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  1. Just a brief Hello, I have not been active on the forum for some time but without going into detail there have been a few health setbacks and deterioration of sight has not helped. Ironically I have just recently been given an excellent watch makers lathe and am enjoying my practise with it. I am still tinkering but it takes much longer than it used to. I have an ancestors company verge fusee pocket watch in pieces at the moment, it is signed but as with these items probably not much of his own work gone into it. I will be working on it from time to time but parts may be an issue.
  2. Latest News from Cousins. Bern Commercial Court View this email in your browser Swatch v Cousins in the Bern Commercial Court At the end of June, we explained the remaining steps in the Swiss Legal process were informal written comments from both parties, a hearing, and then the written judgement. The informal comments were completed and we have been waiting for the date of the hearing. It is worth explaining that the Swiss procedure is rather different to that in England. The right to a hearing is part of the Swiss Constitution, and the Judges are
  3. Swatch v Cousins in the Bern Court only slightly delayed due to Covid-19 Our fight with Swatch over the supply of parts has only been slightly delayed by the Covid-19 outbreak. Because the Swiss judicial system mainly relies on written submissions rather than Court appearances, the impact on our case has been less than might have been expected. The deadlines for submission of documents wer
  4. Latest in the David and Goliath Battle. Swatch v Cousins in the Bern Court only slightly delayed due to Covid.docx
  5. Excellent information as always OH. I am still following up on my ancestors and have a couple of Benj Harlow (inscribed on movements) Pocket Watches. It took a while (and with advice from others including yourself) for me to understand that the title "Watchmaker/Clockmaker" did not mean that the whole watch or indeed clock though inscribed on the movement was made in their workshop, but could be a collection of work from numerous different people and those people tended to specialise on the production of particular parts, pivots, faces dials, Silversmiths for watch cases, carpentry an
  6. Here is the latest, Cousins fight with Swatch continues as consumers start waking up to the problem The Bern Court is now well into what should be the final stage of the case that Swatch has brought agains
  7. I would have to agree that an inexpensive quartz movement will keep good time and probably better time than an old mechanical at least until the battery goes. However, I am not sure whether you are postulating that, that fact, will mean that people will no longer be interested in mechanical watches. I would say that there is broad spectrum of people that like the heartbeat of a mechanical watch and like repairing them as a hobby and this forum bears witness to that. The fact that a watch can possibly be repaired even by a hobbyist is an attraction to anyone who likes to reduce an item to
  8. latest I have received :- Updating You on our Two and Half Year Court Case View this email in your browser
  9. The Reality behind the COMCO and EU decisions. View this email in your browser The Reality behind the COMCO and EU decisions
  10. As always it is up to individuals to make their own decisions and this should be respected by all. Cheers, Vic
  11. Hello Paul, I was very much a "spectator" on this interesting article, I suggest you PM Ry himself. In general the older anything is the harder spares would be and unfortunately you could be looking at butchering an old item to get parts. Cheers, Vich
  12. Hello jdm, Can you advise me what "forum " format is these days, I originally put it up some time ago as a pdf because it is an industry standard that was readable from any device or OS and easily downloaded should that be desired, I can convert to anything you want if necessary. Cheers, Vic
  13. Hello jdm, The "Walkthrough" on the fix is in the PDF attachments but I have no strong opinion and this is just a comment. Regs Vic
  14. Hello David and greetings from me as well. Cheered, Vic
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