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  1. These little guys look fairly nice as well for not too much money.
  2. Reattaching Stud and Hairspring

    @Deggsie Such a distinct and clear instruction on the process. Well said.
  3. New Member in South Carolina

    Welcome, great hobby!
  4. Hello from San Francisco!

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your watch repair adventure. I find it a therapeutic escape.
  5. Pass Time

    Hobby and pleasure working on the following lovely timepieces
  6. I had a need to safely remove a C clip holding in two pusher buttons and thought I would share my method on the forum. I had a spring bar removal tool with a solid pin on one end and a scalloped forked end on the other. I placed a small bit of rodico on the bottom side of the clip and turned the C <- gap facing up. As you can see in the picture, I simply used the forked end that was the perfect gap to push off the c clips. I installed by getting the clip in place, C gap facing down, and used a #200 flat screwdriver blade and carefully pressed down to lock in place. I used the case wall to keep the c clip and push button slit in line. Don't attempt to push the c clip back on with the button pressed all the way in, use the wall of the case to help keep the clip straight in line. Hope this helps someone.
  7. Rolex 3055 Hour Wheel Seating

    Thanks for the link to the tech manual. I really couldn't read where the hour wheel seating was to be placed from the all of the text instructions. There are 4 variations of thickness, thus 4 different part numbers listed 5123-1 5123-2 and -3 -4. As shown in the picture, flat and thin.
  8. Rolex 3055 Hour Wheel Seating

    Thank you but this is for the rolex 3055 that has separate day and date indicator discs. I believe that the round flat washer I am speaking of goes on top of the day of week disc then the dial on top of that. I have put the watch back together but when the day/date changes at midnight, I don't get the full kick over to the new day/date like the watch should. Just second guessing myself on the hour wheel seat and whether I forgot exactly where it should be placed. If there are other suggestions on where I can look on the date change issue, please comment. Thanks
  9. Where exactly does the hour wheel seating washer (very thin) get positioned on a Rolex 3055? Is it's purpose to take up some tolerance or provide less friction between parts?
  10. Restored, looking and running good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I would like some help finding the movement number for this watch which is in need of a stem at minimum. In order to release the pusher buttons to remove the movement from the case, do I need to unscrew the pusher arms first?
  12. I'm curious if anyone has the images that were originally part of this thread? All I see are placeholders now and I have asked Geo if he had them but he replied he didn't. Seems like a great article but I wanted to see some images for clarity in my mind. Thanks
  13. Accutron 218

    I have worked on quite a few 218's and 214's since my grandfather sold them in our jewelry store. We had the machine that you clipped into the energy cell compartment to reduce the power to the fork for adjusting purposes. I would clean the index wheel with one dip and then carefully use watchmaker paper just to absorb the excess one dip from the flat of the wheel. If you needed a new index wheel, they would come in their own little aluminum metal cylinder. Also, you would have to check the tuning fork for stray bits of metal stuck to the magnets. Great thread, nice images CKelly.
  14. I have ordered a two piece stem for a ETA 2783 and didn't provide the correct gender for the movement side of the stem. The watch came in for repair with a female post movement side. Since both parts are rusty and need replaced, does it really make a difference which side is male or female? I didn't know that I would have had to order this a certain way. Just curious and will use the parts I have unless someone knows of a reason I should not. Thanks
  15. Regulator doesn't regulate.

    You may have already performed this but, make sure to unscrew all balance cap jewel screws so you can separate and thoroughly clean those components and re-oil. Look for any pits in the cap jewel or a broken hole jewel. Are the pivot points of the staff in operable condition?