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  1. My latest acquisition

    Great steal! Where did you get it from? I got one for 160$ and I believe that was a bargain! 50, 75.. are you nuts?
  2. Tissot PR516 help

    Picture, pls
  3. D. I. Y. Watch Timing Machine.

    the dimensions are embedded. if you open the .stl files, they are in millimeters.
  4. D. I. Y. Watch Timing Machine.

    P.s. you need: a metric 6, long screw (with 10mm hexagonal head at one end and only a couple of centemeters of thread at the other - the rest, in between, should be smooth) 4 metric 4 screws A spring a metric 6 nut A 35mm diameter piezo Mono shielded cable 25cm long 3.5mm jack (depend8ng on your amp)
  5. D. I. Y. Watch Timing Machine.

    So I played a bit in Solidworks, and this is what I got. A friend of mine helped me with the 3D printing. sup_2.STL mic 2.STL pesa.STL sup_1.STL the editables: mic 2.SLDPRT pesa.SLDPRT sup_1.SLDPRT sup_2.SLDPRT ansamblu2.SLDASM
  6. For the Horotec screwdrivers: do the hexagon hadles loose their color in time?
  7. these are the links. If its not ok to post the links, I appologise and ask (nicely ) the admin to erase them
  8. Hello! I am interested in a stainless steel handle screwdriver set. I oscilate between Bergeon 30081 and Horotec MSA 01.201. Self lubricating vs ballbearing Thank you! Bogdan
  9. Rolex 1570 losing time

    So what was it?
  10. 7750 incabloc stones

    Thank you for your answers! I guess I was a bit lucky too. It was a 50/50 chance to mix them, and if wouldn't have mixed them, I am sure I would have picked wrong in the next 50/50 game of putting them correctly in the mainplate and balance cock. I gues the way to go is to check for different diameters when you dismantle the movement and to make note of the correct way. B
  11. Hello! I am servicing my first 7750 (thank you Mark for the YT videos and Lawson for the Disassembly/Assembly walk-through). The movement is not new - let's say it has an obscure unknown history It appears to be a genuine swiss 7750, but with a lower grade finish (very low...) When putting back the balance stones I noticed that there were two sizes (two pairs, because the cap stones fit the hole jewel settings). I put the smaller stone and hole-jewel on the mainplate and the larger ones on the balance cock. I tried to but the larger setting on the mainplate but it didn't fit quite right. I believe the springs are the same size - its just the stones that differ a bit (aprox 0.1mm) So my question is: did any of you stumbled upon the same issue? Is it normal for a 7750 to have two different stone sizes? Thank you! Bogdan
  12. I can't figure this one out

    what screw issue?
  13. Bergeon 30209 Or Make the same scenario using a reverso staking tool using two screw-removing stakes. ...just thinking out loud The other option would be to disolve the screw using Alum.
  14. Tissot Seastar balance spring

    I would take off the HS from the balance. It would be much easier to manipulate the HS this way. Just make a note of the collet orientation on the balance wheel
  15. re-seating an incabloc spring

    use rodico to hold the spring and a fine tweezer to manipulate it into position. The last photo in the previous photo is the key.