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  1. You gave me the solution in this statement. I will have thick skin here. It has a very thin bezel that required a razor blade to remove. Hey, I am an amature and new to this. But I am also a late 40's software engineer and mathematician in a state where the nearest horology school is 1000 miles away. That means that I am new to the jargon and proper expression terms of this field. But I did do proper diligence before asking my question. I researched the watch with no results. This is my first time dealing with this kind of case. I assumed the very thin line on the top was purely deco
  2. The face prevents it from coming out the front. As I described, the face is under a ledge of metal.
  3. I have a Louvic Mystery Dial and I am finding it a mystery... or a puzzle. How do I remove the movement from the case? It does not come out dial side because of a metal ledge. It refuses to come out watchmaker side. It rotates greeley, but does not seem to fall out. Any advice?
  4. I have a white whale. Thank you so much for looking. This is a spectacular community.
  5. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-Steel-12-in-Tool-Bar-Magnetic-Accessory/1000266015 I bought this 2 months ago for just such emergencies. It has worked very well and partly becuase of it's 30cm length, I have found nearly all the ferrous parts I have lost. It reacts very slightly with my brass tweezers, so I would have to go with a stronger magnet to find the brass spring. I have a large collection of reel to reel tapes and with it a full tape demagnizer (Not a tape head demag) that also works great on tools and movements. However, it is like taking a slege hammer tro a brad nail, so I
  6. Duely chastised :). The very first movement I took apart, I lost the yolk spring and the click spring. I learned quickly to protect from flying springs. However, this looked as if it would simply hinge up like an incabloc. I have serviced about 30 different watches ( I bought a large lot of mechanicals from Goodwill cheaply for this purpose. ) Becuase it looked hinged, It was not in my realm of thnking that it would ping away. I should have done more research to learn exaclty how the parashock hinges up. Thats on me for sure. And from now on, I will consider all springs to be a flight r
  7. Thanks, after seeing the pictures, I clearly removed the spring backwards.
  8. Yeah, I figured it may have landed on me. I was wearing holed fabric athletic shorts. If it made it thought one of those, its gone. When I am done with work today, I will look some more. I have a vector cone I can focus on becuase I saw the flash of light reflecting off the part and got a sence of its directon. So perhaps I will find it.
  9. As a software developer, I use the stackoverflow sites often. There you can ask a specific question and get an answer. The community then upvotes the best answers and assignes internet atta-boy points to the person with the best answer. This works very well when you are not trying to facilitate a discussion. Reddit is a much better example of discussion based question and answers. I find that with software, I much prefer stackoverflow. With watchmaking, I prefer the discussion. But I am an expert and professional developer, I am an amature and struggling watchmaker. I prefer the dis
  10. After spending 30 minutes removing cap jewel retainers and lubing the 3rd, 4th and escapment bearings on the watchmaker side, I flipped over the movement and tried to remove the lower shock jewel. This was my first time working with the Citizen style of shock spring. It's from a ladies 21j movement with a date complication. As I lifted it off the cap jewel in the same way I would lift an incabloc spring, It pinged away. I have searched for the infinitly small, unfortunaly nonmagnetic brass spring for about an hour and cant find it. Does anyone know what this style of spring is called? An
  11. Someone will probably notice the lighter fluid in my inventory pic. I jumped the gun and started cleaning before I had taken the pic. I pulled out the one part I had put in the benzene jar and snapped the pic. It helps me locate the correct screws for the parts as I keep the screws next to the part it came from.
  12. I just wanted to share this amazing watch. The damaskeening is special, and it has only lost 10ish seconds over the past 8 days while in my pocket.
  13. THanks for all the answers. I will get pics shortly. I have been very busy with family and work over the past week or so. I apologize for being inattentive on this post.... In the first image, you can see a 2 to 3 mm gap between the edge of the seconds dial and inside of the cut in the main face. There is a very minimal overlap between the face and the copper backing. This means that I have almost no gluing surface on the front. Whatever I use to glue this together will have to fill that gap and hold the watch together. I was almost thinking about using silicone caulking De
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