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  1. welcome....and, yup....i've seen the glazed look. it's everywhere.
  2. pictures would help a bit. the pushers are locked in by the "C" clips AFTER the movement is installed. it's easy to get frustrated and worried that you messed it up. it happens to us all. just relax and it'll go.
  3. bravo!! nice to hear that. I have to save your tutorial so I can get round to servicing a few of mine before the end of this century.
  4. excellent thread! i have about 20 of these electro-mechanical watches in various brands. i love them. the best thing is that they are still relatively cheap on ebay - compared to accutrons and f300s. i am interested to see what the servicing and cleaning brings. is it still a runner?
  5. i have one that is running fast and i can't seem to slow it down. this is a nice thread. i remember working on a 218 a having the spring ping off to parts unknown. i can't even remember which watch it was!. i have about 30 accutrons in various states of working condition. the service function i need to get familiar with is phasing.
  6. nice find!! i love the aircraft clocks. they are such good looking pieces. you did well.
  7. You'v got a great eye and a lot of success in looking for the good stuff, Louis. Those are a couple of nice pieces. Love the sub dials in the older watches. They have a lot of character to begin with. Is there any real way to know what year these watches are?
  8. I read through an older thread a while ago, and someone referenced a bench buffer. I was curious as to what's out there in a good quality buffer, and what are you guys using. I had an industrial buffer but had to get rid of it because I moved recently and couldn' take it with me. It was a monster. I'm ure there are smaller units for watchmaking.
  9. I guess this begs the question: why is something OTHER than silicone used for case back gaskets if it destroys them? I've had numerous Omega F300 casebacks that I've had to soak in lighter fluid to be able to dig them out of their groove. They were mush and turned into a sticky black mess merely from age.
  10. That's a fine looking watch. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  11. yup....balance wheel. i seem to get the two mixed up for some strange reason.
  12. very interesting hacking. thanks for that explanation, louis.
  13. that is a beautiful watch. i've looked at a few record watches, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. i noticed this on the ranfft site. i've never heard of this function. what is it's purpose? Remarks micrometer regulator If the crown is pulled, the second hand continues running to the zero position and then stops.
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