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  1. Since it runs ok in all positions excepte dial down I would check the balance jewels/pivot on the mainplate. Another thing is check that the screw on the pallet fork bridge is correct as a thicker one can interfere with the balance. I'm sorry I may have missed something but hairspring issues and overbanking would have an impact in all positions? Anilv
  2. To add to JDM's post, you need another person to help you, one guy holds the case steady and holds the ballbearing down with a piece of pegwood or wooden toothpick. The other guys then hits the edge of the well to close the edges .. two hits opposite each other should be sufficient. I never had issues with the ballbearing sitting too high but I can imagine it would be possible. My worry is you may have excessive play in the bezel, ie too much up-down movement. Check this by installing the bezel without the ballbearing and its spring. Anilv
  3. On the AS1361 the rotor is retained by this plate. Once removed the rotor should lift off. In your case as the retaining plate does not seem to be present the pivot should push out with minimal force. Anilv
  4. I would, as you said, at the bottom where the minute wheel rides. Anilv
  5. It's all about reducing the contact area. Less contact area=less friction, which is what jewels are all about. Anilv
  6. Glad it worked out Peter, that's a typical sign of worn barrel pivots. Anilv
  7. probably wear and tear. Problem with russian watches is that while the movements are good, the cases are pathetic, offering little in the way of protecton from humidity and dust. Hence they require regular servicing. Anilv
  8. CHeck that the barrel does not tilt when installed. If it does the holes in the barrel bridge or mainplate could be worn slightly, that is why it works when you press down the barrel bridge. Anilv
  9. The Inca spring has pivots and flips up. The Raketa one just slides out sideways after releasing the two prongs. I had to buy a donor to harvest this spring a few months back. Anilv
  10. Its quite difficult to glue feet back on but heres a tip. I usually do it first before assembling. What I do is fit the feet back in a bare movement so that they stick out a bit equally, then dress the tips so that they are flat, Next Apply some JB weld to the dial where you want the feet to go .. sighting thru the hole in the middle of the dial to ensure you get it really centred. Use blobs of rodico on the edges to ensure the dial stays level. If you like you can reattach the centre wheels, canon pinion/minute wheel to ensure that the dial is really centred. Leave it overnight or longer and then remove dial from movement . Good luck Anilv
  11. The u shaped thing goes under the cock and locks the balance jewel setting which goes from the top. The stud holder and regulator go below the jewel setting above the cock.. usually the regulator above and the stud holder closes to the top of the balance cock. Anilv
  12. The reason it rubs is because there is wear in the bearing. Proper repair is to replace the bearing. Sorry no leads on where to source a bearing. I think I did cannibalize one from an Orient but that was a few years ago. Good luck Anilv p.s. Even if you do file down the heads of the screw My guess is that the rotor will then hit the edge of the automatic device bridge.
  13. Sell it on to someone who can. I can't make a balance shaft , its too much effort so I'm pretty content to just replace them if I can source parts. Otherwise it moves on. Anilv
  14. Moving the stud holder brings the watch in beat. ETAchron moves to keep the hairspring centered between the regulator pins which is important for consistent timekeeping. You are also able to close the gap while still keeping the hs centered. Anilv
  15. Sorry to ask but did you clean the balance jewels properly? and use the correct oil? when dial up or dial down these parts impact the running a lot. Anilv
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