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Found 12 results

  1. So I've just finished servicing a Bulova 23 jewel self winding watch from 1961. I'm trying to find a replacement crystal but it doesn't seem that I can use a conventional round hi dome crystal. I tried fitting a 30mm hi dome crystal in which seemed to fit nicely but won't hold the bezel in place. There is a mirrored ring inside the case to hold the movement in place. Is this what a reflector ring is? I found this (see photos) in the GS catalog and THINK it's the correct crystal (PA 462-17) but since it's expensive and I've never dealt with a crystal like this before I was hoping to get some advice/correction if needed. Thank you anyone who can help! (I included pics of the old crystal for reference)
  2. hi folks, total noob here... got a 6498 clone movement to start learning the watchmaking ropes... seller called it a 6498 and an m03, but I assume it's basically an st36... . anyhow, was testing the click during reassembly and the spring flew off to points unknown... so I was wondering if anyone knew where else I could get an st36 click spring in a reasonable amount of time? a Polish shop on ebay that sells the part ran out of them and an Italian shop that sells it is on vacation... original eta 6498 click springs don't look quite the same; so that route looks like a non-starter... advice appreciated...
  3. I have an Elgin 770 with a pallet fork with a broken upper arbor pivot. I've searched for a replacement pallet fork without success. I'm told I might be able to buy an arbor and replace the broken piece. Assuming I could find such a beast, is it possible to use my staking set to R&R the arbor? No jeweling set available. Thanks, RMD
  4. Hi all, if anyone needs new or replacement dial markers or emblems for rolex dial or tag or rado check this guy out https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/m.html?item=113812801170&_ssn=art-printing&rt=nc
  5. Hello all , does anyone no where i can get replacement Tag chrono pushers for tag cv2a1ac.fc6380 , I don't know about where you guys live but here in Australia the swatch group has every thing all but taken away .My fiends Tag had a chrono button unscrewed and he lost the spring and pusher . I could replace them with generic ones , but that would devalue the watch .Thanks all pushers like this https://images.app.goo.gl/CYu3TPMTVsH9kkon9
  6. I'm looking for a replacement mainspring for an old Elgin movement. CousinsUK seems to me to have the best "look-up" feature UNLESS your search comes up empty. The original spring is 0.1MM X 1.25 MM X roughly 270MM in length. this of course turns up nothing. What variable do you start with that is least injurious to the movement and accuracy when you must locate a substitute mainspring. I understand that heaight and length are rather fixed variables. Can I go up slightly in strength without too much badness happening? Thanks, RMD
  7. I own a fake Rolex submariner and the piece that connects the band to the watch is missing. I want to get this piece replaced but I fear that getting a replacement piece from a Rolex store would be way to pricey, and getting a cheap knockoff piece online would be, well too cheap. Is there any place to purchase replacement parts for an affordable price?
  8. Hi All, I recently replaced the movement for my Tissot PR50, which was a standard ETA F06.111. I now need to replace the crown as the old stem was broken into the crown and could not be re-used. Could someone point me in the right direction in finding a proper replacement crown? I don't know the size or how/where to measure to find a proper crown. Thank you!
  9. Hi all, I made a great fleamarket finding but as usual there is at least one issue. The subject is an old renova pocket watch with a built-in alarm. According to my searches on the internet, it was re-branded on the dial for various companies. Mine was branded with RENOVA (which matches the watch movement engravings) and a Brand of a local Jewelries dealer (Ed. Barth, Zurich). So far so good, as the alarm and everything was working, I could not set the time, so I had to disassemble it to find out how it is supposed to work and how to fix it. I found out that the usual technique for setting the time would have been just pulling the crown out. But there is one part broken, which prevent the mechanism to stay in place. See the following fotos: Next a picutre how it is supposed to look inside. For a better view I removed the piece and made a photo how it should look like. So my question is now, can you either help me to source this part for a swiss renova movement or do you know which caliber /replacement is identical? Or do you got ideas on how to make one by myself? I got very limited ability in making metal work by myself. If someone feels like in the mood on doing one for me, please let me know what would be the costs. I could spend some bugs but not a massive investment, as the watch itself is not worth so much money. I am happy to make a better photo with meassurements or provide a scan of the part with scaleing etc. And jup, that beast had grease allover the place and needs a cleaning. Greetings Max
  10. Hi all, this is my first post here. I repair watches as a hobby, and usually work on my own watches. This particular watch, along with two others, were give to a friend of mine, by his father, about three days before he passed away recently. The three watches, hence have an emotional value to my friend, and so, I wanted to get them going again. I fixed the QMax (Replaced battery), Titan (PCB and Coil, new battery, glass), and am working on this Rolex now. Almost all Indicators of a genuine Rolex that I have read of online, are absent, hence making me believe its most definitely a fake. i.e. No serial number or any stamping anywhere on case, no Logo on crown, Dial looks as if its been lacquered, bad finish, bracelet, and most importantly, no markings on the movement, and the movement was not used on any Rolex to my knowledge. Please enlighten me on this, if I am wrong. The issue I have now, is that, on the movement, there were no markings whatsoever, of the make or model. There were only serial numbers that read as "34B - 963125". After searching a lot, I realized, its an ETA 963.125, and photos on the internet matched with the movement I have. No marking of ETA on the movement (a fake again?). Its in a pretty rough shape, with the quartz oscillator (forgive my lack of knowledge of its correct name, as mechanics call it a "condenser" here), fallen apart. I did a preliminary search with the mechanics and spares shop here, and they all said its very old and parts are not available. Only one said, he will get me a scrap movement, but I am a bit doubtful. I was able to get a service manual for ETA 963.124 online. My question now is, is it possible to get these spares, or the whole movement anywhere in Bangalore, India? (my place), or is it possible to replace the whole movement with a different one, with the day and date windows matching with the dial? Or is it possible to reuse the same day and date rings on a different movement? Can anyone advice me on this? TIA. Pictures attached, forgive the lower quality, problem with my mobile cam.
  11. Hello, quick question in regards to replacement watch glass. I’ve brought a Seiko 5 and the watch glass is 1.7mm thick. I’m looking at replacing this with a sapphire crystal (for no particular reason if I’m honest, the previrus owner had it swapped with acrylic and despite this it isn’t badly scratched), I can’t however find a sapphire crystal listed as 1.7mm. I can however find 1.5 and 2.0mm. Would either of these be suitable? Even if I look on cousinsuk the mineral glass isn’t listed in 1.7. Any advice and guidance would be appreciated.
  12. I have been experiencing issues with my 2892 a2, i have a damaged Jewel in the main plate, the jewel for the third wheel is cracked, unfortunately i have little or no power though the drive train and shocking amplitude (108) I have had a look around but cant seem to find where to source a new jewel, are they available or am i looking at a new main plate ? Many thanks in advance
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