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  1. Rust or the keyless is holding it back...
  2. very nice project, spotwelding? What did you use for that?
  3. Along with watchmaker, I am interested too in the movement what is not working, does the balance move, do the gears turn when you move the oscilating weight, do the gear have broken teeth...?
  4. Depends on the wtch/brand. What brand is it? Can you post a photo of the front of the watch. It is supposed to keep water out so it should not be very loose... Take a razor blade or a sharp bench knife to get it off, you can put a piece of gaffer tape on the bezel/cae and cut through it. You wan;t get scratches then....I am wondering where you feel the gasket? Not on the front I guess? To be sure, have a replacement gasket ready, When replacing crystals with gaskets, I change these too.
  5. If indeed the mvtholder is part of the case(of which I am not sure according to the photos) you can gently put a bench knife between the bezel and the case and take the bezel of, normally the crystal should be held in place by the bezel. The crystal is a normal crystal, not a very big size.
  6. Good to hear mate, now on to your next repair....
  7. Hi Kevin, welcome here.....Ebay is great for getting used tools and some watches. I would suggest to get good tweazers like A&F or Bergeon, and some old pocket watches for practising.
  8. I would clean the stem first with isopropanol to get rid of any oil from the wasbenzine, then put the stem in a pin vice and screw the crown on a bit tight
  9. agree...I think the OP means the "loctite" gave way...or he broke 2 stems...?
  10. Lovely vintage watch, looking forward if you can fix it....
  11. As far as I know this does have a screw down crown
  12. Hey dutchy , what broke exactly, the stem or did the stem get loose again?...I would get a new stem, fit the stem & crown, press in against the spring pressure, and measure the space between the base of the crown and the case. Best is to cut the stem for the correct size, just sand the end a little to get rid of the sharp edges and screw the crown on. A bit of loctite or clear nail polish
  13. In regards to finding replacement parts in the EU, I have a very good experience with Ernst Westphall(watchparts24.de) and Rudofl Flume( Flume.de)
  14. Hi and welcome. Mostly replicas are not appreciated here as they are frauduleous items/ meant to look like the genuine brand so to cheat people.
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