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Found 11 results

  1. Hello all, I recently received this watch from my father who found it at an estate sale and I found out that the balance spring is broken. I've been trying to identify the movement to obtain a new balance compete if I can but I haven't been able to identify it. The closest I've been able to find in the bestfit book from the 60's is it's possibly an A Schild 547 but I'm not positive on that. It measures approx 19.6-19.7 mm across so I'm thinking it would be closest to 8 3/4 ligne. I did find an 85 under the dial but I can't match that up with manufacturer marks. Other than that there are no further marks or numbers anywhere under the bridges that I could find. Does anyone have any further ideas?
  2. Can anyone identify the name of the part highlighted here? This is from Wakmann Regate watch Lemania movement cal 1341. I need to order a replacement part as one in mine is missing teeth thank you!
  3. Hi all, Can you help me identify this movement? I think I know what it is (cheap chinese) but just wanted to pitch for confirmation... (so won't say what I think it is) I have measured it as: (I think...) Diameter 26.0mm Height 4.9mm Height with hand pinion 7.3mm I am a complete newbie at even taken a case back off despite being a bit of a collector. This movement is broken and crunches when I wind it. So I want to replace it. The watch itself was a gift (and undoubtedly a fake/replica) but I want to get it working again by replacing the movement. Ideally, I want to keep the current hands (hr, min, sec) and crown/stem. It just has a date complication at 3 o'clock. Just a like for like swap seems the simplest thing to do? But open to any suggestions. I'm not bothered if it's a cheap chinese movement, I just want to get it working so I can wear it now and again. Any advice or help would be most appreciated. Many Thanks, Dan.
  4. I'm looking for help identifying the movement in this vintage citizen watch. I picked it up from a flea market and quite like the look, especially since finding Citizen watches of this age seems somewhat rare. But, I haven't been able to figure out a model number so that I can start looking for a replacement stem/crown. I can find a serial number of some type that reads 360278 and the letter T under the balance. Any help would be greatly appreciated! See photos of top and bottom of movement.
  5. I recently came across this while digging thru a bag of watches. It looked interesting and all of the Google hits for "Swiss Made Timex" are in reference to the American Documents series. I've got to assume I'm not searching the right keywords. I was hoping somebody might have a little information on the subject. While looking recently, I couldn't locate almost any Swiss Made. Most of the watches I did find were quartz movements. Thanks for any insight the community can muster!
  6. I went to an estate sale at the corner and befriended the seller. I asked about watches and he told me he had some at home and since I seemed nice, he’d bring them to me. He had some nice pieces and after disassembling this pocket watch, I’m under the assumption it’s a no name. The dial material is copper and I assume porcelain because it’s hand painted. The only word on the movement is “Garantee” and it’s my first cylinder escapement. If anyone has clues to the movement manufacturer or dates, please comment
  7. hi am not by any means any type of expert but thought this was the best place to start
  8. So there is this timex automatic i found online from a reputable seller. I cant find much about it anywhere. Ive been looking for a timex automatic but already have a few watches that look like the marlin. This one is a little different and i like it. Any info would be greatly appreciated
  9. So years ago my grandpa found this watch in a park while walking it during work (he worked as a cop in northern New Jersey) anyway he passed it onto my dad. Neither of them knew much about watches except they needed them to tell time. My dad gave it to me a few years ago when he saw i was getting into watch collecting. Any information would be great. I have been had it explained as art deco which im guessing is referring to the lugs. I haven't been able to find out much on it myself. Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. Hey so i just found my grandpas old watch. He was a big fan of square dress watches. This one was in his box in decent condition (still works and seems to keep good time) along with a Hamilton brockton watch with a 754 handwinding mechanical movement First 2 are the komet, second 2 are the hamilton
  11. hi,can anybody tell what make this movement is.all i ca see inscribed is a capital B! Just curious as i would like to practice on it.
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