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  1. Thanks guys I really appreciate your help. I'll try Eslinger. I'll let you know if I get one.
  2. Hi All I am working on a Tag CAP2110 Aquaracer and the bezel ratchet spring is missing. I need to get a new one. OD 38 approx. ID 35 approx. Can someone point me in the right direction please. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Mark L Have I read you right, you now live in Thailand? I thought you were native of Uncle Sam.
  4. Many thanks Andy. I'll check it out.
  5. I am after a decent set of second hand main spring winders at a reasonable price. If anyone hears of a set sounding like a bird please let me know. Cheers .
  6. Barracuda caught in Thailand March 2019 Island Kho Muk
  7. Not long been back from Thailand. Love the place. Been 3 times now. Did Island hopping, lot of sea fishing - fresh fish with Thai food every day. The fish we caught we gave excess to t he locals and t he hotel chef cooked meals for 4 for 300Bhat. Cool! Have a great holiday Mark.
  8. Hey JDM Good idea sir. Is the NH36 same size as 7s26C movement? At least it would do as a temp till I can get a barrel complete for the Seiko. Oh no a Frankenwatch is to be born.
  9. Well still no joy with Cousins on obtaining a barrel complete for a 7s26c Seiko. They now show availability 29th May. Anyone know where I can get one from? Are the manufacturers trying to shut amateur horology down? Really disappointing not being able to expedite a repair in a timely manner. I totally empathise with Fireftr45 I too am getting really frustrated. I noticed that many ebayers are buying up watch tools and although they are not interested in using the tools they are interested in boosting the price. I was bidding on Platax tool after watching Marks vid as I have broken balance. The price went stupid £350 ish. Thing is no-one new if it was worn, had defects or would do the job. If there was another way or tool to replace balance staffs other than DK which are just as hard to obtain I for one would be interested. Thanks to all.
  10. Hi All, I have been looking for a Platax tool to no avail. Tried looking for a K&D tool, again no luck. As I need to replace a balance staff on a vintage Lancashire Prescott watch what tool can I use? The Platax is now obsolete. K&D are no longer about. What is the alternative tool? This is very frustrating. If I could buy the balance complete I would. Thanks for any help on this I'm sure I'm not alone.
  11. Hi Fireftr 45 I too am suffering exactly the same frustration on a Seiko 7S26C movement. I split the barrel only to find the same sort of mess Mark shows in his video with the added non bonus of a broken spring end. I also bought a second hand set of winders only to find out that they were too worn to be useful. Buyer beware when you cannot examine first! I checked Cousins and sure enough no springs to be had here. I decided to take Old Hippys advice and order a barrel complete prt. no. 0201075. On Cousins web site it states Seiko Barrel complete Hattori part no. 201.083 available May 2nd 2019. I will order this and let you know if it fits the bill. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi Nucejo I have looked the measurements and they seem about right. I will double check before ordering Many thanks for the link.
  13. Hi Nucejoe It worked a treat. Could not video though as the microscope was too near and obstructed my progress. I will take a still picture when I can move the balance and post it here. Once again many thanks for the tips. Brilliant!
  14. Hi Nucejoe Didn't attempt last night, Mrs had other ideas. Will give it a go tonight.
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