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  1. Hi everyone, Just a flying visit. Does any of you British members listen to Radio Kent? If so, they're looking for someone who repairs clocks or watches for a living to phone in as part of a 'challenge' given to presenters to find a number of people connected with 'time'. You need to ring in before 2:00pm. The number is 03459 811111 and the frequency‎: ‎96.7 FM, 97.6 FM, 104.2 FM, 774 MW, 1602 MW. I'm listening! Cheers John
  2. Hi Geo! Passed through Perth last week en route to Linlithgow from Pitlochry after a week in the west highlands at Glenelg. I did wave!
  3. Thanks Michael. I'll be wearing it today for a 1940s gig at a local airfield.
  4. Hi All Came by this Tissot Antimagnetique recently at a boot fair in Surrey. The movement, as far as I can ascertain, is a 27.3 dating to 1945 and is very clean and working. It keeps good time and I'm pleased with it but is the stainless case right for this vintage? There are some watch repairers' dates scratched inside that seem to confirm the date, one of which is 25/5/49 coincidentally two days before I was born. The movement is numbered 1832876 and the case is numbered 6072-3 6076. The dial has a couple of discoloured patches either side of the 3 but is otherwise good with intact, but spent, lume on numerals and hands. Do you think it was worth the three quid I paid for it? Sorry about poor quality pics.
  5. Hi OldHippy, I know sweet Fanny Adams about clocks (or watches come to that) but, aside from the movement being cockeyed in the case, I'd say that the hands were wrong (too long) for a start.
  6. This morning's post brought me three new watches to play with - A Favre-Leuba cal.101 purporting to be a Sea Chief, very much resembling one of the fabled Indian repaints but attractive in its own way. It has a very clean chromed case and a fresh crystal but (I'm guessing) has a balance pivot problem. It was fully wound when it arrived but reluctant to run. With a bit of coaxing it is now ticking away dial up. It's not happy in other orientations though. In case you're wondering why I've introduced my F-L into a thread about the mighty Timex, it's because the two travelling companions are Timexes (is that the plural of Timex?). One 1970 Model 24 that's also wound tight but will only run if I gently apply yet more twist to the stem. Hmm, I think it knows I'm writing about it as I just gave it another tweak and it's now running (face down). I'll leave it to see whether it can de-stress itself. If not I'll let it down and give it a gentle wind and see if that cures it. Apparently the mainsprings in this Model are lifetime lube-coated and impervious to cleaning fluid. What technical wizardry is this? The third watch is a Model 40 Electric from 1971, cosmetically clean and free from dings. It came with a button cell (the wrong one) but I have a correct cell from my Model 255 Dynabeat and when that's inserted she runs strongly. There you have it, three watches for £16 including post, and all three at least in motion, if not yet reliably running. More importantly, two more Timexes saved from the club-hammer! :biggrin:
  7. Yes, pictures please! I'm looking for ideas as to how to mount mine. :)
  8. Hi PeWe! Willkommen in der beste Uhrenforum!
  9. Hi Klode, This is just my very amateur opinion but I think that your best option might be to buy replacement movements and put them into your old cases, using the original dial and hands. These are not very expensive watches and the cost of getting them repaired is likely to be well in excess of replacement. Check inside the case and see what movements you've got and look for working replacements on the web. Good luck. John
  10. Dammit Geo, you beat me to the 7.62 jest! Hi Tom and hello from the Garden of England! Your intro was very interesting and enlightening - it's always good to get an insight into a fellow WRT member and his or her appreciations. I recently obtained a Komandirskie that has become a daily wearer but I'm still waiting on a Longines. Geo's already alluded to your gunsmithing and your handle so I'll just say for the moment that I've just become a member of a local Rifle Club. I know many Brits envy the freedoms in the US regarding handguns, me included. Over here we're pretty much restricted to black powder revolvers, or pistols with long barrels a la Buntline Special. We just can't be trusted with anything else! :( Keep the posts coming! John
  11. Hi Joe, I bet that your regards are the warmest thing in NY at the moment! :D
  12. Hi mr104x, (you need a handle that trips off the tongue more easily than that I feel!) :blink: Welcome to WRT world where the folk are friendly and knowledgeable and a sense of humour is an asset. What's clear as regards tools is that some cheaper tools will do some jobs but that, when it comes to stuff like screwdrivers, quality is essential. I'm just a ham-fisted tyro but Mark and the Mods will give you expert advice if you take the time to run it past them. There are posts on most subjects so I recommend reading as many as you can. Don't go mad buying stuff to quickly. Which bit of outer space are you from by the way? :rolleyes: Have fun! John
  13. I've often thought that I might make a career out of advising east asian companies on suitable or unsuitable names. Or correcting the grammar, spelling, and syntax in instruction booklets, some of which are difficult to make sense of. Synoke no! Synapse maybe! Synergy better! Manganese, Cyan, Tesseract, Limina just off the top of my head. No nicking my names Swatch! :money:
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