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  1. Silly jeweling question

    Ok, so the "chamfer" way it is, then! Thank you!
  2. Hello! Do you press a jewel from the top or from the bottom (bottom being towards the wheel)? Or doesn't it matter? Thank you!
  3. ETA 2824 calendar not jumping

    I had one issue with the parrot-beak-like wheel that pushes the calendar wheel tooth (and is connected with the hour wheel) - the beak was worn out (part 38 - Date indicator driving wheel) - it wasn't pushing the date wheel tooth enough.
  4. Early shock proof device service

    @praezisfrom th picture it apears that the entire bottom jewel assemby is caught in a round metal piece which is friction-fit in the mainplate. I would have tried raising that.
  5. Early shock proof device service

    I would have tried raising the lower balance jewel assembly (that is if it's friction fit), using a jeweling tool to decrease the axial shake. Would that have worked, I wonder? Nice job, anyway! How did the balance staff exchange worked?
  6. Punches needed

    So if anyone is interested, I made the print-outs for the box lid (at least for my version). You can fin bellow the pdf and the editabler corel file. boley3.pdf boley3.cdr
  7. Early shock proof device service

    Congrats! How long was the new axle?
  8. Punches needed

    Mine didn't have the user manual, either. But don'worry, it wouldn't have helped you using it. It is just a basic description of the tool. From what I've searched the internet I found the following: the german manual: Boley198d_7.7.pdf some four-languages tables: I know it is in german but you can use google translate app on your android to translate (just point the camera towards the image on your monitor and the app will translate):
  9. Punches needed

    Thenk you all for your kind answers! The punches are 4.7mm and I am trying to get them from Cousins. @rogart63 Thank you, also! I have seen that page already and and also sent them an email, but I don't think I will receive an asner as it says that "Dear Guest, we sell exclusively to specialised dealers and retailers and not to the end consumer." As the rest of you say, I will look for old punches in auctions. Again, Thank you! Bogdan
  10. pallet staff exchange

    On the right side you can see a G29 needle tube. It is 0.33mm/0.15mm (ext/int diameter) Now I have to put them back. to be continued...
  11. Hello! I just bought a Boley Staking/Jeweling tool and it's missing some punches. Do you know where I could buy some old/original Boley 4.7mm punches? Thank you!
  12. I made a screwdriver blade from a 3mm brass rod, sharpened it acordingly and I put it in a hand vice (mandrel)
  13. pallet staff exchange

    it's just for fun the watch is ok, I had a good spare pallet. now I am playing with two scrapes. One has a broken pivot and the other has the fork affected (the impulse jewel end) - I got nothing to lose the movement is Landeron 48 but I don't think it matters - a pallet is a pallet is a pallet
  14. pallet staff exchange

    Thank you for the advices! @FlyingWatchmaker At the moment I don't have a jeweling tool, just a staking tool. The straightness is pretty ok - I will try to make a diy punch from a G28 or G29 needle - I'll put it in a 0.35 punch and push out the axle. To put back the axle in the other pallet, the 0.3 punch should work. We will see @StuartBaker104 I have that book
  15. Hello! I have a question, if I may: is there any way I could exchange the staff on the left with the one on the right? I would need to push out both of them and push back the good one on the left pallet fork. The staff is 0.4 mm and the pivot is 0.12 mm. Is there a stake (4.7mm ones) that small? I need to change it because the end fork is damaged (don't know if you distinguish in the second photo). Thank you, Bogdan