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  1. Crown/tube can be the cause of water getting in, open it and dry it with a hairdryer as said. If you have it on more of your watches, maybe you are storing them in a humid surroundings?
  2. Great runthrough on this vintage Doxa, I love the shape...very nice
  3. Welcome to WRT,...looks like an 7750 base?....Why replacing the mainspring if the chrono pusher are stuck when the watch is keeping perfect time?
  4. I take my hat off for you sir, this is a stunning pictorial/walkthrough....Highly appreciate the great quality of your images. Thanks for sharing this.
  5. I am happy to look in my parts drawer if you know the size
  6. Maybe send it to Mark, he lives in Thailand now if I am correct?
  7. Welcome, very nice collection...love the jump hour watches
  8. I noticed the blurred images too, imgbb offers a free hosting also, don't know if they are going to ask money in the future but for now it is free.
  9. thanks for sharing, great info and detailed images...
  10. work of a professional, well done....
  11. Does the movement als not run without hands and dial when it is on the Vibrograph, can you see the gear turning?
  12. Welcome here,....maybe an idea to post a picture of the watch or the work so you can get some help. It could be a good project to practise on watch repair?
  13. maybe this can help?411_920_complet_2208.pdf
  14. Not sure if I can post links but I bought this a while ago and it does a nice job. https://www.ebay.nl/itm/36Pcs-Grinding-Wheel-Felt-Wool-Buffing-Pads-Polishing-Accessory-Kit-Rotary-Tool/122594494822?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 https://www.ebay.nl/itm/8pc-Diamond-Polishing-Lapping-Metal-Paste-Compound-Syringes-5-Gram-0-5-10-Micron/192737692493?hash=item2ce00fcb4d:g:NjwAAOSwCiRcdSiW
  15. same here, are you sure it is the same watch that you won or has the seller others on sale? If it is the same, I would stay away, maybe other things are changed too like the movement. I am sure it is against the rules of Ebay to alter photos after a lot is sold
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