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  1. you clearly know your stuff mate, and amazing quality photos... I just put them on my Tab 4 and will follow your pictorial while trying to disassemble a 2836 bought for practicing. Thanks for sharing, sharing knowledge is what makes WRT such a great forum
  2. maybe the clone mvt arbor has a slightly different size?
  3. good question, maybe the more experienced guys can chime in?
  4. just came accross this from a fellow dutchie.....kudos for your courage to service a 3135 without a lot of experience @Endeavor Wondering how it turned out after 3 years
  5. nice work....I am also diving into a course on how to use a lathe
  6. Another dutchie....:) welkom kerel....
  7. Welcome to this great forum.....
  8. heard that too......it will give problems
  9. Really appreciate this share, absolutely love the idea of making your own straps....
  10. Got a relative here....It runs solid on a PUW(Pforzheimer Uhren-Rohwerke) 1560D
  11. cheers guys, I used the hlp section on Ranfft but overlooked indeed the comment about data Danke@praezis
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