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  1. Hello, Anyone here have an experience with a similar vintage Omega and knows how to remove the movement from the case? Tried rotating the movement (slightly, i'm afraid i'll break something) but with no luck. Thanks!
  2. Hi all It has been a great challenge to find a Omega Case tube for my Seamaster Chronograph Professional case 178.0504 (or 178.0514). Omega part number is 090ST1237. Any place I can buy an alternative after market to replace the original? any suggestion on where you would go for an Omega like after market case tube? It is quite a long tube (5.90mm) threaded in the inside. Many thanks
  3. Hello all, I know it's 'only' an electrical one but to say I'm overjoyed is a bit of an understatement. My Grandfather gave me this, his 1982 retirement watch, 20 years ago as an empty case and strap - the innards had apperently been slowly demolished over the years by a leaky battery and where nowhere to be found. At the start of the locky-down thing I decided it was time to do a bit of research to see if the parts could be found to rebuild it, bit of a baptism of fire as a total newby. It soon became evident that this search should have been done years ago because Omega restri
  4. Got a ladies Omega De Ville in an auction lot today. My limit for repairs to this point has been installing batteries. The watch runs but runs several hours fast. I know there are a few reasons it could be running fast. I don't have a degausser but suspect it could be magnetized. What are some other things I should consider or questions I should ask if I take it in for repair? Also, do you know if there was originally a plastic retaining ring to secure the movement in the case? There was none when I opened the back. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello! Not sure if this is the right place for my question since I do not intend to do the repair myself. However I am wondering if anyone knows an approximate price of a tachymeter for the Omega 3520.50 day-date (tripple date). If anyone has any idea what a insert and the "repair" would cost at a watch shop, please let me know. Thanks in advance. Jakob
  6. Cheers Mates! Working on a Omega Cal. 613, have done service, and watch performs well on the time-grapher, but when put dial and hand on, I can see that the
  7. Hello. I am about to work on a Omega ladies automatic watch. I found out that the axis of the rotor is out of place and shakes up and down. What could be done in this situation? Thanks!
  8. Cheers mates!! Had to get new winding stem to an Omega cal. 342 , beacuse not original crown. Got an replacement from Ronda, but does not fit. Tried to fit the stem yesterday, but Im not able to get in in right in the movment. The original just go right in every time, but the new Ronda stem will not go properly in. Are there anyone that have some ide why this not fit? Can the notch in the stem where I have put red arrow have somthing todo with this?? Its slightly smaller on the Ronda stem... se photo
  9. Good evening everyone. I am new to this forum and i can see we have some outstanding experts on the site. brand new to watch repair and looking to get some advice. I purchased an Omega seamaster quarts 1342 watch (not currently working and not tested) as it was a bargain and understand that 329 is the equivalent of the original mercury battery used when the watch was manufactured? I am hoping the battery change will mean it is functional but in the event it does not work, how easy/costly is it to repair. (I’ve heard parts can turn this bargain into a money pit) would anyone in t
  10. This one is a real mystery so I thought I'd toss it up here in case someone else has come across this problem. I've reassembled the Speedmaster which was lacking parts (see my earlier inquiry) and have it up and running again. It's a long story, but amazingly, after missing a bundle of parts and being terribly neglected it's ticking away happily and the chronograph works a treat- but there is one BIG problem. The watch runs about two seconds per minute fast. That adds up pretty quickly. The timegrapher trace isn't too clean but it is consistent and it shows the watch running much bett
  11. Hello all, I'm in desperate need to find servicing within a reasonable price range for my two omega constellations f300hz. I'm having a very hard process of finding a place that will actually service these watches besides omega itself. Omega's servicing for these watches start at 1200.00 a pop + nearly half a year wait time; quite expensive and time consuming..Does anyone on here recommend a place to get these watches serviced stateside..It would be great if they are in NYC too. This young watch collector would be so appreciative if someone could help out. Thanks,
  12. Hello all i wonder if anyone could offer some advice. I have an Omega seamaster 1345 quartz day date. Working well. However it seems the date is stuck (as shown in pictures) i know the push button at the 4 o clock position is meant to filter through the date? However when pushed in nothing seems to happen. As a result of this the watch works fine but only up untill 11pm it doesnt turn over to midnight and therefor change the day or date. Minute hand works perfectly but it seems i have to change the hour position every morning. when i turn the crown, hour hand moves fune and after the
  13. Cheers mates!! Got this into my bench, but I wonder how ta get the movment out? I have taken of the glass, removed the stem, but when I trie to move the ring with grooves(red circles) the movment follows anti clock wice. Is it so simple that I have to hold the movment tight while Im doing it?
  14. Hi folks , I’m working on the Omega t17 that have a really strange problem, if i wind it to full power it seems to run like crazy with mad reading , but if i wind it ..say 5-7 time it keep the rate better , also the amplitude is almost the same on 5-7 turn and full turn at 290-320 i attaches the photo of the read I also noted that the beat rate is expanding and close on the reading too, Balance swings is not even ? thanks for the read and answer!
