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  1. A warm welcome these two beauties....as Marc said, once a cat person and you're hooked, same here. Lovely creatures.
  2. Crazy, that is why I will not let Rolex service my 1675.
  3. Didn't they aks for reworking the case and the replacements? Personally I wouldn't like this and would like to keep the watch original besides gaskets and replacing parts of the movement when needed. I had my SMP serviced a few years ago. All gaskets, stem and crown, pushers were replaced. They called me for replacing the crystal which I did not do.
  4. Seems this bezel is pressfitted on the edge of the crystal and watchcase.
  5. Welcome to WRT, a lot of Omega fans here...:)
  6. Welcome to WRT, lots of tips and tricks around here.
  7. Before I was lucky enough to buy a watchmakers heritage, I used to shop at Ikea for storage solutions and kept my parts and watches in these boxes and drawers, most are stackable so it saves space. Nice value for money.
  8. Welcome, nice first post...:) you are in a bit of trouble....if you do not have the skills nor the equipment, I would suggest getting a used mvt ...Ebay there is also a lot to get in India through Ebay, look for mumbay....
  9. very nice walkthrough Jon, thanks...
  10. I agree on the value/quality in the $200 range, there are some great watches to get for that.
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