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  1. I appreciate generous advices! I guess it will be a bit challenging to find the right ones..
  2. Hello dear watchmakers. I have two vintage movement and I need mainsprings for them. I would like to get just the mainspring or spare movement without breaking the bank.. First movement is Vulcain 6 jewels pocket watch movement. Measurement : 3.6mm(thickness), 36.0mm(diameter) Second is a 15 jewels movement from unkonwn manufacture. Measurement : 4.0mm(thickness), 23.5mm(diameter) Any advice would be grateful. Thank you and have a nice day:)
  3. Hello sir. Actually I havent examined the wheel very closely. I should go through the checklist of questions you mentioned. Hope I find something not in good shape. I appreciate your advice
  4. Hello dear watchmakers! I have an old hand wound seiko from around 1940s. The watch was not moving with the spring wound up. So I cleaned up the movement and assembled it. For one day it was working Ok but after, watch stopped like before. I remember that center wheel was somewhat stiff when assembling. Would this be the cause for this situation?? Any advice would be grateful. Thank you all
  5. Hello. I recently got interested in watch polishing. Since I usually work with vintage watches, I would like to learn how to polish a acryl crystal. I tried polishing acryls by hand with sand paper and Polywatch but it owed me a quite amount of time and effort. Also I want to move on to case polishing as well. I looked up the internet to find a full guide on watch polishing but I was not lucky enough to find the one that seems like a "complete guide" on polshing. Would there be a source from which a hobbyist can train oneself to become a pro in watch polishing? Any advice would be grateful! Thank you and I always appreciate your kindness.
  6. Hello dear watchmakers. I am working on a Unitas 6360 movement, Swiss made from 60s. I definitely have to get new hairspring for this watch and I am searching the web to get the best deal.. On ebay, I found hairsprings for UT 6475 , UT 6310 and UT630. I wonder if these would work. Also, is it OK to install screwed balance instead of non-screwed?? Any advice would be grateful.. Thank you!
  7. Hello. I am working on a vtg. Citizen cal.7520 automatic movement. I have put the watch on the timegrapher The graph looks OK but the beat error shows 9.9ms. I presumed that beat error should be around 1.0~2.0 given the shape of the graph. Is the beat error actually bad or the timegrapher is wrong?? Thank you!
  8. Hello. I am about to work on a Omega ladies automatic watch. I found out that the axis of the rotor is out of place and shakes up and down. What could be done in this situation? Thanks!
  9. Here are the photos of the mainspring and the hook parts of two arbors I have. If I had no choice but to use what I have now, which arbor would work better??
  10. Hello. I am working on Seiko 6309 automatic movement. The movement was quite dirty ao I cleaned up every parts of the watch. What is giving me a headache is that the mainspring and arbor do not go along well inside the barrel. I install them in the barrel then with pin vice, I hold one end of the arbor and try to wind the mainspring. When winding the mainspring this way, it works fine without the the arbor slipping away from the mainspirng. Then the barrel is mounted on the plate and rachet wheel is installed on the arbor with screw. This time I try winding the mainspring by turning the rachet wheel screw with a screw driver. Problem occurs here. As the spring is wound, unpleasant slipping sound is heard from the barrel. Then I take out the barrel and open the lid only to find that the arbor has escaped from the inner coil of the spring. What could be done in this case?? Thank you! I don't have any photo but I will take some shot if it is necessary
  11. I see! I will try removing the caseback I appreciate your help.
  12. Hello. I am about to work on a citizen vintage watch. This watch has somewhat strange structure. The movement and dial is integrated to the caseback. I need to remove the caseback to ind the movement. Any advice would be thankful!
  13. Thank you everyone for your generous advice. I will try the tweezers!!
  14. Hello watchmakers! I am about to work on a vintage citizen watch. I removed the movement from the case but I am stuck on removing the automatic rotor.. It seems that my screwdrivers won't do the job.. Any advice would be helpful thank you.
  15. Thank you sir. I will keep your words in mind. I guess I have a long way to go
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