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  1. Gruen Geneve. 23 Precision Powerdate

    Hi Eckehardt, Thats a nice watch and well worth servicing. I posted a Favre-Leuba the other day and wls1971 shared some info on the 'vacuum' brand. My guess is that it is from the late 60s. Pics of the watch here. rgds Anilv
  2. Watch of Today

    Hi Noirrac.. no it doesn't have any markings at the 9 o'clock. It not a Japanese Speed timer. Anilv
  3. Watch of Today

    This doesn't get much wrist time but when I do it feels so right! On this one the inner bezel still moves. 6139-6002 from June '75. Anilv
  4. Get the two arms on either side of the gear.. then manipulate the center bearing and see how all parts interact. Anilv
  5. Vintage Kendal & Dent Wristwatch

    Hi Adam, I love the execution, the dial, hands and case come together perfectly... the spade on the end of the seconds hand is classy! 21Jewels is above average for a simple handwind seconds only watch. Any pictures of the movement? I would say the style is more mid to late 60s. Even in the 70s you could find similar style watches being sold next to the chunky modern ones! Anilv
  6. GUB Glashutte Spezichrone

    is it an FEF movement?
  7. Favre-Leuba Daymatic

    Hi John,, Favre-Leuba brand has been revived and as their marketing is dependant on the brand history their webpage has a section on historic models. You can also post some pictures under a new topic. If you can remove the back then that will help to give an idea of when the watch was made. Anilv
  8. Favre-Leuba Daymatic

    Wow WLS... thanks for the case and strap info.. Much appreciated! Anilv
  9. Sharing a vintage Favre-Leuba Daymatic today. I believe it's from the late 50s or early 60s... Date was first included as a window in the dial around this time.. The pioneer was.. Rolex. Up close the dial looks pretty aged but at least it's legible and even across the dial. Case is not overly polished and the edges are still distinct if not sharp. Crown has marking but not FL. And between the lower lugs the number 1944 is engraved. Probably a serial or model number as this watch is not that old I think. The number 1944 is repeated on the case back as well. Perhaps 1944 is the model number and 64003 is the serial number? The case back is nicely done and we can see the hourglass which was later stylized to become the FL trademark. This inside of the case back is only marked with... Vacuum.. An inside is a nicely finished movement.. I think it's a Felsa of some sort. Again we see the hourglass.. Quite a good effort. But what really attracted me to this watch was the band.. It's in really nice condition and fills the lugs nicely without any gap.. Not surprising as its... ...meant for a Favre-Leuba! ..this is a stylized version of the hourglass on the case back. It's manufactured by Aristo..anyone heard of this brand? Hope u enjoyed the pictures! Anilv
  10. I introduce myself

    Welcome Mario!
  11. Sheared Screw on AS 1200

    Use a rigid pick and try to either back it out or screw it out the other side. The tension caused by the threads pulling away from the screw head is what holds the crew.. when the head is broken off completely the tension is removed. I find that unless rust is involved, most screws respond well to this method. You are aware that this will most likely be a left-handed screw right? Anilv
  12. A simple screw...

    Pip, There are examples of dials fastened by screws from the top but these are usually wristwatches and in practically all cases they would be hidden by the case when its put together. Anilv
  13. A simple screw...

    Hi Pip, dials usually have feet or posts which go into holes in the movement. These feet are then secured, usually by a sidescrew. In you watch I believe the feet broke off and someone in the past has used a screw to secure the dial. If you can get the feet replaced the damaged can be visually repaired by some epoxy and white paint. Not perfect but not immediately noticeable as there is very minimal damage to the minute track. Anilv
  14. One more thing.. I believe the hands are not original as gold hands will usually be installed in a gold/goldplated case. At the very least, they should match the markers. I have to dig through my stuff and see if I can find a suitable replacements. Anilv
  15. If 5 is good then 7 is better right? Well at least that is what Ricoh must have done when they decided to follow Citizen and put a 7 on their dial. I actually went to see a guy about a Citizen V2 and when I asked him if he had any other watches he pulled this out. The camera is usually very hard on camera but to the naked eye it looks ok. I was drawn to the colour and bezel design... similar to a Rolex Air-king. In the picture below you can see the tall crystal.. don't know if this style was original? Another detail is the day-wheel which is higher that the date wheel. Similar to early Seikos but Seiko fixed it in later models, Ricoh didn't and you will see this in early and late Ricoh watches. Caseback is pretty normal.. notice the notches in the bracelet for releasing the springbars are only on one side.. they did make the bigger though. Folded link bracelet looks original but feels cheaper than contemporary Seiko or Citizen bracelets. No other makings other than on the clasp. Inside we have your basic Ricoh automatic with hand-wind and pushbutton date set. Some dirt is present but it looks like it'll clean up well. rgds Anilv