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  1. Mark Lovick - You NEED this

    Very interesting. I would be very worried if my work was scrutinised under this device! Seriously, I wonder how the really high end watches would look under this mic. I remember a post a while back which had some photos of a new Rolex movement which had metal shavings still visible through a loupe! Anilv
  2. Its about the size of a cigarette lay the watch on top (with the case back off I think) and activate the device. The hands will spin like crazy. Anilv
  3. There are battery powered gadgets that you place behind the watch and it makes the hands spin really fast. I think the idea is that it clears up any old oil/dirt in the pivots. I dont have one as I dont really work on quartz watches but I'm sure someone here has one. Anilv
  4. It would be helpful to post a picture of the caseback! Anyway on these watches I guess it a snap back.. look around the edge and you should see a gap where you can insert a tool and twist. If you're going to do it yourself with a knife take precautions as the knife will slip easily and can seriously hurt you. 'Lifetime mainspring'.. to me this usually means a pin-lever movement. not really high-end horology but works OK. HTH Anilv
  5. Hi all, Today I pulled out this Cosmo King. In the eighties this was a popular watch in Asia due to its close resemblance to a Rolex, even down to the day display from 11-1 o'clock. There were even aftermarket rolex dials which had feet to match the ETA 2836 dial fixing points. This one survived! I got as a security for a small loan (below the value of the watch) to a workmate at the time. Sad to say he left the company and we lost contact. This watch falls into the category of watches I would not have bought but as it ended up with me I kind of like it. I've had it for around 23year and its not been serviced in the time, will get around to it soon. The Tissot crown on these watches are plated, not gold filled like on the Rolex.. gave Titoni even gave the case back a coin edge to give some resemblance to the Rolex caseback. The original sticker still in place..shows how little use it gets! The bracelet is a typical Rolex Jubilee pattern..But seems like Titoni was one step ahead of Rolex and got their right angle drill first!! The bracelet pins go into blind holes instead of the thru holes on Rolex! Anyway I hope you like the picture of one of my King. If you have any other nobility (or even lesser ranks..presidents, generals) please share pictures! Anilv
  6. Watch of Today

    Wearing a Seiko 6119 splitdate today. Happy Monday everybody! Anilv
  7. Just in.. Slava 2414

    Thanks Ro63to!
  8. Just in.. Slava 2414

    Thanks Ro63to!
  9. Hi guys.. Sharing a few pics a Slava I got off the 'bay. Sellers pic was a bit blur but it had a movement I liked and was advertised as running. The crystal was pretty scratched up but it was running. A Russian 2 piece case back. Quickset date by pushing this ..well..pusher! As you can see , the crystal has a very high 'rise' and this contributes to the overall thickness. And this is the reason I bid for this has a Slava 2414 (or maybe a different number as it has day and date) with twin barrels. It looks pretty clean and the finishing is slightly better than the other Slava movements I've seen. Its running pretty well these last two days but I'll probably tear it down and take some pics and post them here. I spent a few minutes with some sandpaper and autosol and managed to clean it up a bit. Interesting dial with some constellation around the edge of the dial and some Russian words where a minute track would usually be. Also some numbers. Anyone can shed someone light on this? Or speak Russian? Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Mine is almost over as its 9pm here in Malaysia. Anilv
  10. Croton Aquamatic

    Since they went down the ETA route I've kinda lost interest. I had a chance to handle a Legend Diver some time back but it didn't do anything for me. Having a 2836 inside didnt help. Sad because they made some nice watches back in the day, I especially like their Admiral series (although they are some with designs only a mother could love!). I still have 2 watches powered by cal 990 automatic which are as good as it gets when it comes to swiss automatics. Thin and capable. Anilv
  11. Croton Aquamatic

    The way I understand it, Eterna started ETA to brand their ebauches so that the companies who used their movements could not be said to be using Eterna movements. So if a higher end brand were to use Eterna, they would not want to be associated with Eterna (lower priced range). Customers would say why pay more for the same ? Conversely, If a cheaper brand were to use an Eterna movement... who would buy an Eterna? You would be getting the same quality movement at a lower price! We see a lot of high priced watches used ETA movements (the ETA 1256 was for a while a favourite of Girard-perregaux) but you also see it in some weird brands. This association between movements works elsewhere. The omega 1481 was also used in Tissot where it was called the 2481. Apart from the nicer finishing on the Omega.. you will just be paying more for the name. Longines started their slide when the started using ETA ebauches, but this only mattered to the cognoscenti. Anilv
  12. Worn barrel bushing

    They are the same 'base' caliber but chronos usually have different mainsprings due to different power requirements. No harm trying! Also you can try to re-orient the current bush 180degrees like has been mentioned earlier. The bush can also be lowered it its bridge but not too much. Anilv
  13. Worn barrel bushing

    Edit ...... is the screw post for the automatic weight is also.... sorry!
  14. Worn barrel bushing

    Seikos will usually run with a worn barrel bushing.. not well but it usually runs well enough for my Indian cousins to flog them on eb@y With the barrel and train installed but not the ratchet wheel and escapement, push on the barrel teeth and see if the train wheel spins well. One thing on these movements is the screw post is also the centre seconds lower pivot. Applying force when undoing the rotor could lower the pivot (its pressed in) and cause the train to bind when you tighten bridge. Try installing the bridge without the barrel and see if the wheels are free. All the best! Anilv
  15. Seiko 7009 Hairspring

    Does the balance swing freely? If it is hard against a stop in one way then the impulse roller is not in the pallet fork. If the balance swings but the nothing else (including the escape wheel) then maybe you're missing the impulse roller. If it swings and the escape wheel clicks over a few teeth and then stops maybe the watch is out of beat and/or the balance jewels are dirty. Check also the screw for the pallet cock as an incorrect screw (head too thick) here will hit the hs. The rate-adjuster seems to be a the limit of the '+' .. could be that someone has been playing with this and the stud holder resulting in the watch being too out of beat. Your attempt to narrow down the issue to the hairspring (or not) is correct but I would recommend you get a running cheap 70xx series watch off the internet. You could then swap the balance complete and see if that solves your problem. If you buy a new hairspring (installing it correctly is also a problem) and it does not work.. what then? Finally.. the million-dollar question.. was the watch working before you started on it? HTH Anilv