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  1. How to inspect oils

    Yep, I knew this =) My mission is to learn hiw to check these parts which are possible to check without disassembling the movement, just to confirm that the movement isn't totally dry. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  2. How to inspect oils

    I would like to hear some advice how to check the movement condition without removing any parts from it? I do have a timegrapher, but it won't always tell you is there oil at all in the movement. It would be much nicer to sell a used watch if you know that there is good oils in the movement. Which kind of loupes/microscope are needed (how much magnification)? Any essential tips are welcome, how and where to check etc.
  3. Bent Seamaster lug

    I don't have the watch on my hands at the moment. I sold the watch for the client who noticed this issue. Luckilly I took the pictures before I sent it for the customer. My client said that the lug seems to be bent by bare eye. Unfortunately I can't be sure if it's manufacturing defect or not. Warranty is valid either way.
  4. Bent Seamaster lug

    It's not bad at all, the gap between the bracelet and the lug at 5 position is just little bit bigger than in other lugs. I wonder what kind of force it requires to bend the lug because there are no marks of any kind in the bracelet...
  5. Bent Seamaster lug

    I have current Seamaster 300 which has bent lug. Is it safe just to bend it back without warming etc or will it crack easily? Should I notice something special before I try to bend it back? The watch has regular stainless steel case.
  6. Strange timegrapher graph

    Oh my, I'm not ready to manipulate hairspring yet =)
  7. Strange timegrapher graph

    Sorry, I didn't totally get this. How do I check this?
  8. Strange timegrapher graph

    Good point, which I forgot to mention - the amplitude doesn't react into these drops in any way. Amplitude goes dial down around 274-278 degrees when fully wound, even if the beat drops.
  9. Strange timegrapher graph

    What kind of issue this timegrapher graph attached represents? The line goes fine and suddenly it drops significantly. This sympton occures at least in dial down position, is it possible that the second hand touches the minute hand for example?
  10. Chinese Timegraphers

    I definitely need a printing support by myself so in that case non-thermal printer would possibly be better choise. Do I miss something relevant if I choose no. 2000 instead of no. 3000?
  11. Chinese Timegraphers

    I'm upgrading my Weishi no. 1000 to a better model with a printer support. Which are the main differences between Weishi no. 2000 and no. 3000 models? Which printer should I take, a normal or thermal one? I don't have much money to spend with this, so is no. 2000 with a regular printer fine enough?
  12. SW200-1 click doesn't work

    Problem solved, the click was jumped into wrong side of the click spring =)
  13. SW200-1 click doesn't work

    I can't get Sellita SW200-1 click to work. I removed the automatic mechanism when main spring was fully wound (I forgot to release it...) and now the click doesn't lock the mechanism. I would like to have some proper pictures about the SW200-1 click mechanism to see if there's everything in the place. I've compared it to ETA 2824-2 pictures/videos and everything seems to be good but it still doesn't lock the barrel when I'm winding the mechanism and I can't figure out what's wrong in it...
  14. Proper amplitude for Unitas 6497

    Thanks for your opinions and hints! The watch runs in 0.0-0 1ms beat error and about -1 to +2sec per day in all positions and the line is almost perfect.
  15. Proper amplitude for Unitas 6497

    I'm wondering what should I do with it... Is the amplitude tolerable if I sell my watch forward or should I take it for a proper service? All the stones were clear and proper oils were used as per watchmaker said. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk