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Found 17 results

  1. Little Tissot I'm working on. Trying to figure out what is this Plastic piece on the back. Opened the case from the front and removed movement. This seems like a plastic part, with some rust buildup on the outer face. Anyone have any idea? Can I clean this? Replace? Caseback says 'Tool 108' on the outside, case number seems to be 44648.
  2. Hello, I am a newbie. Just opened the back of a Tissot with T691K movement to address an issue of EXTREMELY stiff crown. Any advise is highly appreciated. I assume that there is high friction somewhere which caused the battery to go dead prematurely. Is it possible? Tx for helping!
  3. Hello everyone, new member here. So I'm using a Tissot titanium chronograph with a butterfly clasp holding the bracelet. Lately, the clasp would undo itself while I'm wearing it. Upon inspecting it, I suspect the problem is either the button's spring became weak, or the small rods inside got gunked up by sweat and grime (or both). Can anybody share on how to disassemble the clasp, specifically the button containing the spring inside? I have done basic works on the watch, like replacing the battery, resizing the bracelet, even repaired its broken stem, so I have some ideas of what I'm getting into. Attached are the pictures of the clasp. I can see 2 notches on the back of the buttons, but I don't know how to use it. Tried pricking it with a needle, didn't do anything. Thank you in advance.
  4. On the dial we can read "Chs Tissot & Fills, Depuis 1853". When I try to wind it, the hands make random increments, they "jump"! Inside the watch case there are 17 jewels and, below the balance wheel, we can see the following numbers "V8ZA2" and "6498-1", the meaning of which I do not know. I can't wind the watch, is this an easy problem to solve for a beginner? PS-I can't upload a video...
  5. Hey everyone, I'm stuck and I hope the community can help. Picked up an old Tissot 7 auto from eBay with a cracked crystal, thinking it should be no problem to get a replacement. After disassembly I saw the crystal is if a weird shape I can't find on Cousins or any other catalog. It's a barrel but with a rectangular flange. Any ideas?
  6. Hi, I have partially restored a Tissot Navigator T-12, the 24 hour version however when I tried to case it back up there was too much movement inside. The movement can move about 1mm forward and back towards the case back. I have a movement holder ring however I cannot find any guidance on whether it is the correct one. Or how it should look if serviceable. does anyone have a photo of the case parts for this watch or similar. I will post photos. As you can see, I am using a couple of non-standard spacers forward of the dial to get the right tension.
  7. Hi All, A not so quick intro, i’ve always loved watches, and anything mechanical really, but normally on a much larger scale, cars, boats, anything R/C, I studied mechanical engineering with automotive design, but never really put it into any practice, but i’ve always got some projects i’m working on, restoring something, an old car, bike, motorcycle etc etc.... never even considered watches as something i could work on... then at the beginning of this second lockdown I found an old Tissot that I bought when I was about 15... (42 now with 3 kids) i loved this watch a wore it for years and it had always been great, very stylish with its square face and leather strap with clasp... i felt really guilty i hadn’t worn it for so long, it had long been put aside for a Rolex i got a bit later and have since grown to love and use all the time, (35mm SS Mechanical Precision Datejust) I felt like I just have to get this Tissot working again, so I put a new battery in it, It worked for a bit then stopped, so i though it needs a service, got a quote of +£300 to sort it and couldn’t believe that, so i thought i’ll do it myself, and my online endeavours brought me to Marks lessons, i’m currently half way through the 3rd course, the Tissot (i find out has got a ETA Quarts Movement 251.471) its currently in a million bits, cleaned it now, lost a few parts, when dismantling ???, but managed to work out what parts and reordered the parts... like a mad jigsaw puzzle, so now im nearly ready to re assemble it, just seems like it was very dirty, i think dirt right down in the motors, pinion within stator i believe, love this watch almost as much as the Rolex... so one way or another i’ll get it running, even if i have to buy a new movement (last resort, and would be cheating, i think) enjoying the silence of being at the desk, parts in front of me and a mechanical challenge... i find it so relaxing, i must be mad really, looking forward to seeing members others projects too, and would love to be able to service my Rolex too, but woun’t attempt that until the Tissot sorted... i recon the Rolex would probably be easy in comparison to what i’ve started, anyhow, my intro has dragged on a bit, i’d love some fundamental lessons on quartz, have been surprised about the lack of info on quartz movements, if anyone could point me in direction of basic info on them/lessons etc that would be fab... Looking forward to working on a few other watches i have, (Post Tissot) and looking at other members projects too... thanks Clark ill try a post a few pics of the tissot and its parts for you to see... i hope you agree it’s a nice looking watch, worthless but of big sentimental value to me...
