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  1. Hello guys Why my rolex precision 6466 stops when crown screw down.. But it runs again when crown not screw down or in manual wind position? It stops when the crown enter too deep inside the movement.. Thankyou
  2. Hello my friend @jguitron You mean its just broke off(the gear out from its lane?? Or maybe the parts(gear)inside of the date wheel broken? Cause before today its seems to be good and the date change smoothly everyday Thankyou
  3. Hello guys.. My Rolex precision oysterdate date won,t change It stuck on 30 and won,t change even i try to set time to the next day.. and the next.. What happen to this watch? Thankyou
  4. Hello guys.. Why my seiko speedtimer 7015 chronograph run smoothly when its day(morning till evening) But its stop and heavy when its time to changing the day date,whats the problem and how to fix it.. Thankyiuu
  5. Hello guys.. I wanna ask.. How to adjust my eta valjoux 7750 movement to be faster.. Cause it slow 2-3 minute a day.. Do i just need to move this part to the (+) sign?? Thankyouu
  6. Hello guys, I have some problem with my seiko 7015 speedtimer that i bought 2 days ago.. This seiko runs smoothly when chronograph off And when the chronograph is active,the watch runs for awhile and then stop.. Whats wrong with it and maybe you guys can help me with some solution please!! thanks
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