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  1. I found this forum during a search for a reason that my watch dial or face twisted or rotated inside the watch. I’m unable to find anything about this happening. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated. I got the watch as a graduation gift 20+years ago and wear it almost every day . Thanks.
  2. An aquatance asked me to have a look at his milgauss, this is what I found. The case is heavy and all parts feel and look correct ref no 116400gv green crystal.Has the Rolex emblem etched on the crystal. The bracelet has correct screw pins, the caseback is solid and feels smooth when unscrewing. Then I phoned him to tell the good news. And he informed me he paid 100 dollars. The case is worth more than the movement.
  3. I have overhauled this watch and upon reassembly, I can't get the oscillating weight to turn freely. It wasn't turning when I tore it down for cleaning. Has anyone had any experience fitting the two part gear and post to the OSC weight? I am having trouble with keeping the keyed gear in to the male post part of the oscillating weight hub, then turning over to attach the spring clip. Need two more hands I think.
  4. Hi! Anybody knows what is the circled part in the picture*? How should you reinstall? Does it need to have any movement or should it be tightly screwed on one place? It looks like it's not connected to anything or that i'm missing something. The Rolex watch i'm trying to fix on stops dial side up and i'm thinking this may be the culprit since i didn't touched it and couldn't find anything else wrong, but who knows (*Took a screen shot from a YouTube video but it looks the same on the 1520 caliber only in silver). Thanks! Rafael
  5. Hi there. Just starting out out on my Horology journey, have all the gear and trying to get an idea with the help of Mark and his online courses. If anyone has any good websites, books, wisdom to share, I’m all ears and very greatful in advance! Thank Bethan
  6. Hi everyone! I'm J from USA. Could anyone please help and instruct me on the best way to set my Valjoux 72C? I have a Ref 6036 and don't want to ruin it! Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello. Dear watchmakers. I have a very old timepiece from Rolex that I am about to work on.. From googling, I found out that this is called "trench watch" that might had been used during WWI or any other war in that era ( 1910~1920) However, I could not figure out the reference no. of the movement. All I know about the movement is that it is 29mm in diameter and has 15 jewels. I am actually looking for a replacement movement for this watch since the mainspring must be replaced due to damage. Plus, I am also looking for the rachet wheel with "Rolex" engraved to replace
  8. My Rolex Submariner cal. 3135 won't hack from time to time when I pull out the crown. Is it some kind of lubrication or mechanical issue, is it easily fixable without tearing the whole movement apart?
  9. Dear members; I'm brand new to this forum and I'm seeking some help and / or guiding hands. Let me first start to say that English is not my native language (living in Denmark), so I do apologies on beforehand for spelling or grammatical mistakes :-( I bought a new Rolex Submariner (16613) in 1992 and had it officially serviced in 2003. Since then I worn it till about 2009 when I started to wear other (quartz) watches. The Rolex was worn intermittently on special occasions ..... until now. I like to wear it again. It runs fine (about +3 sec/day), but I do realize that it needs a servi
  10. Hello guys Why my rolex precision 6466 stops when crown screw down.. But it runs again when crown not screw down or in manual wind position? It stops when the crown enter too deep inside the movement.. Thankyou
  11. Hello guys.. My Rolex precision oysterdate date won,t change It stuck on 30 and won,t change even i try to set time to the next day.. and the next.. What happen to this watch? Thankyou
  12. Hi everyone, Quite some time ago (a good few years) I was wearing my Rolex datejust 1601 in London in heavy rain and high humidity (obviously a British summer). Anyway I noticed that quite a lot of condensation appeared in my watch. I know I know I should have taken it to an horologist straight away but alas. Anyway I pulled out the crown hoping it would allow the moisture to escape. This seems to have worked however the dial is now covered in watermarks which I can only assume are calcium deposits. I have seen a thread on the forums where someone removed a small watermark gently us
  13. Hi All! Newbie here! I love Rolex. Not just their watches but also the company's integrity, their values and philosophy. Hi Mark, you have great videos on youtube. Thank you so much!
  14. will hands from caliber 1570 movement fit on the older 1560 movement?
  15. Cheers mates... Have got this into my bench, and wonder if this is a real Rolex Datejust ref no: 12600?? See photo... Many thanks....
  16. Hi I live in Palm Beach Florida and love watches. Hi I have bought 2 rolexes, 1 gucci and three bulovas the last 10 years. My favorite watch is Ulysseus Nardin (which I dont own)
  17. I own a fake Rolex submariner and the piece that connects the band to the watch is missing. I want to get this piece replaced but I fear that getting a replacement piece from a Rolex store would be way to pricey, and getting a cheap knockoff piece online would be, well too cheap. Is there any place to purchase replacement parts for an affordable price?
  18. Hi all, this is my first post here. I repair watches as a hobby, and usually work on my own watches. This particular watch, along with two others, were give to a friend of mine, by his father, about three days before he passed away recently. The three watches, hence have an emotional value to my friend, and so, I wanted to get them going again. I fixed the QMax (Replaced battery), Titan (PCB and Coil, new battery, glass), and am working on this Rolex now. Almost all Indicators of a genuine Rolex that I have read of online, are absent, hence making me believe its most definitely a fake. i.e. No
  19. Wondering whether anyone else had experienced this. I repaired a colleagues Rolex after she smashed it in a fall, serviced, refitted rotor and fitted new glass. The plastic seal that arrived with the Sternkreuzer glass was too thick so I refitted the old seal. Watch us running really well and has been on the wrist for a few weeks but large amounts of debriefs formed on the dial, hands and glass. In inspection it looks like small particles or shavings of plastic, I can only think this us coming from the refitted seal, any thoughts gratefully appreciated.
  20. I'm replacing the crystal on a Rolex Submariner 16610. When I removed the crystal, part of the gasket remained in the groove in the case. I'm at a loss as to how to remove the remaining gasket. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  21. Rolex Tudor oysterdate. Back cover slight damage I can't open. Omega Seamaster Quartz. Requires crystal, battery cover, seals. Cwc Military. requires back seal. Or what are they worth as a job lot???
  22. Hi First I'd like to say thanks let us post this survey ** LINK REMOVED - PLEASE READ THE RULES REGARDING PROMOTION ** Would also love your help promoting the survey Thanks
  23. My name is Kevin. I grew up in Portland Oregon and Hollywood California. I live in Los Angeles, and spend time between LA and a town I cannot pronounce 50km northeast of Bangkok Thailand. I have a few watches and do not fix them. I have had issues with expensive repairs. I would explain but I would hate to get banned so soon. My daily watch is a Seiko SKX007 or a Marathon GSAR. The Maratac SR-9015L is favored over my Submariner, which I cannot explain. My newest is a Seiko Zimbe. None are for sale, which is not allowed here. Good policy. I am on Timezone, Rolex forums and o
  24. So I ran out of work a little early today and was browsing around the watch listings on eBay. I found this gorgeous little Rolex Bubbleback 3130. I couldn't quite make out all the inscription on the back and being bored and being a curious person I spent some time trying to find out who it had belonged to. It turns out that it was owned by Clarence Vincent Conlan (March 10, 1898 - August 23, 1975). He was a career Navy man who graduated from the Naval Academy in 1921 and won the Navy Cross (the second-highest military honor in the United States). He retired with the rank of Rear Admiral. As n
  25. Hi everyone at the forum. I just service this lady Rolex cal.1160 and the reading is very good both dial up , dial down, after putting together ( i attached some pic. ) but then for couple hours the rate jump like crazy and the timegrapher can't even read, when it does read the rate goes crazy around +400 sec/day and the watch run 15 sec fast every minute.
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