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  1. Berwick

    My projects are all packed away and I have not touched a watch for a while, apart from replacing a quartz movement like for like in a Rotary and putting in batteries for friends and relatives. Stuff is settling down a bit so maybe not long until I am back and in a position to contribute once more. Wandering by the bank of the Tweed on a day out celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary and happened upon a small water spring with a plaque. Pics below.
  2. I hope it ends up as a true victory for Cousins partly for the reasons given by CB and partly because I would like to see a company that seems to think the law is something to be worked around to brings matters to their own largely self serving advantage, to the detriment of others and the industry as a whole, properly brought into line. I have nothing against any company that becomes a market leader because the goods they supply are much better than anything else on sale. However, when a company systematically sets about buying out and removing the competition with the intention of controlling and monopolising an entire industry in the most protectionist of self serving ways - well, I don't like it, something inside me screams about fairness and dishonour. At the risk of sounding dramatic their actions and attitudes are perhaps even coming close to being evil. Vic
  3. I hope it ends up as a true victory for Cousins partly for the reasons given by CB and partly because I would like to see a company that seems to think the law is something to be worked around, to brings matters to their own largely self serving advantage, to the detriment of others and the industry as a whole. Vic
  4. Swatch v Cousins. Swatch Appeal against Bern Court decision. View this email in your browser Swatch. A Watch Company that Wastes Time... “Forum Running” is a term that describes an attempt to avoid legal action threatened in one Court, by dragging it to another that has no real reason to deal with it. It is a rather unlawful practice that is sometimes used by big companies to frighten off smaller opponents by wasting their time and money. When the Judge in Bern dismissed Swatch’s claim against Cousins, he made it tolerably clear that Forum Running was not going to be allowed in his Court. Wasting time and money in the hope Cousins will go away seems to be one of Swatch’s tactics, and the fact that they have now, as we expected, appealed against the Bern Court ruling seems to demonstrate that they still haven’t learned that Cousins will not be frightened off, and will see this through to the end. What particularly demonstrates the time wasting nature of the appeal is that the Bern decision was based on a ruling from the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, and it is this very same body that the appeal has been made to. Our Swiss lawyers are currently studying the details of the appeal, which arrived with them recently, however, it seems on first reading that Swatch are trying to argue, amongst other things, that the Supreme Court has it wrong, and needs to change its practice. It’s hard to say what the consequences of that would be for the Swiss legal system. The appeal process is likely to run for less than ten months. For now, Cousins is still here, still not frightened, and still fighting. Some companies like to waste time, Cousins likes to save time ….. along with the independent repair industry that keeps it ticking. Kind Regards Anthony Cousins Managing Director, Cousins Material House Ltd.
  5. PS. Mine was a front loader and I had to split off the bezel to change the movement. I have remembered that did work on a Rotary chrono some time ago, again a movement change, and it was quite fussy, two sub dials and lunar phase plus date indicated by a hand as well and that one did actually have a Miyota 6P50 movement in it. Cheers, Vic
  6. Hello Ishima, Just replaced a movement in a similar Rotary and it was a Ronda (Cousins Ref RH785). It may be worth checking the Ronda section. Cheers, Vic
  7. Happy Birthday from me Will. Ok it was expensive but so what, if we can' t have a treat at our time of life it would be a pity. You can admire it when you lift a glass in celebration. Cheers, Vic
  8. Francis Barker Mk III Compass

    Thanks from me as well. Thoroughly enjoyed this thread and the end result is admirable. Cheers, Vic
  9. Francis Barker Mk III Compass

    Thanks for this thread it is a thoroughly enjoyable read and a credit to your skill, lovely piece and well done. Cheers, Vic
  10. Oldhorologist

    Hello Gordi, Welcome from me as well, I have been the recipient of much welcome advice from the pro's on the forum and an increase to the pool of knowledge can only be good for everyone. Cheers, Vic
  11. Greetings from the UK

    Hello Andy and welcome from me as well. Cheers, Vic
  12. Hello from uk

    Hello Pete, Welcome to the forum, Great place here to exume the "failures" and have another go with the assistance of the pro's in the forum. Cheers, Vic
  13. An amateur watch fanatic

    And Hello from me Rust, We amateurs / tinkerers get fantastic friendship and advice in this forum due to the expertise gained from members with many years in the trade, who unconditionally assist in times of difficulty. Great place and welcome. Cheers, Vic
  14. I think OH put his finger on it, I had this once with an old watch from the bay and it was quite literally completely dried out inside. Service it and check the spring out. Cheers, Vic
  15. Howdy From Texas :)

    Hello Rick, welcome from me as well. Looking forward to your postings. Cheers, Vic