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  1. Flea Market Finds- Vintage Timex 21

    great find, I have some myself and also some Kelton watches which look similar.
  2. Nice find mate, have the skills to know what you are looking for. Good tips, thanks for sharing.
  3. thanks for sharing, great video.
  4. G’Day from Sydney!

    Hi mate, welcome to this wonderful world of knowledge. Enjoy.
  5. looking at other 2155 of benrus, it seems to me it ia a backloader...with a very thin knife, you must be able to get the caseback off.
  6. I am wondering if the engraving is correct, I thought it should be 2 lines with jewels(swiss) in the bottomline? Also the rgulator seems different from the 2801 I remember....Can be an older movement though..
  7. Help needed on ESA 959001

    thanks CB, the movement is ok as the hourhand is keeping time after I put in a new battery. As I want to clean the case and put on new hands, I am only trying to get the stem through the stemhole. Any help is hihgly appreciated
  8. Help needed on ESA 959001

    thanks Ish, 1.00x0.50 it must be
  9. Help needed on ESA 959001

    Found the was the little dimple on the left, part of a"spring". The stem seems to be stuck when pulling it through the hole in the case, it only comes out a bit.
  10. Hi guys, I got my hands on this broken B&M watch with a ESA 959001 mvt. on a garagesale. As you can see one of the hands is broken and the watch is very dirty. I wonder if someone can help me out with the size of the hands needed for this watch. I tried to release the stem by gently pushing the dimple next to the 2 screws but it doesn't seem to be the correct one.
  11. Hi guys, I have this Omega Speedmaster with a 1666 mvt. After replacing the battery it worked fine until I tried to change the settings by pulling the crown. The crown and stem came out. I gently pushed it back but unfortunately it did not work. The watch keeps running but the settings can't be changed and the stem can be pulled out. It seems to me the stem is a bit short(broken)? When not broken can anyone help me pointing out the release ? Cheers
  12. Hello From Bedfordshire

    Welcome to this great forum with a ton of knowledge. Enjoy.
  13. very nice job, well done.
  14. +1, crystals and cases can be polished. You need the techniwque and the right tools, there are many videos on how this can be done correctly.