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  1. Watchtime

    How do I fix my watch bracelet?

    did you ask the seller about it.....what does he say? Obviously it's a replica so I guess you don't have warranty?
  2. Watchtime

    Hello Im New Please Help

    looks like a front loader to me...
  3. Watchtime

    Greetings from Central Florida USA

    Welcome aboard and enjoy
  4. merci bien, very informative....
  5. some experienced knowledge guys, thanks for sharing...learning a lot
  6. Watchtime

    Esser Watch Case Opener

    love these vintage tools....
  7. Watchtime

    Hello from the Midwest US

    welcomer and enjoy
  8. Watchtime

    Clone rolex!

    looks like a lowlevel replica from DHgate or Aliexpress, $35-$70 ....make sure you get the correct mvt, as there are several factories who manufacture these asian 2813's....a Dixmont-Guangzhou 2813 is IMO the best Chinese automatic made today
  9. nice work Wdc...happy Xmas
  10. Dull....on the contrary...I think it is quite fascinating
  11. Watchtime

    Sizing Watch Mainsprings

    Thanks for sharing JD, highly appreciated...
  12. Watchtime


    Hi and welcome aboard, tons of knowledge to learn from...enjoy.
  13. Watchtime

    hello from France

    Bonjour et bienvenue,...there is a lot of knowledge on this forum, just ask and you will learn.
  14. Watchtime


    I think it has a warranty till the expiring date, imo you can use it fully functional after that date for a long time...