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  1. HI NuceJoe Sorry for the late reply but a more pressing situation called I am again a proud grandfather of a baby girl - born Thursday 18th 2020. Back to Co-axials. To be fair I am not sure if they are graded as such and it is a good question. Can anyone shed light on Nucjoes question? I am a fan of co-axial and watching George Daniels did the job. Here's a link.The video is a little grainy but well worth the effort.
  2. Hi All, I want to make up a kit of main spring winders such as the one Mark uses, the Bergeon set, left and right handed. Does anyone know if you can purchase the wooden case? I can fill it as needed with winders I won't have to lay out £900 + in one hit. Ta
  3. I really hope Sam Cousins wins his case against the Swatch Group. If he doesn't the majority of available watches will only be Chinese in the end.
  4. I am suffering from the same problem. I completed a rusted up Breitling A 13381 same as the one Mark did. All is working fine but I cannot seem to find the Pushers anywhere OEM or generic. It is extremely frustrating and I ma loathed to send it in to the Breitling service centre considering I did all the work to get it going. If anyone knows where I can obtain said pushers I would be very grateful.
  5. Hi all Does anyone know of a video showing the adjustment of a Rolex using the latest micro stella tool?
  6. Hi Vinn Im not a graduate tool maker just good with my hands sir.
  7. Here's a link see page 5 and follow instructions on dial down circuit side up. www.seikoserviceusa.com/uploads/datasheets/7123A.pdf
  8. Hi Rishah Please ensure the crown is fully in before pressing the release. Only press lightly so the tab moves down a little, no heavy pressure is required.
  9. Having watched ML's strip down and rebuild of the Seiko Bellmatic I was intrigued so much so that I just had to get one. Well I won one on Ebay for £103 plus postage. The description infers its not keeping time but it looks in reasonable condition in the pictures. It does have a strap. Soon as I get it I will post photos.
  10. if you cannot get the right bush then I'd be tempted to increase the hole size and fit a larger bush with the correct hole size and employ friction fit. You can use a broach to do this.
  11. I have had this problem and loctight was the cause. I did exactly what watch weasel has suggested. I put the cleaned tip of a hot soldering iron on the screw head for 30 seconds - using the correct width screwdriver removed the screw. To see if this is your issue I would start with the bridge screw as you know it will be a standard thread and undo counter clockwise. If someone has used stud loc you will need t o heat for 60 seconds. Look for green deposits. Screw loc is pink, thread loc is red. Hope you are successful. Good luck.
  12. Hi Seth I can see that the hooks are worn. My advice is find a kind engineer to create a new hook on the winder stem using a gouging chisel. If you look carefully you can see that a chiseling tool was used to make the hook. You could try it yourself using an old masonry drill bit with the tip ground to a chisel shape to the width of the gouge in the stem. Trap the winder securely in a vice and if you put the masonry chisel in the gouge at the right angle then tap the end with an hammer being very careful not to hit too hard you should be able to move the metal to form a new hook. I would practice on a scrap piece of steel such as a nail of the same diameter first. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi BS Is there any detail on the case back and can you show a picture of the dial side. Thanks
  14. You are right VW. In most cases the rich care about the bling and how many diamonds and can everybody see what adorns the wrist. For me a dress watch should be just that - Unassuming, functional and compliment the dress. I am not a fan of divers watches or any chronographs worn with an evening suit. Some like it, I guess it comes down to personal preference.
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