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  1. Think I'll sound proof the room before the next try.
  2. Insidently the last time I tried the wife wanted to throw me out as the language was somewhat colourful when the spring pinged for the 30th odd time.
  3. Hi Guys Just watched the vids and many thanks. I will try the peg wood and bag together. I'll let you know how it goes. Once again many thanks.
  4. Oh boy I got the detail totally wrong. The word should have been Etachron and that is not what I meant anyway. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. I stand corrected it is a diashock / diafix.
  6. Sorry no not diashock. The spring is not retained. You turn it 45 degrees to release it and it is fully released. Getting it to go back is a daymare.
  7. Is there a tool for installing the echalon shock spring as used by Seiko? I tried with two pairs of tweezers and it is so difficult. Mark makes it look easy. When I tried it it pings everywhere. I even tried putting a thin plastic bag over it while trying to engage the ends. Failed miserably. I've had to hold this one in abeyance till I get the nerve or the tool to try again.
  8. Just to allay confusion the video showing the fusee chain laid out, I described the hooks position the wrong way round. The hook with the horn should be attached to the going barrel, the plain hook to the fusee cone. Sorry.
  9. I have a question. Does anyone know what the pendant is for as shown attached to the chain in the last video. It has a RED and Green glass on each side and spins about the centre. Is it a railway pendant that mimics the signals STOP / GO? Thanks
  10. Oh a special thank you to Old Hippy. The fusee chain was on the wrong way round. Thank you
  11. I'm not brilliant at doing the vids as I've only got a phone. I will get some kit so I can submit something a little more professional. Hers a little history. The watch was left to a friend by his father and was his great great grandfathers passed down to the next generation. My friend has never seen it running and it was left neglected in a drawer uncased. The watch case and chain was totally tarnished almost black. I wish I had taken a picture. I had to work out how to strip the the works out of the case and found the little retainer pin at 6 o'clock which you have to push in to release the works and tilt up on the hinge at 12 o'clock. The movement was totally gummed up and very dirty. The chrono mechanism which hacks the balance, (the slide switch on the side of the case), was seized. The chain links were also very stiff. In order to split the top bridge from the bottom bridge I had to twist off the motion work wheel from the adjustment staff which is an interference fit. It was a touchy moment as I did not want to damage the wheel. Once I had everything stripped I cleaned all the parts in an ultrasonic bath using elmo degreaser. The chain was a task, I left it naptha then dried and left it in thin oil for 2 days. Wound it on a thin bobbin of wood to free up the links. After a few wind unwind ops the chain began to free off and I repeated the cleaning and oiling three times. No the chain is functioning perfectly. It is a long process and you need patience but the end result was worth it. I cleaned the silver in lemon juice and cola. Washed in warm water then buffed with a jewel cloth. Didn't want to get rid of all the patina so left a few traces. Freed off the chronograph hack switch on the case. Really enjoyed myself and the result was very satisfying. Thanks to all here who gave me advice it was very much appreciated.
  12. IMG_5877.MOV IMG_5875.MOV Here are the videos of the watch as promised. IMG_5874.MOV
  13. I certainly will put pics on Thanks guys. I Love this site!
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