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  1. Hi there. I have acquired an assortment of new mainsprings, however, neither are in marked envelopes, they are just held in the plastic ring, some have a number like '80' on the plastic and others don't. So my question is how I identify these mainsprings? I have attached a phot to show how they have been delivered. Thanks in Advance. Bethan
  2. Hi Friends. I’m a newbie, just completing the BHI Tech Grade, exams in a few weeks. Just come across a pretty but not expensive pendant watch that my partner would love me to service. It runs for a while when not cased and not moved, stops when in case. It’s a pin pallet and I’ve heard these are not always the best to service? But want to give it a shot if only to learn and get it up and running for my partner (accepting it probably won’t be the best timekeeper). Can anyone possibly offer advice or does anyone have any documentation for servicing pin pallets in general? Thanks so much for your expert help as always. Pictures attached. Bethan
  3. That is exactly what I was after thank you .. don’t suppose you would know if anywhere the fundamentals of this is written on a cheat sheet or document by any chance?
  4. Hi Fellow People, Im reaching out as I’m currently learning all I can about watchmaking, and am working through the BHI distance learning technicians course, with my exam booked for May. I will need to service a quartz watch as part of my practical exam, and am learning about watch lubrication. A few months ago I found a great article that covered the technique for dipping and collecting the right amount of oil on the oiler, such as the speed and angle of the dip, however, I now can’t find it anywhere, no matter how much I search the internet Does anyone have or can point me in the right direction of instructions specifically on oil collection on the oiler? As you will know there is lots on the actual oiling process but not the oil collection process. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bethan
  5. Thanks Pip... great to meet you! I’ve literally downloaded both of Marks courses and working through the 2nd as we speak, and on the side also looking at servicing a cheap Favre Leuba that stops after about 10 mins. Also got a few other old movements that aren’t working and looking to see if I can get them working, however, the main thing that I’m finding though is that once I diagnose a fault (such as a broken Escape Wheel pinion) that I’ve had to search eBay and wait for replacements, however, I’ve just ordered a bulk load of vintage watch parts and hoping I will have the choice of things from that... although the next thing is knowing how to identify parts that will fit in different movements... is there any trick with this or is it just size and shape? (I know that mainsprings are by length, thickness and height). Thanks again for reaching out @Pip
  6. Hi there. Just starting out out on my Horology journey, have all the gear and trying to get an idea with the help of Mark and his online courses. If anyone has any good websites, books, wisdom to share, I’m all ears and very greatful in advance! Thank Bethan
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