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  1. Hi Fireftr 45 I too am suffering exactly the same frustration on a Seiko 7S26C movement. I split the barrel only to find the same sort of mess Mark shows in his video with the added non bonus of a broken spring end. I also bought a second hand set of winders only to find out that they were too worn to be useful. Buyer beware when you cannot examine first! I checked Cousins and sure enough no springs to be had here. I decided to take Old Hippys advice and order a barrel complete prt. no. 0201075. On Cousins web site it states Seiko Barrel complete Hattori part no. 201.083 available May 2nd 2019. I will order this and let you know if it fits the bill. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi Nucejo I have looked the measurements and they seem about right. I will double check before ordering Many thanks for the link.
  3. Hi Nucejoe It worked a treat. Could not video though as the microscope was too near and obstructed my progress. I will take a still picture when I can move the balance and post it here. Once again many thanks for the tips. Brilliant!
  4. Hi Nucejoe Didn't attempt last night, Mrs had other ideas. Will give it a go tonight.
  5. As an aside guys, nothing to do with the Seiko. I need a balance staff for a Lancashire Watch Co Prescott pocket watch number 719184. Does anyone know where I can obtain one from or the balance complete?
  6. Hi Nucejoe I will try your method it makes perfect sense Cheers bud
  7. Hi Nucejo I have purchased a new digital microscope so we will see what is can do. Cheers
  8. What is denatured alcohol? I am using Elma Suprol Rinse. Is this good or bad and is there anything better?
  9. Also I will buy a x10 lupe for the job. I have a x13 but its not that good a quality.
  10. Thanks Nucejoe. I think I will follow your advice. I'd rather have the balance in position and stable on the plate than floating around. I will let you know how it goes and I will try and take pictures or a short video. Can I upload a video to here?
  11. Hi all. Just wondering is there any videos on the Etachron balance that I could refer to? I really want to get this right.
  12. just wanted to thank you guys for this post. I have exactly the same problem on a Seiko movement. I think the cleaning fluid removed / degraded the fixing. I now have to reposition the hair spring to the stud. What is your opinion on using superglue? I think I will use Devcon epoxy 60 min.
  13. Clockboy. Brilliant and much appreciated. Many thanks
  14. I fixed the watch it is now functioning beautifully. Gains 2 seconds a day but my friend says he can live with that, so I'm happy to have bought it back to life.
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