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  1. Does anyone know what movement is this? I can read Harely Ronda 8A , 1 jewel. I don't find this online. The watch is an old Sector ADV-1000. I think I tried a battery on it but it didn't work so I am thinking of replacing the whole calibre. Also I wasn't able to properly reseat the stem, it doesn't go all the way in. Clues?
  2. A friend of mine got a Tissot t-touch watch with a dead ETA movement. ETA only sells these in batch of 500 pieces. I think also the E48.351 can be used. Cousins lists this part as restricted. Does anyone have a source?
  3. Keyless done, the most painful thing to do was reseating the date wheel as I don't have a movement holder. I needed to warp a little the lever that goes into the yoke (i think that's the name)
  4. Today I removed the crown and stem to this 2836 (chinese) based watch. I had to replace a tube with a new one and fit a new crown. Now, for some reason, the stem doesn't go back inside the movement. I tried and tried to jiggle bla bla and nothing. Any clue?
  5. Hi guys, I need your help again. I messed up with this watch. It's a clone, I got a tube / crown it was said to be correct for that but screwing in was hard and it finally broke inside the case. Now I don't know how to remove it without extending the damage. The tube doesn't have a spline inside and it's probably pretty stuck as as I said it was pretty hard to screw in. Any advice? I don't have round files, I have a dremel with some heads... I saw the proper tool for removal but it's for internal splined tubes.
  6. Thanks, based on a video of the miyota it seems the positions are correct. Here's one of mine with the second hand fitted: https://youtu.be/DGR5QEbMscs
  7. Here's a video of the current situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9I118tg2tM
  8. Could it be that plate is needed to skip the date on a date wheel that is not fitted in this movement? At the moment the situation is this: pushed crown = manual winding - mid position that plate lever is engaged by that piece inside the clutch and it ticks - pulled crown = set hours + hacking.
  9. I think the problem resides here, what is the role of that plate and how does it go on the clutch? Why the clutch has an inner part that is freely moving?
  10. Spring found and refitted (I think it was the hacking lever/spring). Hacking now works but still there's something that is not working correctly. There should be three positions, unscrewed nothing should happen, mid position should wind the watch and all the way out hacks the second hand and you can set the hours/minutes had. What happens the movmt winds when all the way in and nothing happens in mid position.
  11. I got it, it was not a lever but the clutch being disengaged to some lever, you can see it in the picture. However current status is: tiny spring jumped somewhere and disappeared.
  12. Is there some guide for disassembly reassembly of the 2813 chinese movement? (This movement) I am really stuck here.
  13. I see, well, what am I supposed to do with that? It seems to me that part is not movable and should be this on the other side:
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