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  1. Thought I would share a nice collection of the finest reading about watches and the industry with you guys. A BLOG TO WATCH - since 2007. "The World's Most Popular Source for Watch." News, reviews, buying guides, discussion & admiration. CALIBRE 11 - since 2009. "The Home of TAG Heuer & Vintage Heuer Collectors." Daily Watch - since 2012. Instagram. 2.2m Followers. Escapement - "Time for the finer things in life." Watch blog dedicated to fine watches, luxury watches, watch news and the ultimate expression of horology, haute horlogerie. The watch reviews are typically ‘hands-on’ in style, where the watch has been placed upon the wrist of the author and evaluated over a period of time, sometimes extending to several days or even weeks. FHH MAGAZINE - since 2005. Published by the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie. News from the world of watchmaking and luxury watches. No watches to sell, but a lot to tell! Get to know everything about Fine Watches. Exhibitions, books, trainings and an online encyclopedia. Fratello Watches - "Voicing opinions about watches and the watch industry since 2004." One of the first blogs about wristwatches, sharing thoughts and news about watches and the watch industry with other watch enthusiasts. Fratellowatches writes opinionated articles, reviews and reports about watches, covering most of the major brands and independent watchmakers. HAUTE TIME - since 2010. "The #1 online resource for luxury watches like Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Hublot, Breguet & Piaget watches worldwide." HODINKEE - since 2008. "One of the most widely read watch publications in the world." Wristwatch news, reviews & original stories. iW INTERNATIONAL WATCH MAGAZINE - since 1989. "For 25 years, International Watch has been the definitive authority for all watch-related matters, providing in-depth reports on all aspects of horology, from established Swiss watchmaking firms to independent houses of horology, product reviews, technical stories, wrist trends, the unique culture of collectors, and more." Le Guide des Montres - since 2011. "The french Watch Guide web site." Originals editorials, pictures, interviews & videos. Based in Paris. Master Horologer - "Masterhorologer is an online content platform to discover the world of horology, the art of clock and watch making. The readers can discover the stories and technical details of thousands of timepiece models manufactured by genuine watch brands from all over the world. 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It is written for a growing international audience of watch aficionados. QP MAGAZINE - "UK’s leading luxury watch magazine, available in print and through our iPad app. Launched in 2003, it is one of the most widely read watch publications in the world, reflecting the best and most creative in watchmaking." REVOLUTION - since 2007. "Celebrating the Machine with a Heartbeat." The World's Ultimate Watch Lifestyle Magazine. Horological Information, Education and Discussion Forums. Watches E-commerce. STYLECRAVE - "Mens Expensive Luxury Watches Reviews, Interviews & More." The Watch Adviser - "Thewatchadviser.com is an online watch store and publicatiom. Thewatchadviser.com's mission is to cover the latest wristwatch news and events all around the world, live from the top watch shows, boutiques, auctions, and exhibits." The Watch Blog - since 2013. "News & Reviews Of Popular Affordable Watches." THE WATCH QUOTE - "The Luxury Watches Portal." The Watch Quote was created in 2002 by Thierry Castagna to let you keep up with the latest trends in watch making, discover great brands, the latest collections and legendary classics, compare offers and choose the watch of your dreams. The Watches TV - since 2011. "Your luxury watch & watchmaking video channel!" Swiss made films, new timepieces, The WATCHES.tv is an independent audiovisual media dedicated to the world of watches. THE WATCHISMO TIMES - "Vintage & Modern Horology." A reliquary of obscure timepieces from bygone eras as well as cutting-edge watches of today. Purveyors of wrist-borne time machines since 1999, Watchismo is a singular source for unusual modern watches from around the world. Time and Watches - "News and stories for the mechanical watches enthusiasts." Our watch blog is dedicated to the mechanical watch enthusiasts that - just like us - remain often wordless contemplating the perfect balance of art, design and technology that can be admired in many of our favorite timepieces. Time Tide - since 2014. "The Australian Watch Authority." It publishes daily reviews, news and feature stories about watches, wearers and their journeys. TIMEZONE - since 1995. "The world's watch information resource." 20 years and ticking. TRUSTED WATCH - since 1997. "The International Timepiece-Portal." Watch portal & watch magazine. One of the leading media enterprise for the watch and jewellery sector in Europe. WATCH Journal - since 1997. "All That's Good in Time." Watch Journal is a leading luxury watch and lifestyle publication. The magazine provides a refined lens on the watch world. 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  2. Watchtime

    New to the hobby

    Hi Dan, welcome and enjoy it here....
  3. Watchtime

    Omega 1332 help

    I would completely disassemble it and clean it thoroughly, best chance of get it running again.
  4. Watchtime

    Repairing in the UK

    Some watchmakers work on replica's, the problem is to get the right spare parts...The asian clones 2824, 2836 and 7750 have interchangeable parts with the Eta ones.
  5. Watchtime


    Welcome mate, enjoy WRT, a lot of knowledge on the forum available...
  6. Watchtime

    Anyone making any money?

    I am collecting for about 25 years or so,.....buying at auctions and fleamarkets...giving them a second life and selling to pay for the hobby. Not able to make a living out of it but I am happy with the balance I have...:)
  7. Watchtime

    Hello from Kent

    welcome and enjoy, keep on practising and you will get there....
  8. Watchtime

    Remove watch dial

    HMT's, Tissot's, Bulova, Milos, Sorna, Edox, Rado....mostly using plastic spacerrings..Mumbay "refurbished"
  9. Watchtime

    Some past projects and keepers!

    Pro work for an amateur m8,...so you restore dails ect?
  10. if it is only for practising, just buy scrap movements from Ebay....
  11. Watchtime

    Remove watch dial

    seems like Mumbay stuff?
  12. Watchtime

    Revisiting an old hobby

    welcome aboard, enjoy the knowledge on here
  13. Watchtime

    A new "old" piece for my collection

    wow, that is a nice piece for practising some cleaning skills....:)
  14. Watchtime

    Mums watch - "can you take a look"

    I have these lamps, they really do a great job, they have a dimmer and you can set warm to cold light
  15. Hard felt buffing wheel and polishing rouge should do the trick if the crystal is not too old/thin....