  8. Hi all, I managed to get my hands on a vintage 1972 Tissot Seastar Automatic with a 794 movement. It's given me a few challenges along the way with the calendar mechanism and no technical sheet to refer to but I seem to have overcome everything until the last part of the assembly. The date wheel is advancing fine now, as does the day disc when light pressure is given with pegwood when I rotate the crown. However, my question is, what holds the day disc centralised and in place? I've worked on an ETA 2836-2 date/day mechanism, and on this, a circlip held the day wheel on. The design suggests with this one that the dial alone will provide enough pressure to hold it in place though I'm not convinced. I've invested in a new date ring and day disc due to the originals being badly damaged. Has anyone worked on one of these old Tissot movements before who could kindly offer some advice on fixing the day disc please? Photos of the job added. Many thanks, Adam
  9. Hi there. Just starting out out on my Horology journey, have all the gear and trying to get an idea with the help of Mark and his online courses. If anyone has any good websites, books, wisdom to share, I’m all ears and very greatful in advance! Thank Bethan
  10. Hi All, I recently replaced the movement for my Tissot PR50, which was a standard ETA F06.111. I now need to replace the crown as the old stem was broken into the crown and could not be re-used. Could someone point me in the right direction in finding a proper replacement crown? I don't know the size or how/where to measure to find a proper crown. Thank you!
  11. Hi guys, Was wondering if you could help identify this movement. It has rusted and needs replacing! Unfortunately, there is no codes on it. It looks very similar to a Rotary I have, but looks a little wider. Kind regards, Alan.
  12. Hi All Came by this Tissot Antimagnetique recently at a boot fair in Surrey. The movement, as far as I can ascertain, is a 27.3 dating to 1945 and is very clean and working. It keeps good time and I'm pleased with it but is the stainless case right for this vintage? There are some watch repairers' dates scratched inside that seem to confirm the date, one of which is 25/5/49 coincidentally two days before I was born. The movement is numbered 1832876 and the case is numbered 6072-3 6076. The dial has a couple of discoloured patches either side of the 3 but is otherwise good with intact, but spent, lume on numerals and hands. Do you think it was worth the three quid I paid for it? Sorry about poor quality pics.
  13. a couple of months ago i won a lanco on ebay. i liked it because it was a nice size it was in great shape. it was bought as a nonrunner. when i got it, i opened it up and realized that the movement is a tissot 2481 auto. i didn't know that lancos were tissots in disguise. i haven't worked on one yet and i'm wondering how easy it might be to service. has anyone worked on one? also, i noticed that the escape does not have the tiny screw adjuster on it. i can't figure out why it would be missing, but it might have something to do with the fact that it doesn't run. another thing; when i turn the crown, it must not be long enough because it sets the time. i can't push the crown in deep enough to wind it. someone cut the stem too short. so far i need; a new stem and a complete balance assembly. one more thing; when i turn the crown and the watch sets, only the hour hand moves. i haven't run into this type of issue before. what is broken inside to allow that to happen? i'll probably look for a spare movement and cannibalize it.
  14. Tissot T063.637.16.057 (ETA G15.561): It is possible to calibrate the date change moment? I've tested 3 watches, and they all had problem with date change moment: 1) 22:40, 2) 23:47, 3) 23:54. But other users report that they have date change exactly at 00:00, so may be it is possible to calibrate the moment when the date is changed?
  15. Most of you on here would almost certainly be experts already - I'm not. But one of my watches is a Tissot T-Touch Smart Watch, and I wasn't sure how to get the back off it. It LOOKS like a screw-type back, complete with recesses for a crab claw or Jaxa - but it's not. It's a snap-off/on type. For anyone who may need to get into one of these, for a battery change, or for a more intensive service, here is a link I found with detailed instructions and excellent photos. One very important piece of advice he gives is to point out the pressure sensor that is exposed once the back comes off. The watch, by the way, takes a CR1632 3-volt battery. Here's the link: http://forums.watchuseek.com/f62/tissot-t-touch-disassembly-photos-instructions-251413.html
  16. Hi all, thought I'd share what I did over the weekend.. >> Kindly read the section in the Community Guidlines regarding Advertising, self promotion and posting links. <<
  17. Thought this manual and parts listing may be some use. Also have the 2032 and 2035 manual though quality could be better. Vich Tissot 2031 Manual.pdf 4256_Tissot 2031,2037.pdf
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