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  1. the error is 1.4ms (not great, not terrible). 65 is the rate per day
  2. use a seringe to blow air into it through the case tube.
  3. also, please put a picture with the final result.
  4. No! there are dies in the set that fit the lower hole. I use an M6 screw to put a plastic die over an aluminium one (they will be held together by the screw)
  5. bbb8-bloc_final.scad please check the dimensions again! DO A TEST PRINT FIRST (to see if the watch fits)! install the font in the code
  6. Somewhere on this forum, a kind colleague of ours, posted pictures with the tool disassembled. I can't find the thread but I saved the pictures. Here is on of them:
  7. even a better price on ali Actually it is a screw type press. Rotating the round knob (or wheel - it is about 6cm in diameter) the working piece descends, without rotating. The tool provides a lot of control. You need M6-hole dies, which I suppose are standard.
  8. I have this one and it is very nice! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142718220541
  9. maybe one needs a new MS, maybe the bridle lost it's hardness. Use the old MS instead, the one that works. I don't think making the MS wall more rough is a good idea (in time).... What is the amplitude of the watch when the MS slips?
  10. the blades should have a lip at their inner end, at least mine do. They might loosen but they will not drop!
  11. lol that tip is like the nail on your finger! It's the one that counts! Without the canon pinion in place, the minute wheel turns freely
  12. that tooth did not break because of the canon pinion, imho. it interacts with the hour wheel. Maybe the minute and hour hands were interacting at a point in time...
  13. you need to open it to check the teeth of different parts: minute wheel, intermediate minute wheel, sliding pinion. You also need to check the propper sitting of the yoke spring.
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