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  1. Update - resolved. After taking OldHippy's advice and removing the balance and pallet fork gave it a few turns - gears spun up but were reluctant to restart without encouragement. On closer inspection, there was a tiny strand of fabric wrapped around the escape wheel centre shaft. You can only imagine me elation when I grabbed the strand with tweezers and the gears spun into life. One happy chap.
  2. Thanks John. I referred to the FHF70 as the only movement I had fully stripped, whereas this is a rotary movement I believe based on ETA 2412. Good article on the FHF70. Regards Chris
  3. Thank you commenters for your time and opinions. It's this kind of feedback that gives folk such as myself the confidence to move further within the movements. Kindest regards to all.
  4. Excellent, thank you for the advice. Although I've worked on the train on other movements hesitant here due to size and lining up pinions. Will try your suggestion with the balance. Thank you.
  5. Hello people, I have aquired a 1970 Rotary ladies watch 17 jewel : can run all day or just 20 mins without stopping. Setting the hands restarts. My skill is limited to working on an fhf70 so due to the tiny movement want to approach the likely causes first without wheels out. I am thinking towards the motion side putting resistence on the train ? Thoughts please to point me in the right direction. Regards all.
  6. Excellent, thank you for the info - much appreciated !
  7. Brilliant, thanks people ! I have a starting point now. Kindest regards.
  8. Hi peoole, any idea what this movement is ? Suffers a broken centre pinion I would like to source. Thanks in advance.
  9. Evening people, many thanks for your replies, really appreciated. Had another look at the movement, this time when fitting the hour hand didn't push it so far as to make it flush with the shaft it sits on, but left it slightly higher (no dial filled). This time it ran so refitted the dial and hands, re cased and working - for the moment ! Time to research canon pinions I think. Kindest regards to all. Chris
  10. Hello people, a brief intro from myself. Collected watches from a youngish age, always enjoyed working on mechanics so have attempted a few basic repairs on my collection. Fascinated by the youtube vids from this forum's members, hoping to learn a lot more here. Regards, Chris
  11. Good afternoon, I'm Chris, new to the forum so greetings to all. Have replaced a faulty 2813 movement to find the new one stops the hour and minute hand when the hour hand is fitted, no dial. Works fine with the minute and seconds fitted, but the hour seems to be stalling the train. Checked that nothing is fouling the hand - am I right in believing this must be a faulty new movement ? Thank you in advance. Regards Chris
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