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  1. Mike of myretrowatches also did a nice video on this, appeared to be a franken watch
  2. doesn't look like there is a bezel holding it back?
  3. welcome, always good to see a new pro joining and sharing experiences.
  4. This Cortebert looks like its from the late 30's. The Molnija is produced from 1960 till 2008. Very interesting wristwatch
  5. 6497/98 and 7750..just found the 2892 also
  6. Is it possible to change the staff and then use the old recording wheel?
  7. hi and welcome to WRT, nice project you have on your hands, see the videos, there is a complete teardown somewhere form your movements.. Enjoy.
  8. I made a video of it while running, happy to share this,.. assemble and disassemble is about 700 mb.
  9. Very interesting thread, learning a lot. Thanks for sharing guys.
  10. Welkom Ludo, een berg informatie te leren hier, loads of info to learn. Enjoy
  11. Rust or the keyless is holding it back...
  12. very nice project, spotwelding? What did you use for that?
  13. Along with watchmaker, I am interested too in the movement what is not working, does the balance move, do the gears turn when you move the oscilating weight, do the gear have broken teeth...?
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