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  1. Thank you. So sad that I could have helped him right away if I was in London. I will try Alsal watches. I hope regulating the watch works
  2. It is Seiko Alpinist with 6r15 movement. I believe it was purchased 2 years ago. It is not very old so I suggested getting the watch regulated instead of whole service.
  3. Hello. I have a friend who is having a issue with his Seiko watch. Watch is running a bit slow around -40s. He wants to regulate the watch but he has no experience working on watches. He took it to a local watchmaker and he was told that the watch should be serviced and it would cost 300 pound which is as much as the price of watch itself. Is there any watchmaker in London who can help him just on regulating the watch? Thank you. I always appreciate your help.
  4. Hello dear watchmakers. I am trying to train myself to polish a watch. I got myself a Dramel 3000 and put a little pelt wheel. I applied green polishing paste and tried polishing a caseback in speed of 5 (out of 10 ) With Dramel, I tried polishing up and down then from side to side. I did get some scratches and even some printings out but the caseback is left with foggy traces. What have I done wrong and how should I fix it? I have attached the photos of polished caseback. (I forgot to take photo before doing the job) Great thanks.
  5. I was luck enough to get a Tissot watch with updated version of the same movement(working fine) I compared the parts side by side and tried switching the rotor. (the rotor does shake on the other watch as well) It seems that there is problem with the rotor because the new watch was showing the same symptom with the rotor from the watch I was woking on. Also I realised that on the new watch, the wheel that goes under the rotor was much closer to the pivot than the rotor. So I tried putting the wheel on the pivot before putting the rotor instead of installing the wheel on the
  6. I have tried removing parts that seem to be part of automatic winding mechanism. I cleaned them and put them back together. However problem is not solved and movement is making clipping sound (this is new, I got myself an extra trouble :<) Plus, I feel that the rotor feels loose and wobbly, shakes on the pivot. Would this be the cause??
  7. Hello dear watchmakers. I feel truly blessed to be a member of this website. I will take a look at the reversing wheel and hopefully get it working again. I really appreciate all of your advice
  8. Hello dear watchmakers. I have a Tissot automatic chronograph watch with C01.211 (which is based on Lemania 5100). The one and only issue I have with the watch is that when I try to hand-wind the watch, the rotor rotates violently, shaking the whole watch. I have an another Tissot chronograph with the same movement and it winds very softly without any shaking. I am about to take my hands on this watch to fix it. Could anyone give me a tip on fixing the issue I am having?? I am quite new to chronographs and a little tip would sure be a great help. Thank you.
  9. I figured out that I have the short version of this stem and I need longer version of this.. It is very slightly longer ( about 1 ,2 mm).. I think I should get the right stem. Thank you for your advice!
  10. Yes I feel that they are lined up but it won't go in.. I was able to install the stem this way with the last female stem(that I broke) without any problem. Should I apply more power down the female stem?
  11. Hello dear watchmakers. I have been working on Bulova 11accc handwound movement with split stem and accidentally had broken the female stem. Luckily I ordered spare female stem and it arrived today. However I just can't fit the male stem in to the female stem from the case. They fit well when they are slided in to each other. I believe with this movement, the male stem should be put from outside of the case with the movement+dial in side the case. I am afraid I will break something in the watch if I apply more and more power trying to fit the stem. Any tips would
  12. I appreciate generous advices! I guess it will be a bit challenging to find the right ones..
  13. Hello dear watchmakers. I have two vintage movement and I need mainsprings for them. I would like to get just the mainspring or spare movement without breaking the bank.. First movement is Vulcain 6 jewels pocket watch movement. Measurement : 3.6mm(thickness), 36.0mm(diameter) Second is a 15 jewels movement from unkonwn manufacture. Measurement : 4.0mm(thickness), 23.5mm(diameter) Any advice would be grateful. Thank you and have a nice day:)
  14. Hello sir. Actually I havent examined the wheel very closely. I should go through the checklist of questions you mentioned. Hope I find something not in good shape. I appreciate your advice
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