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  1. I believe I found the answer on this scanned pdf Bulova booklet - digital page 35 https://www.scribd.com/doc/248481432/Bulova-Interchangeable-Parts-Catalog-Fastest States "All 6AHC PARTS NOT LISTED ABOVE INTERCHANGE WITH 6AH" My part #55 was on the 6AH page.
  2. Will a Bulova 6AH balance complete, part #55 breguet, interchange with a 6AHC?
  3. In fact I did find a underside pivot for one of the reversing wheels that had dried lubricant around the jewel hole. A complete autowind mechanism tear down, cleaning, demagnetize and re-lube took place. It now turns with greater ease now that is back on the watch. Thanks for the recommendations! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for the recommendations. I am going to begin with the re-cleaning and Episurf Neo then lubrication. Will follow up
  5. I have overhauled and put in new mainspring for a Rolex 3135 on Nov, 2018. The watch has ran fine during my couple days of watching it prior to customer delivery. The customer was surprised at the price of my repair although I was less than if he were to have shipped it off to a authorized Rolex shop. The complaint is that the owner wears the watch of a day and even wears while sleeping, takes it off in the morning to go exercise, returns and the watch has stopped. Can wind a little and put back on to wear during the day and watch doesn't stop. It was brought back to me and I placed it immediately on a watch winder without any manual winding from the crown. I set my watch winder to rotate in one direction for 5 minutes per hour for 3 hours and then the same in the opposite direction. After that the winder doesn't rotate for 9 hours. I figured this setting would be the most representative of normal wear on a person. The watch ran that way for 4 days and only lost 10 seconds. I gave it back to the customer informing that the watch was working fine. Is there something else I could check in the watch besides that the person may not be moving enough to keep it wound? Perhaps take the back off and rotate the watch ensuring that the oscillating weight winds in both directions, meaning that it stays in the lower part and the winding mechanism is not binding? Wind the watch fully 40+ full crown turns and see if the watch runs for ~48 hours? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Thank you. I had found that in my grandfather’s Bestfit encyclopedia. He actually had it marked (about 11 rows up from the bottom). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I am in need of this movement Looking to replace a very rusty movt and want to see if anyone has this model to sell? Working order however, hands, stem and dial aren't necessary. Thanks, George
  8. I would like to know the mfr of this symbol please.
  9. On the ELMA RM 90 cleaning machine, does the knob for the timer control the auto changing of jars, or is it simply a timer that dings to remind the user to manually push the Start button to kick off a rotation? The knob on the right shows an infinity symbol. Is it possible to accidentally turn the knob to this position and the machine not move out of the current position until the timer knob is moved out of this spot? I don't have the machine with me but can show you a picture of the knob.
  10. Provided proper lubrication and assembly, I believe you need to specifically demagnetize the autowinding upper bridge including the two complete reversing wheels again, if you haven't already. The small polished ratcheting levers inside the reversing mechanisms cause the shutter feel while winding when magnetized.
  11. I have a thread for exactly your troubles.
  12. As OldHippy points out, if you can imagine that the escape wheel is pictured in place below, it's rotation would be in a clockwise direction. You see that the left hand pallet stone is "open" at it's face angle to allow the next tooth to come in and the right pallet stone face is at an angle to so to speak "catch" the face of the escape wheel tooth. I have an image from Jules Borel showing the escape wheel in position. I hope this simple thought process makes it stick in your mind better.
  13. I suspect you may have hanging of the second hand once the crystal is in place and watch is cased. That may take some skillful trimming and curvature on the outer 1 - 1.5mm of the second hand.
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