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  1. Bergeon 30209 Or Make the same scenario using a reverso staking tool using two screw-removing stakes. ...just thinking out loud The other option would be to disolve the screw using Alum.
  2. Tissot Seastar balance spring

    I would take off the HS from the balance. It would be much easier to manipulate the HS this way. Just make a note of the collet orientation on the balance wheel
  3. re-seating an incabloc spring

    use rodico to hold the spring and a fine tweezer to manipulate it into position. The last photo in the previous photo is the key.
  4. I can't figure this one out

    When you lay down the auto bridge manual-wind the watch a bit. The wheels teeth will mesh together and you will hear it go in place. If you have tightened the crews all the way, you might have bent something.
  5. Cockpit Clock Canon Pinion

    that is not the canon pinion the friction must rely elsewhere (maybe on the second or third wheel)
  6. Early AS 976

    Axial shake on escape wheel?
  7. Adjusting a broken Hairspring

    try with some screws. You got nothing to lose!
  8. D. I. Y. Watch Timing Machine.
  9. Adjusting a broken Hairspring

    those 400 degrees are the total arc. I think he means 200degrees. about the weashers - input "watch timing washers" on google
  10. Adjusting a broken Hairspring

    Also, did you brake it at the regulator or at the stud? Not that would make any much difference
  11. Adjusting a broken Hairspring For poising
  12. Adjusting a broken Hairspring

    Washers is the answer. I know you're a tinkerer so I wouldn't advise you to buy a new one. What would be the fun in that, anyway?! Good luck!
  13. How do I start on this

    After you bring it back, wouldnt you have a larger radius of the HS?
  14. Ronda staff as replacement in Pierce 103

    I am sure you can squeeze the collet. About the roller, just try it and see how it goes. I think you can squeeze it also, but in a staking tool. Just don't use superglue!