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  1. Do you have a watch collection? If so what have you got? Just got myself a half hunter Fusee to restore. It ticks but not for long.
  2. I guess its the rarity value also. Roger doesn't make many watches 10 a year I think between him and his apprentice. Still rather have a RS watch than a Rolex any day irrespective of price. I would like to know why Roger picked the Isle of Mann to manufacture his watches and not London.
  3. His apprentice Roger Smith? The watchmakers apprentice. I have it DVD again well worth a watch if you'll pardon the pun.
  4. Hi Vwatchie I am afraid I have not yet had the opportunity to look yet. We have had some really good news and I am about to be a grandfather for the fourth time so lots of things going on in the home preparing for the new arrival at our abode and my daughters. Soon as I get a day clear I will be investigating and taking pictures. Thank you for your interest and the video showing the speed of date change.
  5. I agree with Andy Hull most likely a reverse thread. Looking at the pics the material looks like brass. Is the screw steel? Cousins have a parts sheet for this calibre. https://www.cousinsuk.com/document/category/eta-esa-movement-parts. Scroll to : Page 4 of 7 - 3 up from the bottom. The screw you cannot get out looks like the crown wheel screw in the PDF, so very likely is reverse threaded. I cannot tell from the pic if the screw head has a line to indicate this. Try a gentle turn clock wise to release the crown wheel gear. I hope this helps.
  6. Hi Sonny and welcome to the forum. With the nice etching on the Waltham I'd certainly give it a go and try restore it to a new lease of life. First as Saswatch says strip it and take lots of photos while you are doing it. Next inspect all the parts meticulously looking for broken or worn items. If you are not sure thats what this forums for ask and you will receive advice. During stripping you may come across difficulties, if so just ask for help. It would be great to see you (a) find the errors and (b) correct them and (c) have a fully functioning time piece that you have made work.
  7. JDM You know it is what I thought too. I have read numerous posts with contradicting information. Generally where there is contradiction there is falsehood and the statement that 1000 and 1900 can support coaxial escapements just doesn't ring true. The post by an inactive member with links that do not work will make me suspicious of a seller of these TGs trying to hijack the site to get us to buy their wares. If anybody out there can prove us wrong and show it with video footage and setting detail then do so please.
  8. Can someone show the settings and readings for the 1000 and 1900 measuring a coaxial escapement? I would be interested as I am considering purchasing one of these. If the 1000/1900 does not give enough detail to regulate a coaxial I will get one that can as I have a number of Omegas in need of servicing. All information is gratefully received.
  9. Welcome Loren I am an electronics engineer and soon to retire. In the same way you describe I too find mechanical watch and clock movements fascinating so I decided to study and learn the art of service and repair. Recently I watched a YOUTUBE video with the eminent George Daniels presiding over a meeting of the AWCI (American Watch and Clock makers Institute), where George explains in detail the creation of his co-axial escapement. Well worth a watch. He has a pleasing manner with humorous overtones. My favorite quote is where he describes the job in life of the battery of a quartz watch movement is to commit suicide at the first opportunity. You can clearly tell he is not a fan of quartz movements. Hope you enjoy the video. Here is the link to the video. His voice is gruff, I think he may have had a sore throat.
  10. Thanks VWatchie I am attempting the date wheel issue this weekend hopefully 16-11-2019. I will take some close up pics with my iPhone to see if the pics are as good. If I find the fault I'll share it. I bought a 10 x zoom for my iPhone camera, so wish me luck. Once again thank you for the detail Kind regards
  11. Brilliant. I can see a close up of the parts I fitted in my service of a 2472 movement in your pics. The date wheel sticking issue is still there and viewing your strip down has given me the incentive to try and find the cause. Wish I had a decent camera so I could take pics like these. Well done thanks for sharing. What camera did you use?
  12. Welcome Mr Sid sir I am also interested to see the watches you have in India. I am sure the rest of WRT members are also. Do you have a collection or the start of one?
  13. Just wanted to let you all know the bag and pegwood worked perfectly. Cheers
  14. I have just finished a clean and rebuild of a 2472. I needed to change the calendar date spring which is U shaped. The watch had not run for over 20years and is now keeping reasonable time. The calendar date wheel sometimes only flicks half way between dates. A gentle knock will flip the ring to the correct position. I have checked the spring dims and all seems okay. Any advice would be very welcome. Its a great watch and good to have in my collection.
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