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  1. matabog

    ETA 2824 problem

    there is no spring clip. You might have misaligned the keyless works. The way to fix it is from under the dial. https://secure.eta.ch/CSP/DefaultDesktop.aspx?tabindex=2&tabid=28&Caliber=2824-2
  2. Don't be surprised if the arbors would be too large in diameter! I use smaller number arbors and large number drums. For example, for an ETA 2836 I used the #7 drum with #6 arbor. These are the sizes on my set (it says it's for Novodiac springs):
  3. Does the second hand have enough room from the watch glass? Are the hands touching each other (I doubt you haven't checked that). Did you check the timing after 24 hours?
  4. matabog

    Course Seagull movement

    the arbor sizes could differ between 6497-1 and 6497-2.
  5. matabog

    bergeon mainspring winder

    thank you for the answer, but I was wondering about the barrels dimensions, and them being different between the old Bergeon winder, Nivaflex and the new one, for ETa Calibers. I didn't have a problem with the slit ,yet.
  6. Hello! So I managed to invest in a used "Bergeon 2795 Nivaflex" Mainspring winder . IMHO the winder barrels are a bit too big for the inner loop of the mainsprings. So my question is, fo anyone who had both: What is the difference between "Bergeon Nivaflex" winders and "Bergeon ETA" winders, the latter being the one especially made for ETA calibers. Thank you! Bogdan
  7. matabog

    Zenith 136

    Thank you! I found a link which says that Zenith 136 would be tha same with Universal 281, 381, 481... http://forums.watchuseek.com/f27/short-history-martel-watch-co-zenith-chronographs-660565.html
  8. matabog

    Zenith 136

    Hello! Does anyone know where I could get a balance complete for a Zenith 136 movement? Thank you! Bogdan
  9. matabog

    My latest acquisition

    Great steal! Where did you get it from? I got one for 160$ and I believe that was a bargain! 50, 75.. are you nuts?
  10. matabog

    Tissot PR516 help

    Picture, pls
  11. matabog

    D. I. Y. Watch Timing Machine.

    the dimensions are embedded. if you open the .stl files, they are in millimeters.
  12. matabog

    D. I. Y. Watch Timing Machine.

    P.s. you need: a metric 6, long screw (with 10mm hexagonal head at one end and only a couple of centemeters of thread at the other - the rest, in between, should be smooth) 4 metric 4 screws A spring a metric 6 nut A 35mm diameter piezo Mono shielded cable 25cm long 3.5mm jack (depend8ng on your amp)
  13. matabog

    D. I. Y. Watch Timing Machine.

    So I played a bit in Solidworks, and this is what I got. A friend of mine helped me with the 3D printing. sup_2.STL mic 2.STL pesa.STL sup_1.STL the editables: mic 2.SLDPRT pesa.SLDPRT sup_1.SLDPRT sup_2.SLDPRT ansamblu2.SLDASM
  14. For the Horotec screwdrivers: do the hexagon hadles loose their color in time?