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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there, I've been looking at tools to repair slack bracelets, but the prices are eye wateringly high, there are 3 types from what I can see and they run at around $400 each does anyone have a workaround or alternative tool that could be re-purposed to do the same job?
  2. Hello everyone, new member here. So I'm using a Tissot titanium chronograph with a butterfly clasp holding the bracelet. Lately, the clasp would undo itself while I'm wearing it. Upon inspecting it, I suspect the problem is either the button's spring became weak, or the small rods inside got gunked up by sweat and grime (or both). Can anybody share on how to disassemble the clasp, specifically the button containing the spring inside? I have done basic works on the watch, like replacing the battery, resizing the bracelet, even repaired its broken stem, so I have some ideas of what I'm getting into. Attached are the pictures of the clasp. I can see 2 notches on the back of the buttons, but I don't know how to use it. Tried pricking it with a needle, didn't do anything. Thank you in advance.
  3. Just to start a thread on strap/bracelet selection as this is always something I struggle with - given that a good strap or bracelet can elevate the look of a watch and frame your hard work in the best light and, conversely, a poor choice can make your hard work look cheap and cheesy. I propose we use this thread to get the help of the forum.... more brains to help, how can we fail?! I suggest you post a picture of your finished watch and let the creative juices flow.... can be the naked watch if you don't have any idea or the watch with the optional bracelets/straps you want to pick from.
  4. I need some help finding a replacement strap fro a womans Seiko Watch - it has a single central lug and pinned from the outside in, this seems to be a relatively common setup for womans watches (see below), but I cannot find anywhere to start looking for a replacement (current strap is too short and missing/damaged links). Can anyone point me in the right direction (web link or correct search term) for a replacement strap that would work - not looking for an exact replacement, just one that would fit the watch. See dimensions below (also see annotated picture) The central/internal lug (part of watch case) measures about 3.11 mm The (outside) width of the bracelet where it touches the case os 10 mm The link width at the end is about 5.9mm Like I said not looking for a direct replacement, just something that would work. Thanks
  5. Got this Balmain Paris watch off eBay for cheap to practice my buffing and polishing. The bracelet is much too big to fit me so I need to remove a few links, but this bracelet is like nothing I’ve seen before. It has pin holes on one side but nothing on the other. I tried pushing to see if the pins are spring loaded but no luck... I thought it was likely that they were screws but I put a few different flatheads inside and they never caught onto anything. I’ve cleaned the holes out the best I could (the watch was very dirty) but I can’t fully see in there, with my loupe on it just looks flat with no screw pattern. Does anyone know how to remove these links?
  6. Hi, It's Paul here from Melbourne Australia. Just recently pulled out a box of watches that were in a cupboard - going to get them all working hopefully! I'm an absolute watch newbie! I like working on cars and so decided to have a go at fixing these watches (Youtube, internet and forums are a great help!) while in COVID-19 lockdown. I have replaced a battery in one Cartier and one Longines so far - both working now! I have a bright torch, magnifying glass and a very cheap set of jewellers screwdrivers. I was very careful with the Cartier as it had six tiny screws holding the back case on - my eyes aren't as good as they used to be!!! Anyway, hoping someone can help with a Cartier clasp (stainless steel and gold plate Must de Cartier 21) shown here in thumbnail. One half of the clasp holds securely (hole fits tightly over the post), the other half doesn't. I assume that over time, the hole on one side has been worn and is now too big to fit snugly over its corresponding post? What are my possible options here? Replace part/s of the bracelet? (Not sure where I can get new/used parts.) Build up the offending post or offending hole - use some JB-Weld? Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi, the bracelet on my SARB033 is a D385-3C, it's currently too small for me to wear. I have two spare links, but no pins for them. On removing a pin from the bracelet I found it to be nothing like a cotter pin, nor did it appear to be a "pin and tube". It was more like a pin with a thicker end that was knurled . I'm looking for resources to purchase a few of these pins, also links and pins for a JDM Seiko (a Grey Ghost titanium kinetic) Can anyone point me in the right direction? Trev.
  8. Hello everyone Im looking to find a bracelet for my snk807 preferably with curves endlinks to match the case. Im assuming that a bracelet from the snk795 would work unless im wrong. Anybody know where to find a bracelet for this?
  9. Hi there watch repair experts and fans! My first time here so please be gentle with me It concerns the ladies watch you see in the pics and, in particular, its rather unusual metal bracelet strap. I want to make the strap a few links shorter. Normally with metal bracelets it is, of course, all about pushing out the pins, taking out the bits of the bracelet you don't need and then putting it all back together. But THIS one has a weird-looking two-section bracelet which, as far as I can see, is held together by very small screws (?) from each side and no pins involved. Obviously I am wondering what to do to get the pins/screws out. Another thing of course i that I will have to take one link from either side of the bracelet. Anyone seen a bracelet like this before. HOW to do this adjustment?? I hope you can see what you need to in these photos.
  10. I am a novice so please bear with me. I just acquired a second hand Timex Expedition watch and the bracelet is too long for my wrist. So I checked online the various types of generic bracelet (friction pin, pin and collar, folded link, etc.) but my bracelet doesn't look like any of them. It has the "arrows" that indicate that the "arrowed" links can be removed but the replaceable links have a plain looking pin end on both sides of the bracelet. That is, there is no sign of the "slot" that is associated with a friction pin, there is no sign of a collar that is concentric with the pin, and there is no sign of the recess associated with the folded link bracelet type. Do you think that the bracelet is some other type? I have tried to use the push-pin on the end of my Burgeon tool but the bracelet pin does not want to move. Would a simple pin-pusher tool do it?
  11. Hello new guy here, I recently purchased a new watch and in attempting to resize it one of the threaded link band screws was being very stubborn and ended up being stripped (one side of the pin is threaded and the other is a flat head screw). I can't get any torque on turning it at all. I ended up ordering a space couple of links with new screw pins. How can I remove this threaded link band screw? Not opposed to breaking it off somehow since I have some replacements coming. Thank you!
  12. Does anyone know how to adjust this type of bracelet? I've tried everything I can think of.
  13. Can someone tell me how to repair a bracelet watch band? There is a pin that holds the metal watch band to the body of the watch. Inside the bracelet part is a spring, with a short bent side and a longer straight side. Can someone tell me how this spring fits into the band so I get some tension so the band opens and then closes snug around my wrist? Thanks for any help you can provide
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