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  1. works ok here....I guess it is as said, practise over and over again...I am just a very moderate amateur and I notice that due to work I sometimes can't work on watches for months. When i then start again, I have to look at Mark's video's again ...I find these a great help. A good friend of mine is working as a professional watchmaker which shows his daily experience when I visit him...In a glance he sees what is wrong with a movement and knows exactly how to interprete readings on a witschi.....so a lot of practise
  2. I like this informative photos as it shows the actual workspace most of us experience....I have met a few watchmakers and have never seen a 100% "clean" desk. Here is mine, not "clean" at all......
  3. amazing collection @trooperbill I have some nice ones too, will see if I can get some nice photos for posting
  4. loks really nice, would love to see some photos from the building process.
  5. Looks like a new Vostok Komandirskie, today it has an Vostok 2424 movement, 17 jewels.
  6. Hi and welcome here....
  7. Hej och välkommen... enjoy this nice forum
  8. nice job, tons of work, thanks for sharing this. I am amazed about the amount of dust in the movement
  9. really nice project you have completed here. And that without any experience..wow
  10. Welcome aboard, the best forum to learn from eachother about watches
  11. the diver extension is held by the curled end in the red square. It seems it is bended a bit. Try bending it back a bit but be careful not to break it.
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