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  1. Great pictorial, thanks for sharing...you can dilute the nail polish with thinner to get it a bit more runny...however I would not recommend it as the fumes can damage the dial in time.. Personally I would get me some new hands on Ebay... The different case as mentioned and the oxydized hands...did you get this one from Mumbay?
  2. really nice work for a 1st timer...well done...did you see Mark's comment about putting back the main spring by hand...
  3. nice job, clean and simple...I would have chosen foran asian or eta 2824, these are more reliable...
  4. Westclox was founded in 1885 In Illinois by Charles Stahlberg and wellknown for the Big Ben and Baby Ben alarm clocks...They also had a plant in Scotland...
  5. Great teardown, I really enjoy all your write-ups, in fact I download them and use them to practise my "skills"......thanks for sharing bro
  6. Welcome on WRT, keep on reading and learning, we share a lot of knowledge here...enjoy..
  7. Welcome, lots of knowledge to share here, enjoy
  8. I am only a collector too but I will buy the best I can get if affordable....for most of my tools I switched from Chinese to Swiss tools pretty quickly
  9. Welcome Wiseman, good to see even more experienced guys are eager to learn on WRT...
  10. Interesting problem Michael, good to see you found the solution with this "Rolex" build....
  11. great write up @HSL, thanks for sharing your own build...
  12. I bought a 2nd hand Witschi Watch Expert years ago for around 350 euro, it was from 1999 but still did a terrific job. Today I have upgraded to a newer Witschi as a guy at a watchfair offered 550 for the old Witschi...
  13. Welcome on WRT, I practised what I learned on a Chinese copy of the ETA2836 and 7750...as I didn't want to mess up my ETA's....
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