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  1. Update: I removed the movement from the case and the plastic retaining ring snapped as it was very brittle. The movement holder was keeping the rotor from turning freely. The rotor is two parts and each are press fitted together. I put the watch back together and the rotor now spins freely. It does worry me that the rotor may fall apart again so is there a good way to keep the two parts together?
  2. I bought a vintage bulova sea king automatic at a antique mall for 80 dollars and I discovered the reason for its lower cost. It appears that it was someone's project watch that they sold. It has a 11 Anacd movement and the rotor is stuck. It can move but it grinds against the metal underneath it. The middle portion of the rotor(with the engraving) is loose and moves independently of the rest of the rotor. I have no clue how to remove the rotor as there are no screws on it. Is this a deeper problem than just the rotor or can I fix/ replace the rotor?
  3. I have a watch movement that I have hunting for a case for a long time now. I bought the movement rather cheaply as I absolutely love the patina on the dial. The movement is an Wittnauer 11arg (as 1361). When the rotor turns the automatic assembly slips (or maybe the mainspring). The pictured gear slips when the rotor turns. I can still wind the movement by hand however the automatic assembly slipping I believe causes the mainspring to unwind. Does anyone know what is wrong/ what I can do to remedy it? Thanks for your help, Amateurwatchbreaker
  4. I have been on the hunt for a vintage titoni airmaster for a while now and I have my eye on one but I am questioning whether or not it is a Franken watch. My main concerns are the spacing on the dial is too large-it appears that the movement may be loose in the case. Secondly, the caseback does not appear to be a Titoni caseback. Is this a "unknown" reference or is this a fake/franken watch? I need to know pretty soon a I am the current highest bidder and I may cancel my bid. eBay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/402565751132
  5. No unfortunately not. If you want to see all the pictures provided its on ebay right now being sold by seikocitizenseller.
  6. Is this real? Thinking of bidding on it, but something seems off...
  7. I have a beautiful Wittnauer 11arg movement that I bought off a jewler for 10 dollars. I figured that I could easily find a suitable case to fit the movement. To this date I have been unable to find a home for this movement. A year ago I ordered a case off of ebay that matched with my movement. When the package arrived at my house it was empty. The Wittnauer 11arg movement is based off an as 1361. Does anybody know where I can find obscure parts/ know where I can get a suitable case?
  8. Update: I somehow got it working again. The time still won't change. I can manually wind it but I cannot change the day or date. The time only sets when I pull the stem out in the time setting position. Constantly slips even while doing this. What could be wrong?
  9. I'll check it out! Thanks for the advice!
  10. I paid 3 dollars for this watch. Is it worth buying a ~40 dollar AS 2066? I know there is no second hand but that doesn't bother me too much. Edit: Movement no longer works. Took it last dying breath overnight.
  11. I bought a 1973 bulova jetstar from a flea market today. It has a bulova 11BSACB movement. When the crown is pulled out, the day and day will not change and the time barely sets. They do flip over when setting the time. Stem is barely making contact in the movement. It was running when I bought it, but now I can't get it to run. The balance swings but does not tick (The pallet fork is broken). I would like to get a replacement movement for it but I can't seem to find a suitable one. Is this movement compatible with another bulova caliber or another movement? Thanks, Seth
  12. I guess you are right! I'll check it out! Thanks for the link!
  13. Interesting! I thought adding a jewel was the only way. From what everyone has been saying I will not be able to fix this by myself. I will save up for a service.
  14. The only way to fix it is by drilling the hole out and putting a jewel in place. Essentially adding a jewel.
  15. I have seen various service videos from Spencer Klein about the 7548. He said that because seiko didn't put a jewel on the central pivot, the hole becomes an oval with gradual use.
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