  15. I recently acquired an Omega Speedmaster automatic from the 1970's that has the Omega 1045 / Lemania 5100 movement inside. Long story short- the previous owner tried to service it and made a mess instead. I've managed to source all the parts I think I need except one for the automatic works- the Stop Spring (part no. 1414). This looks like a part I may be able to fabricate but if the original is available I would prefer that. Unfortunately I've come up empty with my usual suppliers. Cousins is the one one who may have it, but it's Restricted which I suppose means you need to be an Omega
  16. Hello fellow watch freaks. It's been a while since I've posted a service walkthrough, but I had an accident that destroyed my left shoulder and needed surgery. It's been a rough 6 months for me, with a LOT of soul searching throughout my recovery period. But I'm back on the bench ... at least at home anyway; work is a different matter, and my close friends on this forum know about that ... nuff said. This watch is owned by one of my older brother's friends. My older brother is one of the most selfless people I know, and has always been there for me. So when he asked me to do this
  17. Hello friends! im new here I have a question about 2500 movement in Omega... How can I know which movement I have? 2500 a b c ? Omega Seamaster 300M Co-Axial 2220.80.00 from 2007 and Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquid Metal Limited Edition from 2010 thank you all!
  18. Hi, in order to buy appropriate spares in my attempt to service an Omega 175.0083 (7750) I need some advice: 1. I've already been suggested to replace MS: Barrel is Ok and I'm thinking of buying a new MS and moebius 8217 for barrel lubricating as I don't want to spend money on recommended Kluber 125 grease. Should I consider instead buying a barrel complete (assuming Barrel complete (180.1) comes with MS installed) wich supposedly comes prelubricated ? 2. Attached image shows automatic device bridge with evident sign of wear from where, to my understanding, the probl
  19. I have been working on a lovely old 1924 Omega 23.7 S.T2 gents' wristwatch and have had some limited success in stripping down, servicing and reassembly in that the movement now works and keeps good time. However, on inspecting the parts as I went, I realised that the crown and stem weren't original, explaining why it kept falling out. So I ordered a replacement Omega stem for the exact calibre from Cousins, which arrived today. However, thinking this would be the issue resolved, I was disappointed to find after closer examination of the keyless works, that the pivot shaft end of the stem will
  20. Hello all,im new at trying to fix watches. This is my third attempt as my previous watches where so rusted internally that it wasnt worth it.But I recently got a Ladies Seamaster Automatic 684, 586.0089 1976 (according to the Omega web portal). I was curious if anybody knew what the paint or material that is on the hour markers is??And if it was available somewhere to buy? or is it an obsolete way of face dial design? Since under a loop it has the appearance of sand glued on metal slivers. Can it be that the original paint degraded over the decades? Sorry I couldn’t get really up clo
  21. Cheers mates! Have done service on a Omega cal. 265, have taken it togheter, have cleaned in a Janta Brand cleaning maschine, inspectede all parts for wear and tear. Put it togheter, it started to once I winded it, it when for 48 hours straight, and was measured to - 160 sec. late. It was left for some days until yesterday, I thought I should try to make it go a little more precise. When winding, it would not start, tok off the backcover, everything sems ok. Tok out the balance bridgde, and sat it in again, than it when for a little while, and then stopt. Do somebody have som clue what to
  22. Hello, I'm new to this forum that I've followed for a while. I began to collect watches, also trying to service them. Not very successful so far, but I'm learning. I have to replace a regulator on a balance bridge on Omega Seamaster cal. 286. I don't see any screw to remove it , don't want to break anything. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Kind regards Luc
  23. Hello, I have been asked to fix a problem with the stem of an Omega Geneve that wasn't engaging to set the hands and wind. Fair enough, I'm becoming a little more experienced now after six months of tinkering and soon identified that the winding pinion had popped out of its housing and fouling the calendar wheel teeth - presumably someone else had removed the stem before! Anyhow, fiddly but I fixed the problem, reassembled, and everything tested out okay (winds, hands set, and calendar quick set works). The problem now is that when I fit the second hand it keeps falling off, though w
  24. I need to replace the battery for my late grandfather's Omega Constellation Perpetual Calendar (1551/861). I have probably spent 6 hours searching the internet to identify which battery I need, and I have been completely unsuccessful. Would anybody happen to know what battery I would need, or at least where on the internet I might be able to identify this information? Thank you so very much.
  25. Hi Everyone, Need help with my vintage Omega dynamic with stem stuck inside the case, only the crown is out(Due to rust) and now it seems we are having trouble turning the dial and movement to get them out as the broken Stem is obstructing the Movement & Dial rotation. Please suggest how to remove the Movement without damaging the dial or the case . Thanks for the Help.
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