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  1. Seiko 6349a weird seconds hand fault

    Does the 'spurt' occur at regular intervals? It could be wheels binding due to a bent pinion. I would look closely at the interaction if the pallet fork and escape wheel. Anilv
  2. While it may be possible to reseat the set-lever back into the winding pinion groove by removing the barrel bridge working on it from that side, It seems to me that this watch has more issues and a full stripdown is warranted. Anilv
  3. The 2892 automatic chrono is something that most watchmakers shy away from . It seems that its not really serviceable, I've heard that Omega just replaces the chrono module with a fresh one after servicing the base movement. If you have to take it apart, take note that the chrono needs to be in the running position before dismantling (ie button pressed in as if the chrono was started). This relieves tension on some of the parts so that they dont fly off in every direction. Good luck! Anilv
  4. Hi from South Africa

    Hi Stephen, Welcome to this super-friendly site!
  5. Hello

    Hi Tinkerman, Quartz watches are usually replaced be cause they are usually very cheap and not really meant to be repaired. Having said that some can be repaired. The problem is diagnosing the fault is not really easy without the proper electronic testing tools . Good luck! Anilv
  6. Hey Now. New Hobby.

    Welcome to the forum! Anilv
  7. Hello from Southern California

    Nice JLC Milo.. The Mumbai specials I get are nowhere near as nice. A good clean and a new mainspring should see it working for the next 10years! I think its a legit JLC, the shock-protection on the balance looks like a Kif Flector and these were usually found on higher end watches. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Hello from Nebraska

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  9. Hello from sunny Queensland

    Welcome Peter.. you've come to the right place! Anilv
  10. Hello from Alabama

    Hi fireftr45..welcome to the forum.. and don't everything else it gets easier the more you practice. Anilv
  11. Hello from Seattle

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  12. Hi Andy... welcome to the forum! Anilv
  13. Howdy Everybody!

    Welcome Pig!
  14. Services

    On most movements the barrel teeth are visible on the edge of the movement. Shake the watch to set the balance moving and use a screwdriver to push the barrel along on the visible edge and see if the movement runs. What you are doing is simulating the power of the mainspring. Pin-levers need more power than a jewelled lever movement. Anilv
  15. Watch of Today

    Dug out this Rado President, it uses an AS1702 with 21jewels. Pretty good except that it has these cap jewels which are pretty much permanently affixed. These have been discussed on this forum with no clear solution. Pretty basic dial, the Rado, anchor and 'President' are printed directly on the dial. Additionally the dial is engraved with fine concentric circles. Hard to photograph. Side note: If the Rado anchor is printed directly on the dial, its a hand-wind. If its mounted on a 'jewel' and can rotate freely then its an automatic. Instead of the Rado anchor on the crown, it has an 'R' which is what Rado used in the fifties to the early sixties. Caseback is normal.. nothing fancy but it has character. I've had this watch for at least 10 years and I remember the caseback was a **BLEEP** to remove. I had to bring it to a friend who had workbench opener to open it! And inside we have the aforementioned AS1702 movement..Looks pretty good for something approaching 60years old! Unfortunately the case has some scars visible due to water being trapped under the gasket, in this case I would imagine a lead gasket? Hope you enjoy the pics! Anilv