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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I recently acquired a watch that I've long considered a "grail". A JLC Memovox. Specifically, the reference E875 ("Speed Beat") with a calibre 916. I got it for really good price and it is in full original condition. It's still running quite well, but I do want to service it. I found the service manual online (attached) and it seems to be doable. JLC 916.pdf But I'd still be grateful for any tips!! One specific question I have is related to the mainspring barrel. The manual says that the barrel "should never be opened. In case of defect, replace the whole barrel assembly". Now, I've opened "do not open"-barrels before and reused them with no problems. And there are other threads discussing this matter in a more general way. But I'd be very grateful if anyone had specific knowledge of this movement or other JLC movements from the 1970s. Obviously, it's impossible to source a NOS barrel complete for this movement (and even if, the breaking grease and arbor lubrication would not be in good condition anymore). So I'm left with only two options: open the barrel as usual or just leave it closed and reuse. (Well, or I pay 4-digit service costs at JLC/Richmond group.)
  2. No real questions at this time, this is a watch that was owned by my father, who died in January 2019. Dad purchased it in 1946 when he was stationed in Germany in the US Army, in the Occupation his main area of operation was with the 332nd EGSR in Wiesbaden but sometimes he was assigned to Nuremburg and Damstadt. It is a Jaeger-LeCoultre and the serial number indicates it was manufactured on or after Jan 1, 1945 and prior to Jan 1, 1946. Dad said he got it for a good price but I don't know how much. I'm carefully reading his diary to see if he mentioned this bit of information. I took it to an authorized dealer and the wath guy there (not a repair guy but more of a jewelry consultant) took off the back and a minute or so later while looking through an eyepiece discovers some tiny piece of dirt or something and viola, the watch was ticking again. Dad had not worn the watch in perhaps 3 decades and put it in his safe. They are going to give me an estimate to clean and lubricate, and possible replace the hands to opriginal. I remember when Dad had it service in the late 1960's or early 1970's the crystal was broken and hands messed up. The originals we shaped mor like diamonds, as I recall. The jeweler said when their factory trained technician examines it, JLC may say it must be repaired at the factory but they will give me a quote. Has anyone an idea on a model for this watch? I do not think the band is original but I'm going by memory. The watch is at least 10 years older than me. Mark PS - this will be my top watch when I get it all sorted out!
  3. Hello I had a chance to acquire to two watch movement+dial sets which are from JLC and AP However, I am having trouble finding cases to fit these. Could anyone help me find cases that would fit these movements? Non genuine cases are OK.
  4. As a first time Atmos owner, I was taken aback by the amount of force it required for me to slide the balance lock from right to left to initially unlock the balance after i had made sure the clock was perfectly horizontal via the bubble.the manual was not specific enough and i really don't know how much leftward force is required?!?furthermore, the manual said to "...press downwards a little and the slide the lever to the left to unlock..."i could not feel any difference when i press the lever downwards a little. it was as though nothing changed when i pressed it downwards. as a result, i had to simply slide the lever to the left.it was not a smooth action at all! it was a great deal of friction, and took a good amount of force. i didn't know if i were doing something wrong or that amount of force required was intentional by design so as to secure the balance??at almost the far left of the lever's movement (almost to the farthest left part), the balance became "loose" and freed. there was a "CLUNK" sound and the balance sort of became loose with some degree of dropping sound, like as though it was dropped maybe a few millimeters! i was startled as i knew the tiny wire (vertical hairspring) is very delicate so that "CLUNK" was scary. that plus the amount of force required to slide that unlocking lever were totally not described and unknowns to me. may i ask how much force it requires to slide the lock from lock to unlock (sliding it left) in general? is it a very smooth action? or is it an action that feels like there's friction as you slide the lever from right to left? since it then started (after the lever is moved fully to the left) without any further action on my part, and then now at around 3 days later, it is keeping good time (thus far), might you think it is ok or might you think there's damage?may i ask if my experience is normal? or did i goof and did something wrong and might have hard my brand new 560 Atmos? the manual is very opaque on this point. also, pressing down is not a very sure thing as i pressed down and i didn't feel much of any flex at all on that lever, so i started moving the lever left without any downward pressure.i think i might have DRAGGED that rounded hemisphere and might have DUG a groove along the underside where you see that dragged arc in your 2nd picture!how much harm have i done, may i ask?my fear is that dragging it might have done some irreparable harm!! furthermore, at close to the very end of the leftmost side of the lever's position, i see and hear a "clunk" sound when the balance is "released" and started danging freely. it was a "clunk" sound that is more than what i was hoping for, as i know the fine Elinvar wire is very delicate. May I ask if it is normal for the release at the very end (far left of the lever's position) to include such a release sound and almost abrupt motion? i was hoping that it wouldn't DROP the balance, even for a few millimeters.the good part is that now at 3 days after the initial setting up, it is keeping very good time.whether or not there is a groove DUG into the underside of that brass piece as the lever was traveling from right to left is an unknown to me at this point. disappointed at JLC's manual and at myself. but still, i'd like to know if i did anything wrong to educate myself.thank you in advance.
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