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  1. If you didn't clean the balance jewels introducing fresh oil could dislodge the old gummed up oil and make things worse. I'm afraid you you wont make much progress without cleaning the balance jewels. Assuming you have checked that all jewels are clean and balance pivots are not bent bu the problem still persists,... I would check the endshake of the balance. A watch this old may have had the balance staff replaced and the replacement may not have been an exact fit. On most watches you can adjust the endshake a bit by pushing the jewel housing in the mainplate up or down a bit (using a staking set). Note that this may change the interface between roller jewel and pallet fork so this needs to be considered. On larger mens watches you can sometimes get a screwdriver between the hairspring coils to remove the jewels but on these smaller ladies watches its not so easy. Good luck Anilv
  2. One way to check if the watch is in beat is to wind the ratchet wheel slightly, less than a quarter turn. Stop the balance if it is turning. Swing the balance a bit in one direction (around 5-10 degrees to start with), if it starts thats good. Now stop the balance again. Now swing it in the other direction the same amount. What you're aiming for is for the balance to start running if the balance is nudged the same amount in either direction. On some movements you can also eyeball the pallet fork movement, it should be at rest in the middle of its travel when the balance is at rest. This is not so easy on the 7xxx series.
  3. A balance which is out of beat will have an imbalance.. If it is out of balance the hairspring may not have sufficient power to pull the balance back. There are technical terms but in essence the ms forces the balance in one direction and the hairspring pulls it back in the other. Even if the watch is out of beat, a full mspring may get it to work for a few hours but once power tails off then it will stop. You can install the complete balance in a bare mainplate and see if the impulse jewel (below the balance) is centred. This will be a good starting point and the watch should run well enough to be regulated by the rate adjuster (+/-). One app I use is wildspectra .. available for android. Not as good as a timegrapher but enough to see the beat and rate. Note that even a running fan in the next room will affect the reading so its essential to have a quiet environment or source a hi powered microphone. Good luck. Anilv
  4. You need to have an idea of how much power is left in the mainspring. Remove the rotor and 2nd intermediate winding gear (the one with the left-hand thread). Put a full wind on the ms using the screw on the ratchet wheel. Wind it until it slips the barrel wall, and continue until it is just about to slip again.. you may need to do this a few times to get a feel of when the ms will slip. Take note of the time and let the watch run down and take note of how many hours its run. Give it a shake and let it run down again in case its a bit of dirt in the train. An unwound mainspring should not tick more than 15 seconds or so. Next use a screw driver on the ratchet wheel screw, hold it and lift the click (you may need to backwind a bit), release the screwdriver and count how many turns of the ratchet wheel is left. Usually half a turn is about all there is if the watch has wound down. If there is a lot of pressure in the mainspring then you have a train problem. Be careful at this stage because if the ms has a lot of power it can slip, Do it in stages and release the click when your fingers cant maneuver further (you'll see what I mean). If having wound the ms fully and the watch only runs for 4-5 hours but not much power is left in the ms then the mainspring is either wrongly installed, bad or incorrect. Do you have a timegrapher? Personally I suspect the watch is out of beat, ie ticks and tocks don't balance. Good luck! Anilv
  5. Can't help you on sourcing a display back but just to highlight that a display back will compromise the water-proofing. No way you'll get 300m resistance with one. Anilv
  6. https://www.lazada.com.my/catalog/?q=eta+2824+balance&_keyori=ss&from=input&spm=a2o4k.searchlist.search.go.3bed414fFbJlw1 if you really have to change...
  7. You mentioned it was serviced.. Did you service it yourself? If you're going to dive in, suggest you start by removing the balance.. inspect pivots and hairspring. Next put some power into the mainspring and see if the pallet fork locks/unlocks properly. It should 'snap' from one side to the other. If that is fine then remove power from the mainspring and remove the pallet fork. Wind the barrel a bit and the train should wind down. Try to move the wheels, if it spins a few more times then your have to inspect the pivots and pivot jewels closely. On older watches I usually find barrel holes worn. Good luck. Anilv
  8. Its a beautiful movement and perhaps the previous owner wanted it to be easily visible? Anilv
  9. Potential problems. 1. Out of beat, could happen if the watch was dropped. 2. Mainspring not good. 3. Dirty. 4. Bent/damaged pivots or pivot jewels... I would take it back to the person who serviced it if the service was done recently. Good luck
  10. Well you've come to the right place! cheers! Anilv
  11. From your username I'd guess you're into bikes? I've had the GPz 1100 (both FI n carbs) and also the turbo. (and a host of others). Currently still have a ZR-7S which is probably the last 8valve 4-cyl aircooled Kawasaki made (in 2001). Love them to death. Cheers! Anilv
  12. Oris should be credited with leading the revival of mechanical watches in the 90s. Their re-issue of the pointer date was inspired and it took a while for others to catch up. Yes they took the easy way by putting an ETA movement inside but a decent watch for the price. I have two, a Williams F1 watch and a black ss pointer date. I've had the Williams for more than 10 years and the Black pointer date for around 5 years. I plan to hang onto them for a while. Anilv
  13. Usually movement spacer will come with the case. A new movement usually comes sans case. On the case you bought, there are some fake SKX007s around. Google it. Here's one link.. https://forums.watchuseek.com/f21/feiko-fake-seiko-skx007-skx009-traits-772685.html
  14. Russian watches sometimes have a shim to set the balance-staff clearance. If it was missing you may have too little end shake but I would imagine that that would result in the watch stopping, not making noises. This post below has a picture of a shim but on a different movement. Something to think about. Good luck Anilv
  15. Did you change the mainspring? An old mspring can make the watch run sluggishly. Anilv
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