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  1. give it a good brush with a veltwheel and polishing paste
  2. a friend of mine who is a professional watchmaker in germany uses isopropanol for mvts, nothing else.
  3. Watchtime

    Older Vostoks

    love those old Generalskie...
  4. Watchtime

    Horia tool

    good economics...;)
  5. good job Rolo, really nice seeing your progress, keep up the work...
  6. welcome mate, enjoy all the expertise around here
  7. Watchtime

    Hello from Southern California

    Now this is a great find from Mumbay,....I never had a mvt like this in mine.....As oldhippy suggested, a cleaning/service will probably do the trick.
  8. Watchtime

    Hey Now. New Hobby.

    Welcome, enjoy this great forum
  9. strange way of doing business as you bought it at Cousisns so they have to deal with it and refund you...nothing to do with Bergeon, that is the problem of Cousins, not yours. European law.
  10. Watchtime

    Economical watch tools (again)

    jdm just pointed out to discuss it in the correct section,...I agree with him...keeping it on topic
  11. I would think you did not get the correct info so a full refund would be the only option.
  12. Energizer here without any problems for the last 4 years...just my 2 cents..
  13. Watchtime

    Flea Market Finds- Vintage Timex 21

    I have some regular ones from the 70s, made in France....
  14. Watchtime

    Flea Market Finds- Vintage Timex 21

    great find, I have some myself and also some Kelton watches which look similar.