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  1. Hello from Montreal

    Welcome Lupinpopette!
  2. Save my diver

    Get a working Miyota to practice on. If you start with a non-working one, you may not find the issue and end up with a watch that still does not work. Miyota's are cheap enough that getting a new one for your watch and practising on your old one is not so cost prohibitive. Since you're not in a hurry just get on with it and post pictures here as you go. Worst case scenario, buy a new movement. Anilv
  3. Running slow....

    I would take the mainspring out of the barrel and have a look at it. Best to change for new one .. otherwise you'll be chasing smoke! Anilv
  4. Running slow....

    Too heavy oil? Also did you oil the pallet fork pivot? Check the mainspring as well. Anilv
  5. Watch of Today

    WOW.. you pratically never see those Sealions as they're usually worn off. Nice one Tipsy!
  6. Watch of Today

    Wow.. this Seiko is practically NOS. Can you share a picture of the caseback? TIA
  7. Save my diver

    Hi Martini. Go for it. If you get stuck post here and someone will help. Anilv
  8. First make sure the part you want to remove is steel and not any other metal. Also make sure no other steel parts are around as the alum is indiscriminate. Next mix Alum with hot water and soak the part, after several hours try to scrape the broken screw out with a sharp pick, you will find it has turned to a rust like substance. Repeat again after a few hours. Depending on the amount of alum dissolved you may need to mix a fresh batch. Most guys say that heat helps, personally I am in the tropics and haven't had to reheat, but mine usually takes around 6-10 days to get out completely. Heat may help but I can wait. Anilv
  9. It looks good! It seems to me that the markers have a 'goldish' hue? if this is in fact true then the hands should match. The hands don't do the dial justice.. in fact they seem to have more wear than the dial. This is the only thing that makes me think this may not be the dial the watch started out with. Anilv
  10. Watch of Today

    Wearing a Fortis 'True-line' this Sunday. It's an automatic with an ETA 2452 inside. Bought it cheap a few years back as it was not running, a service and it's running fine. It had a generic crown which I swapped out for a used original I had around. It has shrouded lugs which is a nice design feature and with the date at 1 o'clock it's quite a unique watch. Foetus is a brand rich in historynd their recent models are quite ice but is sad that they had to declare bankruptcy last year.. Hope they make it through. Anilv
  11. Watch of Today

    Wearing a chunky Citizen this Friday the 13th!. It has a 6501 movement inside. On this example I believe the hour and minute hands have been changed, they should be gold-plated. It has a whole bunch of numbers on the back but the serial number is the one starting 409xx which means that this is from Sept '74. Citizen use the 2nd and 3rd digit of the serial number for the month whereas Seiko only uses the 2nd digit with 0, N and D for Oct, Nov, Dec respectively. The case is black anodised aluminium and I usually apply some grease on the threads when I have the caseback off as aluminum and steel can corrode badly. I like these Citizens as they are uniquely 70s in design and much better than their 'Eagle' models. One downside is the anodising wears off on the back but as its not really visible I can deal with that. Have a good weekend ahead! Anilv
  12. Watch of Today

    Very nice watch! I believe Ginsbo went on to become Pagol which was a popular brand in Asia. Similar for Felca which became Titoni. Anilv
  13. Its been tough finding good watches at the right prices on ebay the last few years with even crap watches asking silly money. The shipping costs have also escalated sharply, I particularly dislike the added customs charge fee. I have never been charged anything for used watches I have received thru the post and would definitely prefer paying if and when I am charged. Anyway, if you are careful and know what you're bidding for there are some bargains to be had. I recently bought this Certina Bristol for not much money and I would like to share some hints about what to look for. This is a 25-66 movement and it built inhouse by Certina and while they are not really cheap when fully working, I believe they are undervalued and are really good value for money, This is the sellers picture about the watch, a bit of patina and the seconds hand is missing. While the seconds hand alone is not a problem, you need to ask yourself why was it not replaced as someone obviously had the back off to get the seconds hand out? One possibility is the tip of the seconds hand may have broken off. While parts for Certina are available this will add unnecessary problems. Looking at the photo again I can see the remnants of the centre-pinion (whitish dot in the middle). Another pic from the seller. My guess is that the pinion is good. Moving on to the backside of the watch. Not much to see here except that the previous watch maker was a bit clumsy opening the caseback. It still has its original crown which is always nice to see! The movement looks pretty clean, sometimes the damage patina on the dial can indicate water damage but since the stem is pretty rust free I would say its just the lacquer breaking down. Nice regulator, sign of a quality watch! I bought the watch about a month back, it has arrived at my friends shop .. I need to collect it. Finally the description. The most important is that balance wheel is good. This does not mean there isn't a problem elsewhere.. It could be a broken mainspring or messed up hairspring. Straightforward and to the point. No mention of being rare or collectible , just needs servicing yadda yadda.. Finally check the seller, In this case its YDL Worldstore.. all good! So I made a bid and won it for USD31+USD15 shipping.. Total USD46. What I get will be an interesting watch with a good quality movement that hopefully a COA will bring back to life. I should have a seconds needle in my box of parts but I might need to change the seconds pinion, we'll see about that. Of course there may be other problems like broken train pivots, cracked jewels etc but that's part of the gamble! I will probably get the watch back this weekend and will post further here. Stay tuned. Anilv
  14. Train Wheel Polishing/Shining

    No harm trying to get everything clean but some watch parts are plated and the plating is very thin. Brasso and other metal polish will remove this and leave a nice shine which is quickly dulled. Anilv