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  1. GeorgeC

    7S26 Pallet Insertion

    As OldHippy points out, if you can imagine that the escape wheel is pictured in place below, it's rotation would be in a clockwise direction. You see that the left hand pallet stone is "open" at it's face angle to allow the next tooth to come in and the right pallet stone face is at an angle to so to speak "catch" the face of the escape wheel tooth. I have an image from Jules Borel showing the escape wheel in position. I hope this simple thought process makes it stick in your mind better.
  2. I suspect you may have hanging of the second hand once the crystal is in place and watch is cased. That may take some skillful trimming and curvature on the outer 1 - 1.5mm of the second hand.
  3. I received a lys Longines 5L for cleaning. Upon opening the case, I saw some surprises under the balance bridge. I have outlined my steps on how I uncoil a tangled hairspring in hopes that others can benefit by this method. George Corder IMG_0505.m4v
  4. Thanks for your contribution to others@oldhippy it’s appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. But, unless you are DJ’ing with your hi-fi or fixing up your classic car for resale, the watchmaking hobby is financially rewarding if you so choose. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. GeorgeC

    Low amplitude on 70s Waltham

    I don’t see any hairspring stud screw in the photos, is it missing? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. GeorgeC

    Timing after service

    I’ve seen some watches where the regulator and stud both were designed to move and they were mounted sandwiched on each other. When necessary, I use a fine oiler and place a little oil around the area where the two components rotate on themselves. This helps to prevent one piece being adjusted but inadvertently causing the other to be moved. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. GeorgeC

    Is this mainspring ok?

    That is a mainspring that is "set" and would now allow for a long duration of powering the movement nor the movement's amplitude specification. Not being flat is most likely due to the movement being installed by hand - not a mainspring winder. Definitely replace. George
  9. These little guys look fairly nice as well for not too much money. http://www.julesborel.com/s.nl/it.A/id.32628/.f
  10. GeorgeC

    Reattaching Stud and Hairspring

    @Deggsie Such a distinct and clear instruction on the process. Well said.
  11. GeorgeC

    New Member in South Carolina

    Welcome, great hobby!
  12. GeorgeC

    Hello from San Francisco!

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your watch repair adventure. I find it a therapeutic escape.
  13. GeorgeC

    Pass Time

    Hobby and pleasure working on the following lovely timepieces
  14. I had a need to safely remove a C clip holding in two pusher buttons and thought I would share my method on the forum. I had a spring bar removal tool with a solid pin on one end and a scalloped forked end on the other. I placed a small bit of rodico on the bottom side of the clip and turned the C <- gap facing up. As you can see in the picture, I simply used the forked end that was the perfect gap to push off the c clips. I installed by getting the clip in place, C gap facing down, and used a #200 flat screwdriver blade and carefully pressed down to lock in place. I used the case wall to keep the c clip and push button slit in line. Don't attempt to push the c clip back on with the button pressed all the way in, use the wall of the case to help keep the clip straight in line. Hope this helps someone.
  15. GeorgeC

    Rolex 3055 Hour Wheel Seating

    Thanks for the link to the tech manual. I really couldn't read where the hour wheel seating was to be placed from the all of the text instructions. There are 4 variations of thickness, thus 4 different part numbers listed 5123-1 5123-2 and -3 -4. As shown in the picture, flat and thin.