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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone! I was about to finish the repair of a Tudor Prince Oysterdate when I realized that the crown tube is broken and the crown was spinning on itself. This is an early Tudor with a Rolex Oyster case and also a Rolex crown. Pretty bad news as these crowns are expensive... but it is what it is. Anyway, I know that the crown measures 5.3 mmm, the crown tube seems to measure 1.75 mm and fits a 0.9 mm stem thread. The crown has a rolex coronet and a small straight line under it. However, I am not sure about the reference number and I can't find anything online for that specific Tudor model. Does anyone know which is the reference number for that crown? Is it 24-503-0? I am looking at 100-150 USD and the last thing I need is to buy the wrong one. Thank you in advance! Cheers, Ignasi
  2. Hi guys. I’m curious about this Tudor I got. I’m not sure the model number or something like that to try to estimate a market price. Any help is really appreciated.
  3. Hi all. A friend recently bought a Tudor Black Bay ref 79220. He came to me last night with a problem. The rotating bezel had fallen off. Looking at the watch, I believe the issue is the nylon bezel retainer - it appears worn. I'm pretty confident I can find a generic replacement for that. What I'm not sure about is the springs that were also present. There are 4 holes in the watch case under the bezel at approx 1, 5, 7 and 11 o'clock. The one at 1 o'clock contains a compression spring with the ratchet click unit on top. The 5 and 7 o'clock holes simply contain a compression spring (one of which is damaged) and the 11 o'clock was empty - assuming the spring fell out. What I'm not certain about was whether or not these other springs (5,7,11) are supposed to have any other part on top of the spring. It seems strange to just have the compression spring as I can see them getting mangled when rotating the bezel. I'm wondering if there were additional "covers" or something else that may have gotten lost when the bezel fell out. I can post pics later, but was hoping this would resonate with someone from my description. Appreciate your advice!!! Stu
  4. Hello all, I reside in Holland, but originate from London. Hit my mid 40's and became a watch-nut - go figure? I think the main reason is that, as hobbies go, Horology can be hidden nicely away from my wife's eye's. She currently thinks I am saving up for an Omega Seamaster - and doesn't realise it is already stashed safely away in my watch box! Happy days!!! Regards, Dutch.
  5. Hello everyone This is my first topic post here on the Forum and this is my dilema... I recieved a Tudor mens movement ETA 2824-2 and i reset the 6 ocklock marker on the face but when i went to install the stem back into the watch, the only thing working now is the date and i can not change the Time. I did not use a screw driver when i removed the Stem for this was the first time opening a Tudor, so i believe that i may have done something to the keyless works. is there something i can do with out disassemble, or is that the only way? is there a link with a strip down of this or similar movement? Thank you for all your help. sorry, only have this picture, forgot to take one from the inside ~Omar
  6. Can anyone advise on the desirability or potential demand for an item that arrived in a job lot from a well-known auction site? The last one mentioned here, the others are just for fun! I had great pleasure in unwrapping all the various bits that turned up and even found two movements that were ready to tick - in fact, one of them started ticking as I picked it out and put it to one side. A BFG 34 movement BFG1.jpg] A parts-only movement looked quite good quality but had only the numbers 781-1 on the plate. One of the principal reasons for buying the lot was not one but two Hopalong Cassidy watch dials. My early childhood cowboy hero. Hoppy1jpg.jpg]movement. Any observations? Just for interest's sake. Cheers John P.S. Having looked at the preview I can see that some of the pics are out of order. Deal with it! :crazysmile:
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