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  1. they are friction fit. The handle has a little spring in it, I suppose
  2. SO: #7 would be also good for #4, #5 and #6 #2 = #3 #9 will cover #10 Good to know! I think Bergeon will pay to delete JohnR725's post :)))
  3. You need to find someone that has the ETA winders set to give you the dimmensions. What I know from a friend that bought only the 2824 winder - the arbor is 2,5mm. So I suppose the newer winders have smaller-diameter arbors. Which, I suppose, is good for the current calibers, but won't work for the older calibers (it won't catch the maisnpring, and the bigger-arbor winder will have a barrel too big). So you need to know what you're working on. I am satisfied with my Nivaflex set, together with the improv's I made on it, because I can use them for both older and newer cali
  4. ...I measured them after I received them. The dimensions are for the Nivaflex version, the ones in the post. The table is a print screen from an excel file I made
  5. yes, i know that is nusty stuff! I use 1:9, demineralized water and a short dehidration in IPA. Then blow dry. Clean as a whistle
  6. So IMHO it is not Shellac you have to worry about. In my experience, there were no problems with the shellac (1-2 minutes in IPA in ultrasonic and immeadiatly air blown after). BUT you need to be careful with other glues used, like in the japanses movements - the stud is not glued with shellac, but something else, that I found it softens a bit... For those, I would just rinse by hand in IPA and blow-dry immediatly. LAtely I am using a hairdryer to blow hot air - I find it more reasuring...
  7. you can find a replacements - I got mine from this seller: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Balance-Wheel-for-AChS-1-USSR-Military-AirForce-Aircraft-Cockpit-Clock/221646265237?hash=item339b259b95:g:l2kAAOSw~uhUnzJC https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Staffs-for-USSR-Military-AirForce-Aircraft-Cockpit-Clock-AChS-1-6-pc/221647140006?hash=item339b32f4a6:g:7PEAAOSwi5xeRvA5
  8. Don't know what to say. I am trying to make a case for a friend, but with all this covid mess, it wasn't a priority. Overbanking shouldn't happen... is the safety pin at the same hight with the safety roller? With the pivots being worn out, maybe the jewels have been moved a bit...
  9. Is that a Bergeon Hammer? If so, then you're ok. If not, you're screwed! :))))
  10. Dude! That is insane! Leave some for the rest of us mortal tool freaks! Also, if you wanna sell (though I doubt it), please PM me B
  11. Thank you It apears to be the right dimension. Did you use them? On which caliber? And how are they? Thank you!
  12. Hi! Could you please measure the diameter of the arbor for 2824? Also, a picture with the hook if possible! I am interested in a set and I am wondering if it's the right dimmension. Thank you! Bogdan
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