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  1. Do the 1mm balls fit exactly?
  2. I am looking at a bag of 7 for 5 dollars on ebay. Didnt know that ballpoint pen balls are tungsten!
  3. Whst grease is best for this?
  4. I took my bezel off of my seiko 7548-700f to clean under it and poof! The click ball shot across the room. I am going to get a new spring/ball, but what is the best way to replace the ball? Should I just push it in with a screwdriver or what?
  5. I have a set of bergeon screwdrivers so I'm good in that category
  6. I found out the non universal thing after I went through 2 stems to find out I needed a split stem. P.s (Does it make a difference if it is a one piece case)?
  7. In conjunction with my previous posts, I have gathered that I need practice before I operate on my Stormking. First off, what tools will I need to remove the tube? How do I use them? And how do I find a replacement tube for such an obscure piece?
  8. Will do! Sorry for the late reply! All I need for a "complete" set of tools is some proper tweezers.
  9. Here are the pictures! It's a late 60s Hamilton stormking VII.
  10. The crown tube on my 1960s stormking is extremely damaged and the crown wobbles on it. Part of it is flaking off. If ANYONE knows where I can get a new crown tube or a "new" case please let me know!!!If I cannot find a new crown tube/case how can I repair the existing one? Would welding work?
  11. I am a junior in high school with almost no money. My collection is stuffed with flea market finds that barely work. I have constant trouble finding parts/ repairing them as I dont know where to go for parts. I hope to have some of them fixed up for college!
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