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  1. thanks for that, the seiko quartz project sounds great, would love to see some pics of your work... good luck with it, the tissot is on the bench still at the moment, just waiting on one more part to come in from cousins, i’ll take some pics as i rebuild it.. thanks
  2. Hi All, A not so quick intro, i’ve always loved watches, and anything mechanical really, but normally on a much larger scale, cars, boats, anything R/C, I studied mechanical engineering with automotive design, but never really put it into any practice, but i’ve always got some projects i’m working on, restoring something, an old car, bike, motorcycle etc etc.... never even considered watches as something i could work on... then at the beginning of this second lockdown I found an old Tissot that I bought when I was about 15... (42 now with 3 kids) i loved this watch a wore it for years and
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