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  1. Hello From Bedfordshire

    Welcome to this great forum with a ton of knowledge. Enjoy.
  2. very nice job, well done.
  3. +1, crystals and cases can be polished. You need the techniwque and the right tools, there are many videos on how this can be done correctly.
  4. Great finds, congrats...really nice to work on...I noticed a little space on the bracelet of the Longines, it looks like the bracelet is not original?
  5. Hi from Singapore!

    welcome to this great forum....if you don't ask, you will not learn...Enjoy
  6. Omega 613 Sweep second stuttering

    Reading with great interest...hats off for your stamina to get this right.
  7. Excellent write up JD, thanks for sharing...
  8. Buyer Beware ?

    In the early years ofcollecting,I too bought Omega,Oris and the like with non existing dails ...frankenwatches ect. Even a "unique" Seiko. Allpart of the learning experience....Lately, I saw a lot of "printed" dails for erotic and ww2 pocket research before you buy.
  9. Uhren-Roemer

    I have send over 1500 parcels last 2 years all over the world and in Holland yes, the original trackingnumber is shown in the trackinginfo but there also is a link to the networkpartner in the country of destination. The dutch trackingnumber is not a universalnumber at all. In Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germanyect, all parcels are relabeled to the network partners trackingnumber.
  10. Uhren-Roemer

    As with most Post companies, parcels will get relabeled when they arrive in the country of destination and Postnord will use a different trackingnumber. Normally you can find this on the site of the Deutsche post, it will be under "network partner" or something like that. There is a phonenumber on the website, try calling them, they can be reached on limited hours. Tuesday, wednesday and thursday from 11 till 14.30 Dienstag, Mittwoch und Donnerstag von: 11:00 bis 14:30 Uhr
  11. No leftovers i think,...I lve those jumphours and the Hamilton. Great find.
  12. Hello from Australia

    Welcome and enjoy. If you don't ask, there are no answers
  13. Seiko Identification

    Typical Mumbay franken Seiko....I bought these when I lacked any knowledge of watches. I was very proud I had Seiko's no one had...LOL