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  1. Thank you OH she is. Even got her singing songs again and she remembers the words.
  2. Does anyone know where I can obtain a new barrel complete with mainspring for an ETA 2783 movement? The original has 3 teeth missing. When I checked in the watch case and movement they are nowhere to be seen which is very odd. There is no damage that I can see to any other part of the drive train. All help is much appreciated.
  3. Hi guys Really sorry that I have not kept my promise of the pics of the balance assembly. I will try again tonight. I have been way laid as mum took a turn and at 93 YsO got us a little worried, so had postpone watch repairs. Back now though.
  4. Love this and thank you for the brilliant pictures. I am just about to service a Tag Heuer with this movement. Do you know where i can obtain a mainspring for the 2824-2? I have a feeling it has lost the spring in its step.:)
  5. Hi Marc Have to say marvelous sir. I am in the throws of servicing the same movement and your pics are just what I needed as my phone went flat while I was videoing the strip down. I now have a reference thank you. Is there an ETA service sheet for the 2783? I cannot find one on Cousins website or anywhere obvious. Once again thanks
  6. I too have a Longines 7084460 with broken mainspring. What would be the correct replacement spring for it and do Cousins do one.? The number is engraved on the movement. This number is engraved inside the case back. 23204 114 Thanks guys.
  7. Hi all thank you for the detail. Didn't realise that the staff had removable tampons or the full make up of the balance till I saw the detail posted. I am going to enjoy fixing this one. Nucejoe many thanks for the offer. If I have no luck getting the tampons I'll certainly take you up on your kind offer. Cheers bud Steve
  8. Hi All I have recently serviced a pendant watch with a cylindrical balance in it. The lower balance staff pivot is broken and I need to fit a new one. Is there any helpful detail on how to choose the right staff and replace it. I have not seen one of these before so any help is most appreciated. Thanks
  9. HI Guys The pushers are still an issue I just cannot find any generic or otherwise. This is so frustrating as the hard work is done. The movement works and I really want to return the watch to the owner. Is there anyone who can help me obtain the pushers and screws for the Breitling A13381 Avenger 2? I have contacted Breitling direct only to face a brick wall.
  10. Balance wheel and hairspring with stud is what I purchased from Cousins.
  11. Here is a better representation.
  12. Amendment:- Secured to the balance cock via a spring loaded arm.
  13. Soon as I get home tonight I will post the pics of the new HS and the anchor point. The HS has a small stud on it that is secured via a spring loaded arm. Thanks for your interest.
  14. I have purchased a GUB09207211 hairspring from Cousins watch parts and I am not sure how to attached it to the anchor on the balance cock. Is there a tool I should use or is there a method that I can employ. Any help is appreciated Thanks.
  15. Thanks TC I will give it a go. I will be informing Cousins as well. Cheers
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