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  1. lol that tip is like the nail on your finger! It's the one that counts! Without the canon pinion in place, the minute wheel turns freely
  2. that tooth did not break because of the canon pinion, imho. it interacts with the hour wheel. Maybe the minute and hour hands were interacting at a point in time...
  3. you need to open it to check the teeth of different parts: minute wheel, intermediate minute wheel, sliding pinion. You also need to check the propper sitting of the yoke spring.
  4. So you only changed the balance and hairspring? The graphs look very good! B
  5. Not to brag or anything... but my question about the arbors being too thick for some Mainsprings was featured in one of Marks videos. Bogdan
  6. try moving the balance on it's axle (not too much preasure in case it isn't shock proof :))) )
  7. from the picture I understand to oil only the posts. An not the reversers inner clicks! ok! good to know if I ever touch a 3035 :)) Again, thank you!
  8. I might have been wrong. I had the ETA reversers in my had. I think the rolex ones can be 'dismantled'. So after Epilame, where would you oil those reversers? And with what?
  9. I might be wrong but wouldn't one have to use Lubetta V105 on the reversers instead of Epilame?
  10. I now realize I underestimated you a bit... sometimes being eager to help, I don't process the entire post... I have only serviced one Landeron 48 and I learned the screws - this is an exercise I am doing - to learn what screw goes where... ...and now that I carefully read that you repaired (not serviced, repaired!) - several dozen Landeron 48's... That was a weak advice... I'll try to do better next time! But I now know where to go for Landeron advice
  11. Could you tell us a bit more about the repining you did? Was there a boot-leg to be redone? I mean in theory is so simple, but practice kill us all... Some pictures would be much appreciated!
  12. How is the amplitude? And the positional error. If those are fine, you nailed it!
  13. open the spring more! http://ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?1k&ranfft&143&2uswk&Longines_19_75
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