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  1. Success! I had to reshape the clamp down to 1.5mm and shorter with a Dremel tool. Hands replaced with new old stock ones.
  2. Yesterday I had a very hard time trying to put the watch back together. The clamp is really difficult to put back. I also had to reduce thickness with a dremel, it was 1.8mm now it's 1.5mm and should enter. Anyway while trying a spring dislodged and now I hope I can put it back.
  3. I was able to remove it by lifting the movement from the point were the clamp was. I replaced the hands. However this bride is not correct for this movement / case. It's too large. It was sitting under the bank stop and now I can't put it back...
  4. ok but this one is under the banking stop and under the case. The banking stop is screwed from the dial side.
  5. Yes I saw the video, that guy doesn't seem to have the clamp at all in the first place.
  6. There is no room for getting under it and lift it. Also if you look closely it seems it sits under that thing (the banking stop) with the springs, which appears to be screwed in from the dial side.
  7. no way to remove the clamp without deforming it. Maybe this one is a front loader ? Picture of the dial fitted on the movement. Doesn't seem a front loader to me.
  8. Tabs at 3 and 9 ? The movement rotates entirely albeit very little. I don't see any slideable tab at 3 or 9.
  9. Thanks however this doc doesn't help understanding how to take the movement off. The bezel is not snap in so it must come out from the back, I am pretty sure the movement should rotate enough to free the clamp to be removed but it doesn't.
  10. Can anyone help? I can't find any good disassembly video online for this movement. I removed the only screw that seems there to keep the movement in place but it doesn't move. Shouldn't it rotate so to be able to remove the clamp or how it's called ? It moves very little then it becomes very hard. I don't want to force it.
  11. It’s been two days in a row I found the date on the watch at half position, eg from 9 to 10 results in between 10 and 11. However changing date by hand everything is normal. Clues?
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