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  1. Sure thing, here's a photo of the chrono running and stopped. I've put in a video too showing the start/reset PXL_20210120_162246219.mp4
  2. Beginner horologist here. I attempted to overhaul my first chronograph. I followed the manual from cousins to the tee from what I can tell, and everything is working great EXCEPT the chronograph will only start, and when I hit the bottom button to pause, it automatically resets to zero instead of pausing before a second click to reset. What would cause this? I've been scratching my head since it essentially works perfectly otherwise. Any help would be great appreciated!
  3. Thank you! I'd never tried Jules Borel and found it!, much appreciated!
  4. Thank you! I noticed that I would need to order this in from the UK but I'm excited to get started on this asap, would the ones that I posted the photos of work too?
  5. Hello! Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I am quite new to this and am attempting to restore a Clebar chronograph with a landeron 148 movement. The mainspring is broken and needs replacing, and I'm having a hard time understanding the sizing system/compatibility markings on the packaging of a few potential replacements. I've seen some that say 48 and 148 mainsprings are interchangeable. Would either of these work? If so, how do I understand the reference numbers on the packaging "For Landeron - .50 1.4.5..."etc
  6. My apologies for such a late reply! For some reason my notifications didn't show and I didn't think anyone had made further responses. I've tried putting it in and pinching the outer groove with some jewelers pliers and it seems to be holding well, if that doesn't work I will definitely be trying what you've suggested, thanks so much!
  7. Yes I love the look of it! Hoping others will chime in, thanks for your help!
  8. Got it! Is there a specific tool for this job? I've got access to a huge assortment of jewelers tools, anything you'd suggest?
  9. Hello! The outer part of the rotor on my grandpa's lucien piccard seashark (AS 1580 movement) has come loose. Is there any way to repair this rotor or must it simply be replaced?
  10. Thanks guys! Yes it's strange that according to the parts guide you should be able to use the same center wheel but they're not actually quite the same, if I were able to change the movement entirely (put a slightly newer 554 instead of the original (I think) movement would there be any decrease in the value? The one I'm having trouble with is military issue
  11. Hello! I've been having trouble with an Elgin 554 movement but am eager to wear the watch so I attempted to swap the movement with another strong running 554. However the trouble 554 and the strong running 554 are for different dial types (trouble 554 is for a flat dial, running 554 is for a curved dial). I assumed that I would be able to just swap the cannon pinions and hour gears, however I found that the center wheel pivot was a slightly different diameter. The curved dial cannon pinion was much too lose on the other center wheel pivot and the flat dial cannon pinion was much too tight on t
  12. This photo was taken before I cleaned it (just wanted to give you guys something to work with for context) so it may have been gunked up but I'll take a closer look when I open it back up, thanks!
  13. Oof I hope it's not that, how could I tell if that's the case for sure? Visual inspection?
  14. That's a good idea I'll try that. Also still need to get a timing machine! Just getting started so working my way towards all the necessary tools! Just have the basics for now
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