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  1. Also was this watch together when you got it? ie did the parts fit before? Anilv
  2. With these DD modules you need to dismantle with the chrono in the 'running' position to avoid parts flying off. But you've probably figured that out already! I serviced mine when I had one .. more to see how it was constructed but after getting it back together I swore I'd never service (or buy) another. Anilv
  3. The module is manufactured and serviced by Dubois Depraz but I believe they only accept work from the dealers.. ie Omega or other brands that incorporate this module in their watches. Also they are not serviced per se , but replaced on an exchange basis. Anyone else can confirm this? Anilv
  4. Nice watch and looks like it cleaned up well.. good luck with the reassembly! Anilv
  5. Just grind a slot into a piece of metal.. I used the clip from a pen... use like you would a spanner/wrench. Anilv
  6. The reduction wheel screw is a left-hand thread. Basically anything with three lines on it is left-hand threaded. Just in case you were not aware! Anilv
  7. Being in Southeast Asia I've seen a few of the newer Eternas.. They're usually Hong Kong cases but the movement is a proper ETA. Here I believe its also an ETA from the look of the set-lever/spring, in fact you can see a bit of the date-wheel track on the edge of the plate covering the keyless stuff. Also if you look for the balance-cock screw it looks like an ETA design. Interesting but not really valuable .. the reason it's pretty rare is probably because its not really good at telling time (as you've discovered!). Anilv edit.. up to a few years ago you could buy a NOS Eterna case/dial/band/crown/hands/movement spacer on ebay. You just needed to add a 2836 (or similar movement).
  8. Another thing I just remembered.. the regulator pins on the 7S26 are adjustable, in/out in relation to the balance pivot and the regulator pins can be moved to reduce the gap between the pins. Not something that will move under normal handling so don't touch this. Anilv
  9. When you move the regulator it is very possible to move the stud carrier and thereby upset the beat of the watch. The stud carrier is the one that holds the end of the hairspring. If it has moved the 'tick' and 'tock' will not balance and the watch will run poorly (if at all). The regulator adjusts the effective length of the hairspring. I'm not sure how you app works but if it identifies each beat they should be balance. If it is not trying moving it a bit to see if that helps. Another thing that can happen is the hairspring can get trapped by the regulator pins and is pulled in one direction.. this will close the coils until they touch and will drastically affect the rate (fast/slow). You need to examine the balance carefully to see if this is the case. Anilv
  10. Not easy to do with normal tools.. and more likely to do more harm than good. Also note that Rolex cases are harder than normal s-steel cases. I would pay to get it done professionally. The professionals securely mount the case and use a metal lapping disc to polish the cases.. Anilv
  11. I think you'd also need to remove the upper bezel (which holds the crystal in) as the dial will be bigger than the case-hole. Anilv
  12. Most military watches have a number engraved on it somewhere... there always remained the property of the military and the numbers were meant to keep track of who was issued what. Also the numbers helped to ensure servicing records kept accurately. For the two dots on the hand.. this was more to break up the large mass of luminous material.. nothing special here. Also I believe most military watches are usually black dialed? Anilv
  13. It is possible that the regulator was moved when the watch was dropped resulting in a change in the rate or even the beat. Another possibility is the hairspring has escaped from the regulator but this would usually result in a bigger variance. Anyway, wear it for a while before you attempt to fix the rate. Anilv
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