn't expect it to work however when it came in it did work. Besides a slight rattle. I wound it doing the seoko shuffle for a bit and it worked well. I decided to look inside thats when i realized the rotor was loose looks like it just popped off of the stem that it spins on. I didnt see any screws to hold it to said post i layed it back on loosely and it would intermittently have its gear line up with the other gear right near it but after setting it back on to always light up with that gear now it doesnt seem to wind itself anymore. Anybody know where to go from here or whats going on?
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