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  1. I also would really like people to take more time in researching what they are buying into when they purchase a watch. I do not believe that in most cases they reallise the service costs that they will incur when they buy a Swiss watch that can only be serviced by a registered dealer service agent and that they are tied in for the life of the time piece. I still have had no joy obtaining pushers for a Breitling Avenger A13381. This protectionism is so frustrating.
  2. I would so love to see a proper watch manufacturing and apprenticeship setup in the UK that rivals the Swiss. The government could do so much more to promote engineering prowess in the horology field here. We certainly have the skill base it just needs to be passed on and have the people willing to invest and do it.
  3. Well that sucks too. Who are the true time lords? I naively thought that as time was based on GMT and Greenwich is in London that Britain had some say in the matter. It would appear that we have given another first away to interlopers.
  4. Helvetica tempore custodes vestibuli. Self appointed!
  5. I was wondering re Cousins and Swatch / ETA etc. Question: Once technical data has been placed in the public domain can the Swatch group then legally after many years dictate to Cousins etc and restrict its use? Surely providing Cousins attribute the data to the owner they are not copying it or selling it, they are just making it available and as there are now so many copies stored on devices all round the world it makes no sense to now restrict its use to non Swiss affiliated watch makers / repairers. As I see it there cannot be copyright infringement. I even wonder by restricting t
  6. Here is the bounce back detail. If donating will truly help this cause then I'm in! mail.bwcmg.org rejected your message to the following email addresses: [email protected] ([email protected]) The email address you entered couldn't be found. Please check the recipient's email address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin. mail.bwcmg.org gave this error: <[email protected]>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table
  7. Hi All I tried to send an email to [email protected] and it bounced back. Has anyone else tried?
  8. Hi bjd1020 Would you like to elaborate on how you extract the elements as jpegs for those of us that are computer illiterate? Your input to this post is much appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Thanks to all who gave advice. I will certainly be taking some of it.
  10. I have a flash shortcut to ETA labs 7750 calibre that showed assembly dis-assembly. It no longer works due to Adobe flash reaching EOL status. I visited ETA labs web site to see if there was an alternative and lo and behold no access to anything technical at all. Does anyone know how to get access to what we use to have access to? Looks like protectionism has escalated.
  11. Hi Allan I too am short of main sporing winders. I bought a really ceap set from ALIExpress but these are poor quality and I do not expect to get much winding out of them. The arbor pawls are brass instead of stianless and Mark Lovich points this out in his appraisal of this set. I went on Cousins UK web site and noticed you can purchase all the individual items for a full set of Bergeon set of 17. I contacted Cousins to ask if they did just the box that would hold the 17 and I could buy they winders as I need them to eventually make up a full set. Sam Cousins wrote back and said that the
  12. I would check the balance with a poising tool this will show any irregularity with the arbors and any imbalance.
  13. Sorry first paragraph should have read 'magnetic' not 'non magnetic'!
  14. Magnets do not go with - Some hair springs, Watch tools, Automatic works, calendar works in fact anything that is used in a mechanical time piece that is non magnetic. Magnets do go with - Iron filings, etchasketch game, door catches, motors, speakers, pickups, pinged away springs and components. My advice - Move all magnetic devices away from your work area. I have one of the rubber mats you mention and I have removed the magnets from them so I can use it in my work area. Do this and they can be useful - do not and you will suffer the effects.
  15. Forgot something. Please also wear gloves.
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