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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, Can you help me identify this movement? I think I know what it is (cheap chinese) but just wanted to pitch for confirmation... (so won't say what I think it is) I have measured it as: (I think...) Diameter 26.0mm Height 4.9mm Height with hand pinion 7.3mm I am a complete newbie at even taken a case back off despite being a bit of a collector. This movement is broken and crunches when I wind it. So I want to replace it. The watch itself was a gift (and undoubtedly a fake/replica) but I want to get it working again by replacing the movement. Ideally, I want to keep the current hands (hr, min, sec) and crown/stem. It just has a date complication at 3 o'clock. Just a like for like swap seems the simplest thing to do? But open to any suggestions. I'm not bothered if it's a cheap chinese movement, I just want to get it working so I can wear it now and again. Any advice or help would be most appreciated. Many Thanks, Dan.
  2. I'm looking for help identifying the movement in this watch. Date letter (London) seems to date this case to 1914, sponsored by Stockwell & Co. I love these types of watches despite the value not being exceptionally high and would love to repair this. The issue is that the balance and hairspring are kaput along with at least the dial side of the balance jewel/cap jewel, as well as there being at least one screw missing (I know in photos that the hour wheel is missing, I took it off so as not to lose it). I figure the best way to go about it is to buy a replacement movement in better condition (and ideally a higher jewel count) and either swap it or scavenge the necessary parts from it. Issue is that I can't seem to identify the movement at all. I tried using my old Bestfit catalogs to try and identify the setting lever etc but can't match it up. It seems to be a 13L but that's as far as I've gotten. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hello This is my very first watch service, and I need some help identifying the mainspring, and perhap also the movement. What I know so far is: BWC pocketwatch 41mm FEF movement, no serial number or any other code I can see in it. The mainspring is: 1.22mm height, 0.25mm thickness, ~51cm long. The barrel has an internal dimeter of 16.21mm. I've opened all the FEF documents I could find in the cousinsuk website, but I was unable to get my one. Can you please help me finding the replacement for the mainspring since the bridle is broken? I found this one that seems very similar, but I dunno if it would be ok or not considering that the measurements are donw with a caliper Thanks in advance for all the help. Alessio
  4. I'm looking for help identifying the movement in this vintage citizen watch. I picked it up from a flea market and quite like the look, especially since finding Citizen watches of this age seems somewhat rare. But, I haven't been able to figure out a model number so that I can start looking for a replacement stem/crown. I can find a serial number of some type that reads 360278 and the letter T under the balance. Any help would be greatly appreciated! See photos of top and bottom of movement.
  5. Hi everyone. I recently purchased a Tag from a second hand store. Even when I purchased it I figured it was probably fake but I was unsure as it looked nicely made. So at home I took off the back to see what cheap battery movement it had. I was surprised to see it was automatic. It had no markings so I pulled out the crown so I could remove the movement to see if any markings were on the side..Dumb idea as I pushed the release button hard with a needle and now its stuck down. Its keeping perfect time . The minute hand sweeps smoothly and the 3 sub-dials beside the 3,6,9 position work, one is 31 day the other 24 hour and one that counts to 7 (I am not sure what that is). Problem is when I push the crown/stem back in it doesn't lock in place and keeps adjusting the time when wound. Questions..I like the watch...is it a super budget movement and what is the movement. Is it worth fixing ?, would it be easier to replace the movement? . I am prepared to tackle fixing it myself...I am just open to any ideas Thanks to anyone taking the time to reply and I hope you are all staying safe
  6. Hello, I'm working on a vintage pin set movement. I was really hoping to service the working movement and obtain the missing winding stem but cannot find any symbols or caliber number clues on the movement plates or bridges. Yes, there are numbers but these look like serial numbers. I have added some photos if anybody can help. Having looked at this site, I found my nearest clue from the photo id of this Helvetia General Borgel movement but of course still no exact caliber id. My movement measures 25.35mm (approx 11.25'''). Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hi, I am new to DIY, cleaning or servicing the movement. I took one of the replica brand watch which has a broken hairspring to try, I am unsure of what movement is that and would like to seek the forum experts on this, so I could buy the new hairspring and start to work on the movement as a start to my learning stage. I hope u guys could assist.
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