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  1. Hello! I am working on a vintage watch and the crown of the watch is fitted with a hidden type gasket which is in terrible condition and needs to be replaced. However, I found it difficult to pull the gasket out with my tweezers or tooth pick. Could anyone recommend an easier way to remove this kind of gasket from the crown?? I forgot to take a photo of the crown so I attached a similar example I found on the web.
  2. Well thank you all for advice!! I managed to turn the gear to put it back to correct position and the disc now shows the day correctly. Thank you for your help!
  3. Hello dear watchmakers! I am now working on a SU movement, Slava 2427. It is a manual-wind movement with day-date complication I am trying to assemble the watch back together after service but I am stuck on the day disc. The day disc is fitted OK in my view, teeth underneath the disc interacts with the click and the disc advances naturally as other motion works move clockwise. However, the problem is that the days written on the disc are not in the right position and do not fit inside the day window of the dial. What could I have done wrong?? Thank you!
  4. Hello watchmakers! Now I am working on a vintage bifora movement, Bifora Cal.812. I have ruined the hairspring while trying to fix the position of it on the balance wheel to adjust the bit error. I am searching for the balance complete or just the hairspring on ebay and other suppliers but I haven't been lucky. May be I need other keywords for my search. Could anyone help me find the part I need?? Thanks!
  5. Wow thank you again for your advice!! I was struggling to find where to get the jewels and there it is Actually I have two more things that I am not sure of. 1) I measured the outer diameter of the jewel with the jewel inserted in the bridge. Is it OK to do so?? 2) I measured the diameter of the pivot of the 3rd wheel which goes through the jewel and it was 0.16mm. Does that mean that the inner diameter of the jewel is same as well?? Thank you!!
  6. Wow. Thank you for great information.. I guess there are a lot that I am not aware of in the world of watches...It is a pity that this is not a genuine Rolex.. But I really thank your generosity for sharing your knowledge.
  7. Hello. I am working on this vintage A.Schild movement and a jewel on the wheel bridge. It is a jewel for the 3rd wheel but is cracked so needs replacement. I measured the outer and inner diameter and they are 1.2mm and 0.17mm respectively. Could any one help me find the replacement for this jewel?? I am always grateful for your help.
  8. Hello! I made 10$ transaction to your paypal and I am wondering if you have checked it.

    Also, I want to know if the part you are supposed to send me is shipped.

    Thank you!


    1. rogart63



      Paypal arrived and parts sent yesterday. Sorry for not letting you know . Busy day yesterday. 


  9. Hello! I sent you 10$ as you requested. Have you checked my message??
  10. Hello! I got the measurements. The size of the movement is 29mm in diameter and the spring is about 14mm in length when measured from one point to another. I want to purchase the part if the size is appropriate.
  11. Hello. Dear watchmakers. I have a very old timepiece from Rolex that I am about to work on.. From googling, I found out that this is called "trench watch" that might had been used during WWI or any other war in that era ( 1910~1920) However, I could not figure out the reference no. of the movement. All I know about the movement is that it is 29mm in diameter and has 15 jewels. I am actually looking for a replacement movement for this watch since the mainspring must be replaced due to damage. Plus, I am also looking for the rachet wheel with "Rolex" engraved to replace the existing one. I have found similar movements on the web(the third photo added) but click part was not the same. I wonder if the one with different type of click would have parts that are replaceable. To sum up, my questions are 1) the reference of the movement. 2) how I can get parts or the whole movement for replacement 3) does a movement with different click type would be suitable for replacement. Thanks and I wish you a great day.
  12. Hello. I think the diameter of the movement was around 27mm. I will give you exact measurement when I get home!
  13. Well that is a good news! May be I should check on Mark's video. Hope the jeweling tool is not super expensive..haha.. Thank you for your helpful advice!
  14. Oh may be this is a rare one...which also means it would be difficult to find spare parts
  15. They do look similar but there isn't one that exactly matches with the movement. Thank you anyway!
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